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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

as of January 1, 1883 Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883, Vol. 4
Washington, Government Printing Office, 1883, NS
Transcribed & submitted by Vicki Bryan

Name of
Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of
  Begordis, Neal Rico's ulcer left leg $6.00 Dec., 1880
  Clifton, Edward Sauk Rapids w. v. hand $6.00  
  Edwards, Geo. Duelm injury to abdomen $4.00  
  Ferguson, George Rico's loss 2nd finger left hand $2.00 July, 1877
  Getchell, Van R. Sauk Rapids chronic diarrhea $8.00 Jan., 1880
  Glover, George Rico's loss thumb, etc. $6.00  
121,141 Hamon, Wm. P. Maywood shl wound abdomen & thigh $6.00  
  Jones, John Sauk Rapids gun shot wound right side $12.00  
3,784 Killum, Josiah A. Sauk Rapids loss left arm $24.00  
  Mayhew, Geo. V. Sauk Rapids rheumatism $7.50 Mar., 1881
  Miller, Freeman Rico's loss right forearm $18.00  
  Pawnall, John H. Sauk Rapids chronic diarrhea $4.00 Apr., 1882
  Sanborn, Chas. S. Sauk Rapids chronic rheumatism & bronchitis $8.00  
  Spooner, Hannah Sauk Rapids dependent mother $8.00 Oct., 1878
  Taylor, Abram S. Sauk Rapids chronic diarrhea $6.00 June, 1882
39,192 Truesdell, John W. Sauk Rapids loss right leg $24.00  
  Wipper, Phillipp Sauk Rapids gun shot wound back $4.00  
  Wood, James H. Sauk Rapids gun shot wound left forearm $6.00 Mar., 1881

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