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- - - [Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) February 1, 1915] mkk
Ah-ke-wain-zee is visiting Joseph Omen. He is very much in favor of our Farmers' club and talks of joining. We hope that he will.

- - - [Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) January 15, 1915] mkk
Ah-ke-wain-zee, John Day, and a number of other Indians are hauling wood to the school.

Ah shah ish kah we ne nee
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) March 15, 1915] mkk
Agency Items. Ah shah ish ka we ne nee, of Little Creek and uncle of Dan Taylor walked into the agency office March 11th to report his return to the reservation after an absence of some eighteen years in Canada. He had made his home in Canada with a band of Chippewa living near Rat Portage on Lake of the Woods.

Amos Big Bird
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) May 1, 1915] mkk
Amos Big Bird and Pay-she-gie-shig have joined the dinner pail brigade.

John Bailey
[Source: Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) Saturday, January 30, 1904] mkk

THE CITY. Deputy Sheriff John Bailey is at Turtle River on official business today.

Mr. And Mrs. John Bailey
Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN), January 30, 1904, page 2; submitted by Robin Line
A very pleasant event was the party given by Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey last night in honor of Miss Alice M. Cook, of Winnipeg, who has been the guest of Mrs. H. E. Reynolds for several weeks past and who left today for Winnipeg. Cards were the principal feature of the evening's diversion, and the newly introduced proved most interesting. Refreshments were served and all present were cleverly entertained.

Solomon Blue
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) February 1, 1915] mkk
Solomon Blue made a trip to Red Lake the 10th on hearing that his pension money had arrived.

C. S. Boss
[Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (MN) January 30, 1904] mkk
C. S. Boss, who for some time past has been engaged as entry clerk at the Minnesota & International depot, has resigned his position and yesterday left for Detroit, Minn., where he will engage in business with his brother, who is a successful contractor and builder at that city, with a large and growing business.

Fred Brinkman
[Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (MN) January 30, 1904] mkk
THE CITY. Fred Brinkman is making considerable repairs to the Opera Buffet.

Frank Brun
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) March 1, 1915] mkk
Frank Brun installed a telephone in his house the 15th.

Cyril Butler and Hugh Broomfield
[ource: The Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) June 6, 1907] mkk

A. C. Butler, Aged 70 Years, Narrowly Escaped Filling a Watery Grave in Lake Irving Tuesday Afternoon - Was in the Water an Hour.

Through the heroism of Cyril Butler and Hugh Broomfield, two little boys aged respectively 11 and 10 years old, A. C. Butler, aged 70 years, was saved from drowning, Tuesday evening, on Lake Irving.

Mr. Butler, who is the father-in-law of Mrs. A. Butler of this city, and who is here on a visit from Mizpah, Minn., took the little butler boy, who is his grandson, and the Broomfield boy and went to the south shore of Lake Irving in a boat to do some fishing. They tied the rope on the end of the boat to a boom post and began fishing, in a spot about twenty rods from the shore, where the water is nat least twenty feet deep.

In some unaccountable manner, the boat was overturned throwing all three of the occupants into the water. Mr. Butler grasped the boom post and the boys took hold of the log that was lying beside the post. The old gentleman was chilled to the marrow b the water, but was greatly encouraged by his two little companions, who beseeched him to have courage and they would certainly be rescued.

The Broomfield boy got on Mr. Butler's shoulders and climbed to the top of the post, from which place he assisted in keeping Mr. Butler's head above the water. The Butler boy baled some of the water from the boat and paddled to the shore. He saw A. A> Carter and another gentleman passing at a distance in a launch and hailed them, but they were too far away to hear him.

The little fellow then ran through the woods and succeeded in heading off the party in the launch. The boy was taken in and the boat was hastened to where Mr. Butler and Hugh Broomfield were battling for their lives in the waves.

Mr. Butler had given up twice, but had been encouraged by Hugh to "hang on," which he did with great difficulty, the boy giving him every assistance possible in keeping afloat.

When Mr. Carter arrived on the scene they found that Mr. Butler was about to succumb to the cold and sink to the bottom of the lake. He had a death grip with his hands on the boom post, and it was with difficulty that his fingers could be unloosened. The old gentleman and his youthful companions were brought to the city and taken care of, and have suffered no ill effects beyond being slightly stiff from their hour's stay in the cold water.

Earl Carson
[Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (MN) February 2, 1904] mkk
Earl Carson, who has been in charge of the county treasurer's office and has been succeeded by County Treasurer French, will remain at the office until some of the details of the work which came under his management are adjusted. He is undecided as to what he will do in the future.

M. Cleary
[Source: Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) Saturday, January 30, 1904] mkk

THE CITY. M. Cleary, the well known Tennstrike saloon man, was transacting business in Bemidji yesterday.

Joe Dempsey
[Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (MN) February 1, 1904] mkk
THE CITY. Joe Dempsey was appointed cook at the quarantine hospital by the board of county commissioners and assumed his duties this afternoon.

Mabel Douglass
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) January 15, 1915] mkk
Mabel Douglass is the new laundress, Mrs. Beaulieu having resigned.

Mr. Dupris
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) January 1, 1915] mkk

Mr. Dupris, farmer at Cross Lake District, nearly lost his team in the lake Tuesday morning, when attempting to cross from Ponemah to Redby after freight. The ice is nearly twenty inches thick, but owing to the spreading of the ice, formed a crack a few hundred feet from shore, and when Mr. Dupris drove over it a chunk about thirty feet wide broke off and let his team into the lake. But for the presence of mind of Mr. Breckner and Mr. Dupris and hard work of all present, the team would have been lost. Teams have been hauling freight for several weeks. The weather has been very cold, and owing to the rising temperature ice has bulged up resulting in a break when the team was driven on.

G. W. Elliot
[Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (MN) January 30, 1904] mkk
THE CITY. G. W. Elliot, the logger and sawmill man from Buena Vista, is in the city on business today.

George Fleming
[Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (MN) January 30, 1904] mkk
George Fleming, who has been employed at the hardware department of E. H. Winter & Co.'s for some time past, has gone to Mountain Iron, on the range, where he will look over a hardware store, the management of which has been offered to him. He is not yet decided whether he will accept or not. Mr. Fleming is one of the best hardware men in the city and has many Bemidji friends who would regret to see him leave the city.

J. F. George
[Source: Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) February 4, 1904] mkk
J. F. George returned yesterday from his trip to Grand Forks where he went Monday to hear the Bostonians sing "The Serenade." Mr. George is fond of opera and he says he had never more thoroughly enjoyed a production than the one he listened to at Grand Forks.

Agnes Gurneau
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) March 1, 1915] mkk
Mrs. Agnes Gurneau is getting quite a reputation as a sheep doctor.

Louis Gurneau
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) February 15, 1915] mkk

Louis Gurneau hauled in a couple of loads of wood the 10th for an old man on the lake road who had no team.

[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) January 15, 1915] mkk
Gwon-ay-aush-ung is the only man who did not bring in his children promptly to school the morning of the second of January.

George Highlanding
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) January 1, 1915] mkk

George Highlanding is on the police force again, being the oldest man on the force now from a point of service and age. George says that he feels like a young man again.

W. F. Hilligoss
Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN), January 30, 1904, page 4; submitted by Robin Line
Wood Replenished. W. F. Hilligoss, special agent of the Great Northern railway, and in charge of their timber lands in this vicinity, yesterday visited some of the company's land in the town of Grant Valley and found a wood camp in active preparation. The firm of Farris & Hannah had been cutting there for some time. Mr. Hilligoss replenished 40 cords of wood which they had cut and piled from Great Northern lands.

Joe Way-be-nais
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) May 1, 1915] mkk
Joe Way-be-nais is putting a crop on his farm in the Clearwater district. He and Pete Neddeau are making things hum in the stock and farm business.

John Johnson
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) April 1, 1915] mkk
John Johnson is clearing a strip of land on his place at Little Rock, with the assistance of his neighbors and friends in that locality who recently turned out en masse for the purpose of giving John a little shove. Everybody ought to follow after John and get busy. Quite a number have begun preparations for their spring farm work by ordering machinery and seeds.

Stanley Johnson
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) March 15, 1915] mkk

Stanley Johnson, the genial agency stenographer has demonstrated his countrymen's national sport, that of traveling on skis. Stanley explains that when he falls down "he's a durn Swede" but when he successfully rides the brink he maintains his countrymen's honor.

John Koors and Louis Neumann
[Source: The Manitowoc Pilot (Manitowoc, WI), July 12, 1859, page1; submitted by Robin Line
MET GRIEF WITH CANOE Bemidji Sentinel:-John Koors and Louis Neumann, who completed a large part of their proposed trip from "Pine to Palm," before their canoe struck a sunken wing of a dam near Hannibal, Missouri, arrived in Bemidji Wednesday morning.

The disaster occurred at a dangerous part of the river and Louis Neumann had a narrow escape. A spiral legging became unwrapped and caught his feet so that he had to call upon Koors for assistance in reaching shore. Their complete equipment was lost in the accident and although their canoe and paddles were saved, the boys decided, through paternal request, to return home.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their trip, although hardships took much of the pleasure out of the trip. The boys were royally entertained by the cities along the route and have gained a world of publicity through their effort. Former attempt to traverse the entire length of the river have failed and so far is known, Koors and Newmann set a new record in reaching Hannibal. Had it not been for the disaster, the boys would doubtlessly have reached their destination.

The boys passed through Little Falls on their down river journey about three weeks ago.

Martin Kruger
[Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (MN) February 2, 1904] mkk
Martin Kruger, a woodsman, was slugged with a sling shot and robbed of $6 in the rear of a Minnesota avenue saloon last night. A man named McGuire, who followed him out of the place just before the affair occurred was arrested today at Cass Lake and must answer to the charge.

J. Geo. Littledeer
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) February 15, 1915] mkk
We regret to learn of the expulsion from the Carlisle Indian School of J. Geo. Littledeer of the Red Lake Reservation.

Claude Masten
[Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) May 6, 1910] mkk

Young Runaway From Tenstrike, Minn., Stolidly Declines to Recognize Parent.

Improbable Story of Claude Masten Resulted in Investigation.
Habitual Deserter.

Face to face with his own father in Probation Officer Resche's office yesterday morning a 14-year-old boy calmly denied his parentage and refused to recognize his father until confronted with strong evidence that his "gave" was up and that it was necessary either to go home or to the training school.

The youngster is Claude Masten, who when picked up at the Union station a week ago by a deaconess, said that his name was John Richardson and that he had come to Duluth on the advice of a man with whom he was living at Funkley, Minn., to escape being arrested for stealing coal and to visit an aunt here.

He stuck to his improbable story so persistently that he was turned over to the boy's department of the Young Men's Christian association for care until the persons he named could be communicated with.

Boy's Story False.
As a result of an investigation Colonel Resche found the boy's story false and learned that his father is John Masten of Tenstrike, Minn. The father was persuaded to come to Duluth and yesterday morning was in an adjoining room when the boy was brought before Colonel Resche.

Although the probation officer told young Masten that he could not verify his story in any particular the little fellow still allowed that he had told the truth.

"Well, step into that room a minute, I want to speak with this man alone," said Colonel Resche, indicating the room where sat the boy's father.

Young Masten opened the door and as he saw his father gave a slight start. It was but momentary, however, and he calmly walked in and took a chair without another sign of recognition, watched all the time by the probation officer and the man who had accompanied him from the boy's department.

"Don't you know that man? Isn't he your father?" asked Colonel Resche.

"No, sir. He is not my father."

"Well, don't you know him? Didn't you ever see him before?"

The boy gazed intently at his father for a minute and then replied, "Well, he looks like a man named Masten."

It then took but a few minutes of argument with the boy before he decided that rather than go to the training school he would go home. He will be taken to Tenstrike today.

This is the third time the boy has run away. When he was but five years old he started out on a journey for himself but was caught after he had gone but about five miles. Last year he did the same and again two months ago.

On this last trip he went to Funkley, where a woman who ran a restaurant took pity on him and gave him food and lodging in return for small services. He then got a job with a farmer with whom he stayed until he got together money enough to come to Duluth.

Hans Milbury
[Source: Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) Saturday, January 30, 1904] mkk

Hans Milbury, a homesteader from town 131 was transacting business at the court house this morning. He was on his way to Crookston where some of his children are attending school.

[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) March 15, 1915] mkk
Agency Items. Me-zhuck-eence of Ponemah transacted business at the Agency on March 3rd.

Thomas Nary
Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN), January 30, 1904, page 4; submitted by Robin Line
A Stepper Comes to Town. Hubbard Jr., Thos. Nary's six-year old trotting horse, has been bought by A. F. Crawford, of Bemidji. The horse has a good mark and has been entered at several of the race meetings in this section. He is a thoroughbred and undoubtedly one of the finest piece of horseflesh in this vicinity.

[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) February 15, 1915] mkk
No-Din-e-be-nais, one of the Down River Indians, recently bought a horse from Joe W. Lawrence.

Jerry O'Kelliher
[Source: Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) February 4, 1904] mkk
Jerry O'Kelliher this week retires from the Kelliher Mercantile Co. at Kelliher. Mr. O'Kelliher's interests it is understood have been disposed of to the Crookston Lumber Co. Just what his plans are for the future are not stated. A. H. Harris, formerly of this city will continue as resident manager for the Mercantile Co. at Kelliher.

Joseph Omen
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) March 1, 1915] mkk
Joseph Omen has been getting out telephone poles during the past week.

Earnest Prebble
[Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (MN) February 3, 1904] mkk

Bemidji Boy's Patriotism Exceeds His Scruplus for the Truth. [sic.]

Earnest Prebble Enlists for Cavalry Service But Will Probably Be Sent Back Home.

The longing to be a soldier was too strong in the breast of Earnest Prebble, the seventeen year old son of W. P. Prebble, to be conquered and when he found that his parents would not consent to his joining the army, he deliberately forged their name to a letter of consent given the recruiting sergeant and when the Great Northern train east bound yesterday rolled out of the city with its bunch of recruits Prebble was among the rest.

The lad has long had a hankering for the military life and ever since the recruiting office was opened in this city he has importuned his parents with requests to be allowed to enlist. They steadfastly withheld it as they had another future in sight for Earnest, not as romantic and less inclined to vicissitude than the one he chose for himself.

Finally he presented himself at the recruiting office as a candidate for the consideration of the sergeant. Mr. Witte very promptly informed him, although he stated that he was past the age limit, that it would be necessary for him to secure the written consent of his parents before his application would be considered. In a short time the boy returned with the necessary credentials and was duly accepted as a recruit.

He was enrolled as a cavalry recruit and shopped to St. Louis yesterday noon. Shortly after his departure the news reached his mother. His father is at present in the woods near Solway. She visited the recruiting office, learned the truth and was so overcome that she was taken seriously ill.

The case is an unfortunate one. Sergeant Witte will use every effort to have the boy returned to his home but it is a question whether this can be accomplished or not.

Frank Richards
[Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (MN) February 2, 1904] mkk
Frank Richards, who has been in charge of the Red Lake Transportation Co.'s store, went to Minneapolis this morning. The company expects to close out its stock and leave Bemidji in about two weeks more.

John Sayers
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) March 15, 1915] mkk

Agency Items. John Sayers recently delivered 25,000 ft. of sawlogs for the agency sawmill.

[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) May 1, 1915] mkk
She-mah-gun has cleared another acre of land. He now has about the largest farm on the reservation. If the young men were as ambitious as She-mah-gun it wouldn't be long until the reservation would all be under cultivation.

Jonathan Taylor
[Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) January 4, 1880] mkk

The Postmaster at Red Lake, Minn., in answer to an official circular from this division of the railway mail service, directing the return of a complete list of all local names, to which mail matter is sometimes addressed, and which are enrolled within his jurisdiction, responds in the following happy strain:

One hundred miles of mud and flood
Just now doth intervene
Between our happy hunting ground
And where the "Keen" are seen.
We have no "locals,"
But the lake doth stretch both far and wide,
And when the wind is on its ear
In comes the rolling tide;
We have no rail,
But then we have the "injins" all the same,
And when the white fish they can't take
They seek for other game.

Daniel Tracy
[Source: Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) Saturday, January 30, 1904] mkk

Daniel Tracy, committed to the county jail several days ago to serve thirty days for drunkenness has been very ill since his confinement with one of the worst cases of delirium tremens that has ever been developed at the county jail. Tracy neither slept nor ate for four days and night and required constant attention. He is now recovering nicely.

Hazel Olson
[Source: Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) Saturday, January 30, 1904] mkk

THE CITY. Miss Haze Olson, who has been the Pioneer's efficient stenographer for the past four months has resigned her position. She does not expect to accept employment for the present.

Brita Soland
[Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) Thursday, August 15, 1907] mkk

Brita Soland is appointed postmaster at Spaulding, Beltrami county, Minnesota, vice F. Ihde, resigned, and Grace Weston, postmistress at Beaulieu, Mahnomen county, Minnesota, vice Viola Cook, resigned.

Oscar Whitefeather
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) January 15, 1915] mkk

Oscar Whitefeather and his brothers are busily engaged in logging operations. This is the only camp that is going to get out a large scale of logs. There are two other outfits logging, but they are not getting out very many logs.

George Williams
[Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) January 1, 1915] mkk
George Williams celebrated Xmas by working as usual.

C. C. Woodward
[Source: Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) Saturday, January 30, 1904] mkk

C. C. Woodward this week purchased a fine farm of the Pillsbury estate. It is located at one of the prettiest spots at the head of Lake Bemidji and contains 160 acres.

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