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Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Sunday, October 15, 1899; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Man Who Toiled to Build Up a Home Returned to Discover His Place Pre-Empted.
BELVIDERE, Ill., Oct. 14.-Charles Milledge, who has been toiling like a slave in Minnesota almost a year to build up a home for his family, returned last night to find his wife married to another and his property turned over to the interloper.

Arthur Bryden, blind and a cripple is the man who has taken Milledge's wife and family away from him. Mrs. Milledge was infatuated with him, but her husband knew nothing of this state of affairs. He was not prospering as rapidly as he wished, and several months ago, at the earnest solicitation of his wife, he went to Benton, Minn., to build up a new home for his family. Every week he received loving letters from his wife and four children, encouraging him to further efforts.

Meanwhile his wife was not idle. She went into court and applied for a divorce, alleging that her husband was a worthless drunkard and that he had deserted her and the children. On this representation she was given a decree and the custody of the children and the title to the property were also awarded her. The next day she startled the neighborhood by becoming the wife of Bryden.

The woman was arrested today on a charge of perjury, and is now in jail. Judge Fuller, who granted the decree, is very angry at the imposition practiced upon Millege and himself. Circuit court convenes next Monday, and the decree will be set aside, the property and children restored to Millege, and Bryden and the woman will be punished. It is likely Mrs. Milledge-Bryden will be sent to the penitentiary.

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