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County Information
The county of Blue Earth was created after a division of the Minnesota Territory on March 5, 1853 from portions of Dakota County and free territory. It was named after the Blue Earth River.

County Seat: Mankato
Largest city: Mankato

The area of Blue Earth County was once known as the "Big Woods" and was occupied by the Dakota Indians. It was started by a French explorer, Pierre-Charles Le Sueur, who was one of the first white people in the area, arriving at the point where the Minnesota and Blue Earth rivers meet. There, he made an unsuccessful attempt to mine copper from the blue earth found in the area. The area remained under French control until 1803, when it passed to the United States by the Louisiana Purchase.
In 1850 the first steamboat trip, starting in St. Paul, traveled on the Minnesota River and came to the Blue Earth River. The first white settlers, P.K. Johnson and Henry Jackson came off the boat and settled in present day Mankato. The ratification of the Mendota and Traverse des Sioux Treaties in 1851 effectively forced the Dakota to leave the area for nearby reservations. Unfulfilled treaty promises and starvation on the Indian reservation led to the Dakota War of 1862, which resulted in Dakota defeat and the largest mass execution in US history in Mankato.
[source: wikipedia]



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Website Updates:

OBITS: Maude Pettit, L. H. Johnson
MARRIAGES: Steumke-Ladage
NEWS: (fires) 1907-Depot Fire, 1909-Train Wreck
NEWS: (people) Robert Malzahn, N. C. Davis, Ferdinand Benzel

OBITS : Ransler Collins Hill
NEWS: 1912-Train Wreck, 1909-Train Wreck, 1896-Weather, Lightning Damage, 1866-Crime, Murders Murdered; 1900-Crime, August Ramspot charged with Seduction under promise of marriage.
CHURCHES : 1878-New Catholic Church
MILITARY: Bios- Campbell, Bartsch, Bauer (2), Hobbs, Mussack, Lorentz (2), Wagner, Evans, Johnson (2), Westpahl, Parsons, Frederickson, Lundberg, Olson, Nelson, Marske, Stratton, Carlson

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