Big Stone County, Minnesota

1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed by Vicki Bryan
No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original
148,129 Otrey, Thomas Adelaide g.s.wd. rt. arm $6.00 Sept., 1877
Branch, Joseph Beardsley g.s.w. body $4.00
Burdick, Lindon Beardsley ampt. r. fing. l. hand $4.00
Bemis, Hannah M. Beardsley widow $8.00
Colburn, Benj. F. Beardsley chr. diarr. $4.00
Thompson, Loren G. Beardsley chr. diarr. $4.00 May, 1880
Getman, David Beardsley chr. diarr. $4.00 Nov., 1880
134,478 O'Harra, David N. Big Stone g.s.w. both thighs $6.00
Green, Isaac N. Big Stone chr. diarr. $4.00 Dec., 1881
Converse, Emeline Big Stone dep. mother $8.00 Jan., 1881
Evans, Jacob C. Big Stone quinsy & rheum. $4.00 July, 1880
Baker, Phebe P. Correll widow $10.00 Mar., 1880
McPhee, Alexander Correll g.s.w. r. leg $16.00
203,093 Blackman, Benj. F. Custer dis. of lungs $17.00 Feb., 1882
Bartlett, James Foster widow 1812 $8.00
Phelps, Addison Foster injury to abdomen $4.00
155,795 Trimball, John A. Graceville g.s.w. r. hand $2.00 Oct., 1878
O'Neil, Murth Graceville dep. father $8.00
Cowley, Elizabeth Graceville widow $8.00
McCann, John E. Graceville loss index finger $2.00
Disso, John Odessa chr. diarr. $10.00
140,896 Van Camp, Mortonville Odessa g.s.w. r. wrist $8.00
Hess, Andrew J. Ortonville w. r. hand $4.00
Holloway, Franklin H Ortonville loss r. leg $24.00
Berdan, Chas. A. Ortonville g.s.w. r. arm $4.00 Aug., 1881
Enos, John Ortonville chr. rheu. $6.00 June, 1881
St. Clair, James B. Ortonville w. l. leg $6.00
Davis, Almeron Ortonville w. r. shld., &c. $6.00
Parker, Addison J. Ortonville chr. diarr. $17.00
Crippen, John T. Ortonville g.s.w. l. shld. $6.00 Oct., 1880
Linquish, John Ortonville injury to abdomen $4.00
Ludloff, Louis J. Ortonville g.s.w. rt. hip & ankle $10.00
Hancock, David Ortonville injury to abdomen $4.00
Jennes, Samuel Ortonville g.s.w. r. leg $4.00 Oct., 1881

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