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1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

A station on the H. & D. Ry, in the southwestern part of Carver county, 10 miles from Chaska, the county seat, and 42 miles from St. Paul. Contains a steam flour mill, a Catholic church and district school. Exports farm produce. Express, United States. Daily mail. M. Erty, postmaster.

Bluchner G, general store.
Erty M, general store and hotel propr.
Hockhausen L, tin and hardware.
Krounschnabel C, flouring and grist mill.
Menwissen Jacob, blacksmith.
Morbacker & Menwissen, general store.
Muller Alex, furnishing goods.
Muller Robert, saloon.
Pinyer Anton, shoemaker.
Weinmason John, wagonmaker.

Carver county. (See East Union.)

In the southwestern part of Carver county, 4 miles southwest of Benton station.

A lively and promising incorporated village of 800 souls, at the intersection of the H. & D. and M. & St. L. railroads, in the southeastern part of Carver county, 1 1/2 miles from Chaska, the county seat, and 34 miles from St. Paul. It is also located at the head of the navigable water of Minnesota river, and on Carver creek, the latter driving a flouring mill here. Contains a wool carding and a grist mill, 2 hotels, a newspaper, the Carver county Free Press, numerous stores and a full complement of artisans. Exports wheat, barley, hogs, cattle and brick. Churches, 1 Methodist, 2 Lutheran, and 1 Catholic; a district and a Catholic school. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American and United States. Stage to Waconia tri-weekly, and to East Union and Watertown semi weekly. Mail, thr;e times daily. H. R. Denny, postmaster.

Ahlin Andrew, brick mnfr.
Bloedel Mrs B, milliner.
Bloedel John, saloon.
Blomquist Carl A, Propr Planter's House.
Bradenhagen Wm C, insurance agent.
Bredenhagen & Benson, publrs Carver County Free Press.
Bristle & Bengtson, general store.
Brunius Miss Bertha, milliner.
Busche Jacob, saloon.
Buttendorf Peter, saloon.
Carlson John, flouring mill 4 miles southwest.
Collins Charles, agent M & St L R R.
Dauwalter Charles D, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
Dennin Henry A, blacksmith.
Denny Henry R, express agent and hardware.
Forsman C F, physician.
Funk John, hardware and lumber.
Gehl Henry, meat market.
Goetze Christopher A, grocer.
Griffin Wm A, physician.
Hammarlund H, blacksmith.
Harris Henry E, photographer.
Hebeisen & Peterson, hardware.
Herkelrath Bros, general store.
Hertz Berthold, brewer.
Holmes, Anderson & Fundine, general store..
Holmes Enoch, real estate.
Honer Jacob, confectioner.
Jassay Ardolph, general store.
Johnson Charles, justice of the peace.
Johnson Holman, grocer.
Knoblauch Anton, agricultural impts.
Larson Lewis, hotel propr and saloon.
Leib Jacob, shoemaker.
Lewis E H, physician.
Michels Peter, saloon.
Mills Wm H, grain dealer and justice of the peace.
Minneapolis Millers' Association, Grain Dealers.
Nelson J S, druggist.
Nelson Nils, gunsmith.
Peterson Nils J, constable.
Pixley Loren A, agent H & D Ry.
Planters' Hotel, C A Blomquist, Propr.
Redin Peter, hotel propr and saloon.
Schrimpf Charles A, Cabinetmaker and Undertaker.
Seegle Phillip, flouring mill 2 miles west.
Spong Erick G, shoemaker.
Stroeher Fred, hotel propr.
Suiter Louis, watchmaker.
Swenson Andrew M, furniture, carding and feed mill.
Taylor Alfred B, flour and feed.
Torrey J P, lumber.
Troll John M, saloon.
Wadensten John G, shoemaker.
Wanke Julius G. harnessmkr.
Warner Frank; Lawyer and Insurance.

In the eastern part of Carver county, five miles north of Chaska.

An incorporated village of upwards of 1,000 inhabitants, situated at the intersection of the M. & St. L. with the St. P. & M. Ry, in the southeastern part of Carver county, of which it is the seat, and 30 miles distant from St. Paul; also, upon the Minnesota river, which is navigable to and beyond this point. A small creek here furnishes power to two flouring mills. A steam grist mill is also in operation. Steam power is also employed in a large brick yard which annually manufactures 4,000,000 brick, and in a grain elevator. The principal exports are brick, wood and wheat. Contains a Catholic and Moravian church, and a district and Sisters of Charity school. The Chaska Valley Herald, a weekly Democratic newspaper, is published here. Also contains a bank, four hotels and a great variety of stores and mechanic shops. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American and United States. Stages to Excelsior daily, Waconia tri-weekly. Mail four times daily by rail. C. A. Ramsdill, postmaster.

Barthel Peter, saloon.
Becker Fred E, cigarmnfr.
Benson Wm, county supt.
Bierline Michael, brickmnfr.
Block Gustave, physician.
Baxter Luther L, County Attorney.
Brenckhues Herman, hotel and saloon.
Brinkhaus Wm, hotel.
Buchholz Emil, hardware.
Burkhart Bros, furniture.
Byhoffer Jacob, Saloon.
Carver County Bank, George A Du Toit, propr.
Chaska Valley Herald, F E & A L Du.Tolt, Pubs.
Delsing Joseph, blacksmith.
Dilley James F, Justice of the Peace, Agricultural Impts, Collection and Iusurance Agt.
Dols & Muelkens, furniture.
Du Tolt F E, Sheriff and Editor Chaska Valley Herald.
Du Tolt F E & A L, Pubs Chaska Valley Herald.
Eder Christopher, saloon.
Ehrmantraudt Jacob, saloon.
Eisele Frank, shoemaker.
Eitel John G, flouring mill.
Ess Joseph, wagonmaker.
Fowler Samuel, Lawyer.
Franken Joseph, druggist.
Goodrich Horace, general store.
Goodrich Orville, rubber stamp mnfr.
Gregg & Griswold, brick mnfrs and lumber dealers.
Greiner Fred jr, agt C M & St P R R.
Greiner Frederick, register of deeds.
Gruber Ludwig, cooper.
Hass Jacob, physician
Hammer Ferdinand, hotel.
Hammer & Beierstettel, harnessmakers.
Hecklin Hugo & Co, Meat Market.
Hedtke Wm, blacksmith.
Heineman Gustave, general store.
Henk Phillip, hardware.
Hennirig F W, general store and grain dealer.
Herman Erren, baker.
lltis Peter, hotel propr and brewery.
Kenning & Schultze, carpenters.
Kerer John D, saloon.
Kerker John, hotel propr.
Korko Taehelbert, meat market.
Krayenbuhl Gustave, clerk of the district court.
Leivermann Bernhard, brewer.
Leonhard Maurus, saloon.
Linenfelser & Faber, general store and grain dealers.
Logelin B, tailor.
Lusk S Wm, agent M & St L R R and American and United States Express Cos.
States Express Cos.
Madar Herman, wagonmaker.
Muller Robert, county coroner.
Muyers Mathias H, insurance agent.
Ochs Wm, saloon.
Odell Wm C, lawyer.
Ohland Fred, saloon.
Palmer Cassius M, physician.
Reidele A, flouring mill.
Richardson J S, physician.
Sargent Joseph A., Lawyer and Judge of Probate.
Salter Frederick, grocery and millinery.
Schoenborn Nicholas, saloon and barber.
Schoenemann Oscar, jeweler.
Schroers Gerhart H, shoemaker.
Schroers Henry, shoemaker.
Schubigler G, barber.
Schuschitzky Michael, blacksmith,
Seeger Win & Son, Grain Elevator and Feed Mill.
Streukens Leonard, county auditor.
von Moelkens Jacob, saloon and furniture.
Wagner Julius, hides and pelts.
Warner Lucian, brick mnfr.
Weego Peter, county treasurer.
Weist & Bros, brick mnfrs.
Young Mrs Henry, general store.

In the southeastern part of Carver county, 6 miles from Chaska, the county seat, 36 miles from St. Paul and 4 1/2 miles from Carver Station, on the H. & D. Ry. Also located on Carver creek, where a water power is available. Contains a Lutheran and a Presbyterian church. Tri-weekly mail. John Larfield, postmaster.

Carlson Rev Peter, (Presbyterian.
Kahler Rev W, (Lutheran).
Lagerstrom Charles, general store.
Larfield John, Hotel Propr.
Sigel Philip, floouring mill.

A settlement of about 50 souls, in the township of Dahlgren, in the southern part of Carver county, 7 miles from Chaska, the county seat, and 40 from St. Paul. Carver, the nearest railroad station, is 5 miles distant. It is also near Minnesota river, on Beven's creek, which latter affords motive power for a grist mill. Settled in 1853. Has a Lutheran church and district school. Exports wheat. Stage to and from Carver Wednesdays and Saturdays. A. J. Carlson, postmaster.

Carlson A J, manufacturer and mill propr.
Carlson Rev R, (Lutheran).
Jackson Rev A, (Lutheran).
Lagerstrom C, merchant.
Linden Rev A G, (Lutheran).

In the township of Hollywood, western part of Carver county, 19 miles from Chaska, the county seat. Norwood, ten miles distant, is the nearest railroad town. A saw mill and grist mill, each run by steam, are located here; and the shipping products consist of wheat, flour, lumber, butter, eggs, etc. Settled in 1871. Stage and mail from Watertown once a week. Jacob Lahr, postmaster.

Anderson Swan, wagonmaker.
Auer Mrs H, physician.
Denzel Xavier, miller.
Lahr Jacob, Saw and Flouring Mill.
Lenz Gustave, carpenter.
Pichette Eugene, blacksmith.
Zahler Mrs F, general store.
Zeigline Reinhold, general store.

In the township of the same name, northeastern part of Carver county, 35 miles from St. Paul, and 6 1/2 miles from Chaska, which is the county seat and nearest railroad station. Contains a Moravian and a Catholic church, a Catholic seminary and district school. Exports, farm produce. Mail, stage to Delano weekly. John A. Salter, postmaster.

Kern Jacob, propr store and hotel.
Etyell John, saloon.
Hoogler Rev. Jacob, (Moravian).

A settlement in the southwestern part of Carver county, at the junction of the St. P. & S. C. and H. & D. railroads.

In Young America township southwestern part of Carver county, 16 miles from Chaska, the county seat, and 48 from St. Paul. Also a station on the Hastings & Dakota branch of the C, M. & St. P. Ry. Population nearly 300. Settled in 1874. Has a steam saw and grist mill, a dozen or more general and special supply stores, a full complement of mechanics, a Methodist church and a district school. Exports wheat, flour, pork, beef, lumber and other miscellaneous commodities. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, United States. Stage line to Young America. Mail twice daily. James Slocum, jr., postmaster.

Berfield & Booth, Saw and Grist Mill.
Drews Frederick, furniture dealer.
Effert Peter, saloon.
Elliott & Hermsmeyer, lumber dealers.
Engelman Jacob, saloon.
Fabel Henry, general store.
Froutchee John, boot and shoemaker.
Hartell Bros, blacksmiths.
Hoffken Frederick, General Store and Lumber Dealer.
Jayberg J S, druggist
Meilke & Guthling, general store.
Mix George, Express and Railroad Agent.
Moliteo John, wagonmaker.
Roth Henry, boots and shoes.
Sandyrust J J, gunsmith and photographer.
Shulte & Klanke, lumber dealer and saloon,
Slocum James jr, General Store.
Sunonwitch Mathias, general store.
Thompson C H, blacksmith.
Thompson D T, blacksmith.

A postvillage in Laketown township, near the center of Carver county, five miles from Chaska, which is the county seat, and nearest railroad station, and thirty from St. Paul. Stage to Chaska, Waconia and Watertown. Mail, tri-weekly. Augusta Oberle, postmistress.

Poppits Ernest, general store.

In the central part of Carver county, 8 miles north of Benton, a station on the H. & D. Ry.

(See East Union, 5 miles southwest of Carver.)

In Waconia township, near the center of Carver county, 11 miles from Chaska, the county seat and most convenient railroad station, and 42 from St. Paul. Churches, 1 Catholic and 1 Lutheran. Exports, wheat. Stages run 3 times a week to Chaska and twice a week to Watertown. Albert Kohler, postmaster.

Busse Wm, tailor.
Diessner C A F, physician.
Eiselein Adolph, general store.
Friedrich Rev W, (Lutheran).
Gerhard Niehaus, grocer.
Kohler Albert, hardware, furniture, oils, etc.
Lassen A C, general store.
Lipp Gaudenz, saloon and boarding house.
Maiser B, carriage and wagonmaker.
Mock Ferdinand, boot and shoemaker.
Radde Charles, wagonmaker.
Schmidt Carl, dry goods.
Schutz A F, hotel propr.
Wortman A, boot and shoemaker.

An incorporated village of about 400, in the northwestern part of Carver county, 20 miles from Chaska, the county seat, 40 from St. Paul, and 7 from Delano Station, on the St. P. & P. R. R. Located upon Crow river, from power is derived for driving a flouring mill. Steam plow works are also in operation here. Contains two Scandinavian and two Catholic churches and district schools. Exports, flour, grain, farming implements and country produce. Express, American. Stage to Delano, Carver, Chaska and Helvetia. Daily mail. J. A. C. Flood, postmaster.

Acker F, Well Auger Co.
Ahlstrom A O, boot and shoemaker.
Alen Rev J, (Scandinavian),
All & Japs, Well Auger Co.
Barth C, saloon.
Blackketter J K, Well Auger Co.
Bleedon Wm, Bell Mnfr.
Campbell P, general store.
Doran Rev - - - , (Methodist).
Flannigan Dr, physician.
Flood F A, agl impts and insurance.
Flood J A C, General Store.
Hainlin E, lawyer.
Halgren C G, druggist.
Jackson Rev - - - , (Free-Will Scandinavian).
Jaeger Jacob, saloon and billiards.
Japs, Barnick & Lienan, plow works.
Keidel J, propr Union Hotel.
Kohler C, propr Watertown Hotel.
Kohler S B, harness and saloon.
Krause L, wagon and carriage factory.
Lewis A C, constable and physician.
Lienau & Roescheisen, Union Mills.
Litfin M, boot and shoemaker.
Lothman P. boot and shoemaker.
Laeder F, Brewery.
McClellan & Craven, pumps.
McNicol C, Well Auger Co.
Moers E, furniture and confectionery.
Mueseler F, blacksmith.
Schlefke G, general store.
St John W T, jeweler.
Warta & Moebins, blacksmith and wagon works.
Wegrand H, furniture and prof of music.
Zeyer Carl, Propr Zeyer House.

Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878. Transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman.

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