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CENSUS: 1930 vs. 1920 Population Totals
MARRIAGES: County Records - 1850-1858
MILITARY: WWI Casualties - collected and organized by Susan Duff-Erkel
OBITS: Mrs. Frank De Bilgren
OFFICIALS: Rosters - 1885 Notary Public Listing
NEWS-FIRES: 1895 Forest Fire Summary and Reports, Prairie Fire Summary
NEWS-VISITS: Mrs. N. D. Simpson, A. Delacy Wood

MARCH 2018
NEWS-VISITS: E. G. Ellithorpe
SCHOOLS: Mabel Beck
PEOPLE: David Irving, Anna J. Fremelt, F. H. Hatch

MILITARY: Soldiers - Robert C. Gosswiller
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News - Peter E. Lamkin, Frank Heinzel
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1895 Fire Wardens
OFFICIALS: Rosters - 1878 County Officials
OFFICIALS: News - Joe Mushel, L. Wisniewski
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1901-New Courthouse, hotel and church, 1912-Beekeepers Meet

OBIT: Thomas Dzuick, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Deunsch
MILITARY: Vietnam War Casualties
MARRIAGES: Iverson-Lane
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1905-Ditches needed
NEWS-VISITS: Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Bouck

APRIL 2017
PEOPLE: George Hempstead
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1912-Best Crop in Years, 1868-Giant Skeleton Discovered
NEWS-FIRE: 1904-Flames at Foley
NEWS-VISITS: Calvin Denny

PEOPLE: Peter Hiller, Thomas Wood
BIO: J. Kenneth Martin
OBIT: L. E. Miller
MARRIAGES: Tempsch-Machevitz, Kasner-Willing

APRIL 2016
OBITS: John Murray, Frederick Gruby, Frank Konoveich, Barney Lamb
MARRIAGE: Leason-Kornovich, Schmanski-Ruhman, Derkes-Fouquette
COURT: Leo Thomas Stein vs. Beaver Valley Brewing
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. J. G. Martin, Guy Ramsey, Mrs. Paul Hynish
CHURCHES: 1901-Church Dedication
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1913-Rail Car Shortage

MARRIAGE: Emerick-Labusga, Stauffenecker-Kipka
NEWS-PEOPLE: Florence Fiergolla, William Bosey
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1912-Want Better Mail Service
NEWS-WEATHER: 1886-Deadly Cyclone
CHURCHES: 1912-New Pastor, Martin Hauser

JULY 2015
FAMILY: Latterell Reunion
DIVORCE: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Millage

WILLS & PROBATE: Hole-in-the-day
TOWNS: 1912-Foley Gets Citified
SCHOOL: 1912-Teacher Arrested
MARRIAGE: Swensen-Hall

OBITS: August Blalki, Bernard Balder, farmer Steel, Ole Kjormoe, Paul Johnson
NEWS: (people) Latteral Brothers, C. F. Callahan
NEWS: (crime) 1907-Female Prison Escapee Captured, 1906 Saloon Burglars, 1906-Saloon Robbery, Adam and Joseph Smith
NEWS: (injury) O. F. Strand, Lord Son
NEWS: (business) A. De Lacy Wood, L. E. Fouquette and J. D. Rafinski, William Penrod, W. H. Flinn, Charles Latterell, 1907-Pickling Plant, R. F. Luster, New London Milling Company
NEWS: (community) 1905-Telephone War, 1907-Farm Crops, 1907-Foley Wood Famine, 1907-Manufacturing Plants to Leave Foley
NEWS: (visit) Maurice Dorgan, W. E. Briggs
NEWS: (court) Nels Campbell
CHURCH: 1895-Corner Stone Laid, 1906-St. Bridget's
MARRIAGES: Volszy Marriage

NEWS-VISIT : J. B. Hoit, George Sweet
NEWS-ACCIDENTS : 109 Homes Destroyed, Boiler Explosions Injures Several

March 2014: Korean War Casualties - transcribed by Sandy Davis

Feb. 2014: WWII Army Enlistment Records index - transcribed by Don Tharp
Obits: Branley, Clint, Donovan, Erickson, Gaumnits, Mayho, Neslund - transcribed by Dena Whitesell
Crime news: Assault May Prove Fatal; Farmer Shot in Head as He Sleeps; Benton county Attorney Issues Arson Warrant; Baby Smothered With Clothing; Released on One Charge; Rearrested; Three Convicted Slackers Sent to Camp Dodge; Murder in Benton County; Charged with Murder; Benton's Treasures; Sensational Iowa Case (transcribed by Dena Whitesell)
Fires: Catholic Church Burned - transcribed by Dena Whitesell
Accidents: County Attorney Injured - transcribed by Dena Whitesell
Miscellaneous News: Benton County Farmer Missing; Bitter Feud in Benton County; Pioneer Resident of Minden is Missing - transcribed by Dena Whitesell
History: Benton County 1856; About Benton County (1904) and New Industry in Benton County (1906) - transcribed by Frances Cooley
Benton County, County Seat - Sauk Rapids (1899) transcribed by Tina Easley
Annual Report - Geological and Natural History Survey (1884) - transcribed by Tina Easley
Benton County - Fifty Years In The Northwest (1888) - transcribed by Tina Easley

Sept. 2013: Obits: Bates, Dill, Goedker, Iren, Kosolowski, Mauser, Moody, Potter, Renard, Rice, Then, Wood
Marriages: Bielejeski - Kuffel; Kujawa - Bozych; Lorin - Stanton; Lozo - Gretch; Marti - Zabel; Sartell - Vining; Schindler - Gavanda; Seltenhelm - Kroener; Warnecke - Nells

June 2013: Bio: Kahlow

Sept. 2012: Obits: Benedict, Herbert, Lonsdale, Montag, Patka
Marriages: Becker-Davis; Haskamp-Quinn; Kellum-Stephenson; Krieg-Agather; Sheldon-Valentine
Anniversaries: Clifton, Robbers
Bios: Beatty, Demules, Holmes, Neils, Renard, Russell, Sweet, Wood

August 2012: Obit: Foley

June 2012: Obit: Esterson

Mar. 2012: 1860-1880 Mortality Indexes; Bio: Hall

Feb. 2011 - 1850 Census for Sauk Rapids; births for Larson & Madsen; WW2 Army Honor List; obits: Dzink, Lynch, Penish

Dec 2011: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll; Death certificates for LANGE and SEPPELT

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1908 & 1909 Death Records

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