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CEMETERY Latitude Longitude Other Information
Catholic Cemetery 441949N 0942915W  
Christ Lutheran Cemetery 440812N 0950147W  
Cottonwood Cemetery 441422N 0942614W  
Current Cemetery 442151N 0943805W  
Eden Cemetery 442509N 0944705W  
Faith Cemetery 440747N 0945356W  
Golden Gate Cemetery 442301N 0944329W  
Home Cemetery 441817N 0944242W  
Immanuel Cemetery 442533N 0944816W  
Japanese Martyrs Catholic Cemetery 442533N 0944816W  
Lake Hanska Cemetery 440754N 0943049W  
Linden Cemetery 440724N 0942537W  
Lutheran Cemetery 442000N 0942920W  
Mielke Cemetery 441604N 0944847W  
Moravian Cemetery 441029N 0945737W  
Mount Hope Cemetery 442822N 0945015W  
Mount Pisgah Cemetery 440835N 0942856W  
New Ulm City Cemetery 442000N 0942912W  
North Star Cemetery 441548N 0950250W  
Prairieville Cemetery 442207N 0944731W  
Rice Lake Cemetery 441041N 0942338W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 441252N 0942559W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 441609N 0942710W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 441821N 0944311W  
Saint Paul Cemetery 441514N 0945741W  
Saint Rachael Cemetery 441510N 0945838W  
Saint Raphael Cemetery 441510N 0945841W  
Salem Cemetery 440631N 0944909W  
Springfield Cemetery 441351N 0945728W  
Zion Cemetery 442446N 0945049W  
Zion Cemetery 440857N 0943020W  

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