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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed by Glenda Stevens

No. of certificate Name of pensioner. Post-office address Cause for which pensioned. Monthly rate. Date of original allowance.
Howard, Eliza Golden Gate widow $8.00 June, 1882
Martine, Isaac Golden Gate g. s. w. r. arm & rheu. $8.00 June, 1882
Meier, August Golden Gate g. s. w. chest $8.00
Rice, Amarilia R. Home widow $8.00 Aug., 1880
Bellington, Frank Lonetree Lake dis. lungs $8.00
Landon, John J. New Ulm g. s. w. rt. forearm $4.00 July, 1882
Guetling, Julius New Ulm w. rt. eye $4.00
Kirsetein, Caroline New Ulm widow $8.00
Hellesheim, Hubert New Ulm g. s. w. left foot $4.00
Hess, Florian New Ulm w. l. arm $14.00
Nenno, John W. New Ulm g. s. w. l. arm $8.00
Nix, Jacob New Ulm g. s. w. l. arm, &c $6.66 2/3
Heek, Joseph New Ulm dis. liver $4.00
Fickler, Johanna R. New Ulm widow $8.00
Peuser, Caroline New Ulm widow $14.00
Seutzke, Clara New Ulm widow $8.00
Mushes, Frederick New Ulm w. head $10.00
Muller, Alfred New Ulm inj. head $17.00
Mack, Peter New Ulm w. l. arm, &c $5.33 1/3
Brandt, Charles C. New Ulm inj. r. leg $8.50 June, 1878
Smith, John J. New Ulm injury to abdomen $8.00
98,194 Houston, Frank New Ulm w. r. foot $8.00 June, 1869
Guetlick, George injury to abdomen $8.00
177,935 Collins, Daniel H. Sleepy Eye chr. rheu. $4.00 Oct., 1880
112,689 Reinmuller, John E. Sleepy Eye g. s. w. l. arm $8.50 Aug., 1871
Larson, Edward L. Sleepy Eye injury to abdomen
Jones, Frances M. Sleepy Eye widow $10.00 Feb., 1880
Hall, Elizabeth Sleepy Eye widow $8.00 Mar., 1881
Parker, Jane Sleepy Eye widow $8.00
Bickehaust, George Sleepy Eye injury to abdomen $4.00
Malick, Franklin Sleepy Eye g. s. w. l. breast $8.00
Prescott, Charles F. Sleepy Eye total deafness, &c $6.00
Sherman, Samuel Sleepy Eye w. left heel $12.75
103,878 Strong, Charles Sleepy Eye ch. periostitis, &c $8.00
56,642 Baker, Francis M. Springfield w. chest and r. arm $4.00
Snyder, Maudana Springfield widow $8.00
Gowin, Mercy A. Springfield widow $8.00
Smith, Sanford H. Springfield injury to abdomen $4.00 May, 1882
Shields, James Springfield g. s. w. l. hand $12.00
Semans, Daniel H. Springfield dis. of abdominal viscera, &c $6.00
Rude, Mich'l (old war) Springfield loss part both feet, &c $50.00

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