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- - 1887 - - Charles E. Gurley (Gurley)
Source: St. Paul Daily Globe (St. Paul, MN) August 26, 1887; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

The Disputed Office of Assessor of Ortonville.

Judge Gilfillan yesterday ordered that a writ of quo warranto be issued to Charles E. Gurley, of Ortonville, Lac qui Parle county, directing him to appear and show cause why he should not deliver up the office, books, etc., of that place to John H. Kemerer. The writ is made returnable Oct. 13.

It seems that on the incorporation of Ortonville it was provided that nothing in such incorporation should interfere with the township organization of Ortonville. There was nothing in the incorporation authorizing or creating such an office as city assessor, but at the spring election the citizens voted for and elected C. E. Gurley. In the meantime J. H. Kemerer had been appointed township assessor, and has now had this writ issued to compel Gurley to appear and show cause why he should not have the office.

- - 1889 - - INHUMAN WRONGS ALLEGED. (Ortonville)
Source: New York Herald (New York, NY) Sunday, August 25, 1889; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

St. Paul, Minn., August 24, 1889.-Rev. S. D. Kemerer, a Methodist pastor at Ortonville, wrote to Secretary Hart several weeks ago making complaint that a young lady of Big Stone county had been most foully dealt with by a citizen of Minneapolis, who in addition to his shameful treatment of the girl, had her finally placed in the St. Peter Asylum. Mr. Kemerer charges that the young lady was not sent to St. Peter as a lunatic, but that the authorities knew the facts and took charge of her to hide the wrong done by the Minneapolis man. It is stated that her father wrote to Superintendent Bartlett, but did not receive a satisfactory reply, whereupon William Campbell, Probate Judge, wrote, but received no answer.
Latterly the girl has been released and she makes the charge that her treatment there was very immoral. She has signified her willingness to testify to their acts before the Board of Correction and Charities, but she has not yet been called upon to do so. The story is now being investigated by the State Board of Charities and Correction.

- - 1901 - - BIG STONE COUNTY (Woods vs. Wulf, Witte, Olson and Homer)
[Source: The Minneapolis Journal (MN) November 1, 1901, submitted by Mary Kay Krogman]

G. F. Woods, appellant, vs. Clemens Wulf, Gustave Witte, John I. Olson and Niehard Romer, respondents.

Held, in this case, that the evidence was manifestly, palpably and completely in favor of the verdict rendered by the jury, and that the trial court erred in setting it aside and ordering a new trial.
Order reversed.

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