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1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory

Near the center of Brown county, 12 or 15 miles southwest of New Ulm which is the county seat and nearest railroad point.

In the township of Bashaw, southwestern part of Brown county, 32 miles from New Ulm, the county seat, 112 miles from St. Paul, in a straight line, and 7 from Burns, the nearest railroad station. Also, located upon the Little Cottonwood river, which might here be utilized as a motive power. A school, one Lutheran church, and other religious denominations are in the place and vicinity. Settled in 1871. Wheat, corn, pork, butter and cattle are shipped. Mail once a week. Andrew W. Pederson, postmaster.

In the northeastern part of Brown county, about five miles south of New Ulm, the county seat and nearest railroad town.

A station on the C. & N. W. Ry., in the southwestern part of Brown county, about 25 miles from New Ulm, the county seat.

In the township of Home, northwestern part of Brown county, 16 miles from New Ulm, the county seat. Sleepy Eye, 7 miles off, is the nearest railroad point. Also upon Spring Creek, from whence power is obtained for driving a flour mill. Exports farm produce. Seventh Day Baptist church and district school are located here. Settled in 1868. Stage to New Ulm and Redwood Falls, and mail daily. Horatio Werring, postmaster.

Arnold James, veterinary surgeon.
Hennerdinger John & Sons, flouring mill.
Piekle John, blacksmith.
Simmons R B, general store.
Werring H, hotel propr and general store.

A locality in the southwestern part of Brown county, about 15 miles south of Sleepy Eye Lake Station, on the C. & N. W. Ry.

In the township of the same name, in the northern central part of Brown county, 10 1/2 miles from New Ulm, the county seat and nearest railroad point. J. P. Current, postmaster.

A settlement of 75 souls, in Stark township, near the center of Brown county, 15 miles from New Ulm, the county seat, and about 100 in a straight line from St. Paul. Located also upon the Big Cottonwood river, which runs a grist mill at this point. A wheat-growing neighborhood, settled in 1858. Sleepy Eye is the nearest railroad station. Stages twice a week to Sleepy Eye and St. James. Andrew J. Baugh, postmaster.

George M W, general store.
Platt & Schwerdtfeiger, flouring mill.
Raschka J, grocer.

In Leavenworth township, southwestern part of Brown county, 22 miles from New Ulm, the county seat. Sleepy Eye, 7 miles distant, is the nearest railroad town. Also situated on the Big Cottonwood river, where water power is obtained fro driving a flouring mill. A Catholic church and public school are located in the village. Exports wheat, cattle and butter. Settled in 1870. Stage to Sleepy Eye once a week. G. B. Altermalt, postmaster.

Frey Bernhard, hotel propr.
Schiltz Peter, flouring mill.
Schumacher Jacob, hotel propr.

In the southeastern corner of Brown county, 12 miles from New Ulm, the county seat and a convenient railroad point. Madelia, on the St. P. & S. C. R. R., is 7 miles distant. Exports, wheat, cattle, butter and eggs. Weekly mail. John R. Johnson, postmaster.

Green Rev L, (Lutheran).
Halvorsen John, constable.
Jorgensen Ole, Justice of the Peace.
Ousen Anthon, justice of the peace.
Paulson Edward, constable.
Svinhougen Paul O, blacksmith.

In Eden township, northwestern part of Brown county, 23 miles from New Ulm, the county seat, and 135 from St. Paul. Sleepy Eye, 14 miles away, is the nearest railroad point. There are each a Presbyterian and Methodist Episcopal church, and two common schools located here. Settled in 1864. Stages to New Ulm and Redwood tri-weekly. Daily mail. F. Hartwick, postmaster.

Gilbert Rev L C.
Hartwick F, Propr Hotel.
Henning Rev William.
McKey Rev Henry.

In the northeastern part of Brown county, 7 miles from New Ulm, which is the county seat and nearest railroad point. Stage and mail to New Ulm and Redwood daily. Anton Henle, postmaster.

Henle Anton, propr hotel.

A city of 2,000 inhabitants and a station on the W. & St. P. Ry., situated in township of the same name, northeastern part of Brown county, of which it is the seat. Distant by rail from St. Paul, 105 miles. Has a church each of the Methodist, Lutheran and Catholic denominations, a graded school system, employing seven teachers, and a school of the Sisters of Charity. Contains two steam flouring mills, 2 steam elevators and a planing mill, 2 banks, 2 potteries, 5 breweries, a public hall, 4 hotels, numerous stores, shops and artisans, and nearly all appointments of a first-class city, The adjacent country is well settled by an industrious farming element which exports in considerable quantities wheat, butter, eggs and cattle. Three weekly newspapers are also published here. Express, American. Telegraph, Northwestern. Stage to Redwood and Beaver Falls daily. Also, mails daily by rail. Joseph Bobleter, postmaster.

Arnold John B, hardware.
Baasen Francis, lawyer.
Behrike H & Bro, general store.
Bender Jacob, Brewer.
Berghold Rev A, (Catholic).
Bergmann Henry, saloon.
Berry Charles, physician.
Beussmann Henry H, hardware and implements.
Bickelhauft George, sheriff.
Bingham A W, lumber.
Blanchard Albert, clerk district court.
Bobleter Joseph, Pub New Ulm Review, Druggist and Postmaster.
Bogen Louis, pub New Ulm Post.
Boock Fred, wagonmaker and blacksmith.
Brendt J, county surveyor.
Briebighauser Rev A, (Methodist).
Brown County Bank, C H Ross, Cashier.
Bry Anton, livery stable.
Brust Charles, hotel propr.
Buenger Louis, furniture.
Burg Frank, cigar mnfr.
Christensen Charles H, hotel propr.
Christensen M N, saloon.
Christensen Peter, agricultural implements.
Citizens' National Bank, J C Rudolph, Cashier.
Constans H B, county auditor.
Cordes Henry, hotel propr.
Crone Theodore, general store.
Eagle Mill Co, Grain Elevator, Saw and Flouring Mill.
Epple Meinrad, meat market.
Felkel Louis, saloon.
Frank Ludwig, baker.
Frenzel H, soda water mnfr.
Fricke Carl, saloon.
Friedmann F, saloon.
Galles Joseph, wagonmaker.
Goodnow C C, Receiver U S Land Office.
Grebe Frank, saloon.
Gross Charles, tailor.
Gross Philip, propr Union Hotel.
Hanft & Franta, agricultural impts.
Haunstein John, brewer.
Heinz & Co, coopers.
Held Conrad F, furniture.
Holl August, brewer.
Hottinger & Nuessel, Meat Market.
Huebner Conrad, hotel propr.
Hummel Wm, saloon.
Juenemann Michael, harnessmaker.
Kaula J, physician.
Keller Fred, saloon.
Kiesling Fred W, blacksmith.
Kiesling & Erkel, Founders, Blacksmiths and Wagonmakers.
Kiesling & Keller, general store.
Koch Ernst G, land agent.
Koch Wm, real estate and insurance.
Krook C W A, grocery and boarding house.
Kuhlman George, Lawyer.
Langmaack Hans, shoemaker.
Laudenschlager Henry, hardware.
Lind John, county superintendent.
Lind John, lawyer.
Meile Frederick, saloon.
Moller N A, optician.
Mueller Henry, saloon.
Mullen Michael, Hardware and Agricultural Impts.
Muller A, physician.
Muller Lorenz, saloon.
Neumann & Rosskopf, store and saloon.
Newe Ulm City Mill Co, Flouring Mill and Cooperage.
New Ulm City Mnfg Co, sash and blind mnfrs.
Oswald Joseph C, shoemaker.
Petermann Wm, cigar mnfr.
Peterson Samuel D, agricultural impts.
Peterson & Andersen, blacksmiths.
Pfefferle Richard, grocer.
Pfender & Miller, lumber.
Phelps M W, hotel propr.
Quense August, harnessmaker.
Reim Rev G, (Lutheran).
Rolloff Carl, hardware.
Roskopf Charles, saloon.
Rnssell John B, Agt Winona & St Peter Ry and Am Express.
Schaible Quirin, saloon.
Schapekahm J H, blacksmith.
Schell August, brewer.
Schmoker Joseph, brewer.
Schubert F, county treasurer.
Seiter Adolph, propr Dakota House.
Sominer C, general store.
Spellmann A, wagonmaker.
Stoeckert John, potter.
Stuebe Charles, meat market.
Subilia H A jr, photographer.
Toberer John C, jeweler.
Tyler Charles B, Publr New Ulm Herald and Register U S Land Office.
Van Dusen G W & Co, Grain Elevator.
Vogel Joseph, saloon.
Wagner Charles, furniture.
Walton A, register of deeds.
Walton Mrs T E, milliner.
Webber Benjamin F, county attorney.
Weschcke C, physician and coroner.
Westphal A, judge of probate.
Wicheiski Ernst, shoemaker.
Winkelmann Wm, Brick, Lime and Stoneware Mnfr.
Zeiler John, merchant tailor.
Zeug John B, saloon.
Zieher Anton, saloon.

In the southwestern part of Brown county. Burns, the nearest railroad point, lies northeasterly 8 miles distant.

An incorporated village of about 450 souls, and a station on the C. & N. W. Ry., in Home township, western part of Brown county, 15 miles from New Ulm, the county seat, and 140 miles from St. Paul by rail. Churches - Presbyterian, Congregational, Methodist, Episcopal, German Lutheran, German Methodist, Evangelical German and Roman Catholic. A branch railroad is now in progress of constructin to Red Wood Falls, which will materially increase the trade of the place. Produce, live stock, hides, etc. Telegraph, Northwestern, Express, American. Stage weekly to St. James. Mail, tri-weekly. L. Hanson, postmaster.

Berg Charles, hotel propr.
Bingham R H, hardware, stoves, tinware, and lumberman.
Burnside M C, justice of the peace.
Champlain Rev O P, (Congregational.)
Christenson Peter, agricultural implements.
Duncan & White, agricultural impts.
Emmerich Christopher, hotel propr.
Fohel Michael, saloon.
Hanson John, lumberman.
Hennings Rev W H, (Episcopal Methodist).
Hillishune Matthew, wagonmaker.
Ibberson F, general store.
Kelly J J, lumberman.
Kohne Fritz, hotel propr.
Majewskie Peter, furniture.
Mertz & Co, boots and shoes.
Moll Daniel, blacksmith.
Moll & Mauch, hardware, stoves and tinware.
Murfin & Knudston, general store.
Ording Rev C, (Lutheran.)
Peterson S D, agricultural impts.
Porth Charles, wagonmaker.
Proutman Joseph, meat market.
Reinitz & Bendixen general store.
Robinson Wm, general store.
Russell D I, agricultural impts.
Talbot & Rinke, general store.
Tore Rev A, (Catholic).
Wellcome F H, physician and surgeon.
Wellcome J W B, physician and surgeon.
Wellemeyer Rev F H, (Episcopal Methodist).
White J A, express and railroad agent.
White Mrs. W R, milliner.
Ziskie John, harnessmaker.

Near the center of the south line of Brown county, 18 miles from New Ulm, the county seat, and 10 from St. James Station. Contains a Lutheran church and a district and Norwegian school. Mail, semi-weekly. Aseak Sigurdson, postmaster.

In Burnstown township, western part of Brown county, 30 miles from New Ulm, the county seat, and 90 from St. Paul. Burns Station, on the C. & N. W. Ry., is the nearest shipping point. Population, 100. Has district schools and 3 churches - Congregational, Lutheran and Roman Catholic. The Big Cottonwood river here affords the water power. Exports, wheat. Express, American. Stage to Redwood Falls daily. M. H. Gamble, postmaster.

Anderson A G, grain and lumber dealer.
Anderson Nels, blacksmith.
Cutland J S, blacksmith.
Doty J H, express agent and general store.
Fecker Lucal, hotel propr,
Gamble John, hotel propr.
Gamble M H, general store.
Glye Frederick C, druggist.
Knudson H, hardware, stoves and tinware.
Low John, wheelwright.
Penkart Joseph, blacksmith.
White Frank, railroad agent.

Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878. Transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman.

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