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1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

In the central eastern part of Big Stone county, 17 miles from Ortonville, the county seat, and 20 miles from morris, the nearest railroad point. Contains a Lutheran church. Exports wheat. Mail stage to Morris and Ortonville semi-weekly. Nels Johnson, postmaster.

Olson Rev Ole, (Lutheran).

Near the center of Big Stone county, 7 miles from Ortonville, the county seat. Morris, on the St. P. & P. R. R., is 22 miles distant, with which weekly communication is had by stage. M. B. Daw, postmaster.

Brown - - - , physician.
Burlingame H W, carpenter and house builder.
Cherry & Leask, general store.
Daw M B & Co, blacksmiths and wagonmakers.
Daw Mrs M B, hotel propr.
Hewitt H W, hotel propr.

In the central part of Big Stone county, 12 miles from Ortonville, the county seat, with which there is stage communication once a week. Located on the proposed extension of the H. & D. Ry., but Morris, 40 miles off, is now the nearest railroad point. It is an agricultural districe. Weekly mail. John T. Crippen, postmaster.

Crippen J T, Hotel Propr.
Edwards G H, general store and lumber dealer.

In the western part of Big Stone county, 20 miles from Ortonville, the county seat. Morris, 45 miles northeast, is the most accessible railroad point. Exports, wheat, stock, butter, fish, etc. Mail stage to Brown's Valley weekly. Arnt J. Holmlie, postmaster.

Edward & Beanson, general store.
Holmlie Arnt J, postmaster and blacksmith.
Hyde Prof G W C, Principal of Minneapolis Business College.
Matthews M Irwin, hotel propr, justice of peace, claim locator.
Matthews S R, physician.
Peterson G W, carpenter and builder.

A village of about 100 persons, in the western part of Big Stone county, of which it is the seat. Morris is the nearest railroad station. Situated, also, upon the Minnesota and Whet Stone rivers and Big Stone lake, where a fine water power is available. Exports all kinds of grain. Stage to Morris semi-weekly. J. C. Wood, postmaster.

Bingham Horace, physician.
Kemerir S O, (Elder United Brethren church).
Leech C, general store.
Mattison Rev W H, (Methodist).
Miller F, lawyer and editor.
Parker A S, lawyer.
Ransom Edwin, propr hotel.
Shumaker F, machinery and general store.
Smith Clarence, blacksmith.
Wood Bros, lumber, hardware and farm machinery.

In the northeastern part of Big Stone county, 25 miles west of Morris Station.

Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878. Transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman.

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