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Campbell's Wife Eloped
Source: Aberdeen Daily News (Aberdeen, SD) Thursday, October 11, 1888; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

A man named Campbell, of Ortonville, Minn., was in Aberdeen yesterday looking for his truant wife who eloped several days ago with a man named Church - What's in a name? He claimed to have traced them to this city and said could they be found he should endeavor to influence the woman to return to his bed and board. Nothing could be learned of the guilty couple, however, and pending developments, Mr. Campbell will fulfill an engagement with the sewer contractors.

Frank Collins
[Source: Des Moines Register (IA) Aug 24, 1919 ] mkk
GOOD HOME AND FARM WEST HALF section 16. Toqua township. Big Stone county, Minn. Price $35,000. One-half cash. One mile from town. Ten room house, barn, 32x56, hog house, granary, chicken house. Write Frank Collins, care Barry State Bank. Barry, Minn.

John and William Faust
[Source: LIttle Falls Herald (MN) Nov. 12, 1909] mkk
Oct. 11. -John and William Faust returned from Barry, Minn., Wednesday, where they have been working during the summer months.

Edward L. Foreman
Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO) July 8, 1886; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Edward L. Foreman and Mrs. Bontecon of Ortonville, Minn., eloped. He deserted a wife and child and she a husband.

Andrew Foss
Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) December 12, 1883; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

A young man, Andrew Foss, of Ortonville, Minn., is missing. He left Ortonville on Wednesday, Nov. 7th, for Kingston, Green Lake county, Wis., where his parents live, but as yet he never got there, and as he had no other destination or object known to any one, it is feared that he has been put away by some foul play. He had three hundred dollars in cash when he left Ortonville.

James Gould
- - - Source: Aberdeen Daily News (Aberdeen, SD) Sunday, February 23, 1890
E. H. Rouche and James Gould went to Ortonville, Minn., where if suitable arrangements can be made, the latter will open a wholesale liquor house and supply thirsty citizens in "Buelah land."

- - - Source: Aberdeen Daily News (Aberdeen, SD) Tuesday, February 25, 1890; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
James Gould has decided to locate in Ortonville, Minn., after April first, having rented a suitable building in that town. Mr. Gould has bought E. H. Roche's bottling outfit and J. G. Roch's fixtures and will run a combination wholesale and retail establishment.

Bernard Morgan
[Source: Journal Gazette (Mattoon, IL) Sept. 23, 1909 ] mkk
SNAPS IN FARMS - 900 acres with three sets of buildings, one mile from station; land is right; price is right and title is right. See me on the farm. Bernard Morgan, Bigstone county, Barry, Minn. 10-14

James Neale
Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) Dec. 25, 1895; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Volunteers Organized.
Special to the Globe.
CLINTON, Minn., Dec. 24. - James Neale, of this place, has organized a company of volunteers. They hold themselves ready at a moment's notice to defend the American cause.

F. J. Reynolds
[Source: Great Falls Tribune (MT) Aug. 14, 1908] mkk
F. J. Reynolds of Barry, Minn., was a caller at the Board of Commerce yesterday. He will visit the Fort Shaw reservation with a view of locating a farm for himself and also getting information for some of his relatives who are desirous of making a change.

Nettie J. Van Inwegen
Source: Bismarck Tribune (Bismarck, ND) Tuesday, September 6, 1892; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

The president has appointed as postmasters, Gus A. Schultz at Two Harbors, Minn., and Mrs. Nettie J. Van Inwegen at Ortonville, Minn.

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