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CHURCHES: 1916-Methodist Church Dedication
MARRIAGES: County Records 1872 - 1881
NEWS-BITS: 1916 News Bits
NEWS-FIRES: 1886-Barnum Fire, 1896 Carlton Forest Fire Report
NEWS-ILLNESS: Myrtle Lindberg, Mrs. Henry Lazzar
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Martin Raning, Arthur Morford, G. Schrader
OBITS: Henry Staples, Lillian Skemp
SCHOOLS: 1912-Basketball Team

MARCH 2018
WILLS: Inheritance Tax-Brash, Carlson, Moses, Summerfield
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer
OFFICIALS: 1878 County Officials

MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Guy Leo E. Waller, John Defoe, John Witluski
MILITARY: Soldiers-George A. Proulx, William Samuel Young, Carl L. Anderson, J. Pearson, K. A. Pearson
OFFICIALS: News-S. G. Fulton, E. B. Potts, Mrs. Leone J. Riley, William Oliver
NEWS-INJURY: John Sironen, Lephaner Levoie - submitted by Robin Line

MILITARY: Vietnam War Casualties
OBIT: John Hamering
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: 1895 Fire Wardens

APRIL 2017
OBIT: Ole Siversen submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1886-Lumber Mill Strike
OBIT: Aldray Gilbert Stadin
NEWS-FIRE: 1883-Knife Falls Lumber
NEWS-CLUBS: 1916-Priscilla Kensington Embroidery club, 1917-Red Cross
PEOPLE: New-gew-nah, Joe-ger-nah

OBIT: Mrs. Edward Clothier - submitted by Kim Torp
OBITS: Mary G. Clark, Mrs. M. E. Erickson and Infant son
MARRIAGE: Switzer-Sneider
BIRTHS: Haggerty Boy, Riley Boy
NEWS-ILLNESS: H. B. McCuskey, Andrew Erickson
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: William Switzer, Virginia Willcuts, R. J. Willcuts

APRIL 2016
OBIT: Carrie McCuskey, Charlotte McCuskey, Homer C. McCuskey, Emily J. McCuskey
BIRTHS: Oswald Daughter, Lazzari Girl, Trester Daughter
PEOPLE: Ernest Frederick, Mrs. John Clark, Roland Fortune, Edith Scovell, Henry McCann
NEWS-BITS: 50 news bits / one liners
NEWS-ILLNESS: Harry Blinn, Fred Northrup, S. A. Jacobson, Injury M. F. Olson
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Mrs. A. H. Rich, J. C. Hammar/Charles Erickson, Ella Mattson, Anna Norbam

OBIT: Edith Frabell
PEOPLE: Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schauland, William V. Van Pelt, Otto Giller
NEWS-FIRE: 1894-Fire at Holyoke
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Mrs. Ole Rykken, Gertrude Gebault, Dora Morin

OBIT: Marion Morford
PEOPLE: Cora Lull, R. J. Willcuts
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Hazel Lindberg, William Haggerty, Ole Johnson, M. C. Hurley, P. L. Simpson, Edward Erickson, Virginia Willcuts
NEWS-SICK: Mrs. A. C. Willcuts, Mrs. C. E. Nelson, Charlie Embru, Mrs. John Bransel
NEWS-BIRTHS: Sydo Daughter, Van Guilder Son
WILLS & PROBATE: C. T. Cleveland

JULY 2015
HISTORY: Geographic Names
CHURCHES: Rev. Father Giraux Retiring
FAMILIES: Six of Schultz Family Perish
COURT: Dr. O. S. Watkins
WILLS & PROBATE: Peter Johnson, Mickel Erkas, J. M. Paine

MAY 2015
NEWS: (visit) William Frederick, William Haggerty, Joseph Spindler
NEWS: (illness) William Fredericks
NEWS: (people) Lawrence Rossiter, Henry Lazzarri
NEWS: (birthday) Simpson Daughter
NEWS: (birth) Culliton Son
OBIT: Frederick Embree
MARRIAGE: McDonald-Nelson

OBIT: Walter Tripp, Frabelle Baby
NEWS: (fires) 1894-Lumber Fire
NEWS: (community) 1904-New Road
NEWS: (visit) George Allard, Dorothy Dorsy

NEWS-BIRTHS: Erickson, Marrana

Apr. 2014: Bio: Inskeep - transcribed by Nancy Overlander

Oct. 2013: Obits: Beaulieu, Ehlert, Flynn, Johnson, Kelly, Kurkela, Larson, McFarland, Moffat, Oleson, Peacha, Peerson, Shore
Marriages: Anderson - Ryden; Bergquist - Malmquist; Blinn - Brower; Boyce - Diefiesne; Cartie - Lauzon; Hendricks - Atkinson; Hovland - Richter; Justice - Baldwin; Mayrand - Marlowe; Smith - Forman; Sprague - Young; Whitebird - Peneau
Bio: Allen

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Oct. 2012: Obits: Cassius, Dowdall, Geddes, Gillespie, Gonyea, Hanson, Peters, Watt
Marriages: Ahlberg - Halberg; Carlson - Johnson; Dodge - Harroldson; Jackson - Durfee; Kahring - Hennes; Klatt - Jacobs; Lambert - Gulbramson; Matton - Johnson; Morris - Woldhoff; Olson - Sakrisson; Spadafora - Peterson
Birth Announcements: Gillespie, Schulz, Wallace, Widell

Sept 2012: Obit: Porter

August 2012: Obits: Cain, Gilbert, Hanson, Holm; Marriage: Fox - Gillespie

July 2012: Bio: Case; Obit: Swanson

June 2012: Obits: Anderson, Froggatt, Jaunklia, Josselyn, Matte, Spencer

May 2012: Obit: Poling; Bio: Anderson; marriage: Bruff-Nelson

Apr. 2012: Bio: Green

Mar. 2012: 1880 Mortality Index; Forest Fire (1918); Obits: Makie, Nelson, Osborne, Ratican, Wieck; Bios: Coleman, Haisch; Marriage: Lemata-Snelman

Feb. 2012: 1935 & 1936 Birth Indexes; 1908-1910 Death Indexes; obits page; birth - Gibson; WW2 Army Honor List; bio: Bolin

Dec 2011: Death Record for FEYMA

Previous Updates:
1860 Federal Census; 1865 State Census

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