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Brummond vs. Aerie
["The Bemidji Daily Pioneer".(Bemidji, Minn.), August 26, 1907 - KT - Sub by FoFG]
In the case of Harry Brummond et. al vs. Akeley Aerie No. 1070, a Cass county case, the court granted the motion of the defendant to open a default judgment and allowed the defendant to file an answer and to defend on the merits.

Lloyd and Mignonette Hendrickson
[Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Sunday, September 2, 1906] mkk

Judge Homer B. Dibell Frees Mrs. Henderson [sic.] from Irksom Bonds.

Judge Homer B. Dibell in the district court yesterday signed a decree of divorce for Mignonette Hendrickson, nee Murphy, from Lloyd Hendrickson, the latter having failed to contest the proceedings. The plaintiff alleged, among other things that the pair were married at Walker, Minn., Aug. 27, 1804, when he was 22 and she 20 year of age.

She alleged that since marriage the defendant gave her a "studied, willful and unendurable" course of ill treatment. After a month in his father's house she says she went with her husband to Backus, Minn., to help him in his hotel business, with the understanding that the elder Hendrickson and his so-called adopted daughter were not to live with them.

After a month at the hotel, where the other pair lived with them despite the promise, the plaintiff says her husband and she separated, she going out to look for work. Persuasion drew her back to her husband, where she alleges, he insisted that she submit to an unlawful operation, which she did. She claimed that her husband's treatment was very hard on her health, that he was constantly associated immorally with other women, and that he frequently came home intoxicated.

Her attorney was W. H. Shea, Jr., of Virginia.

[Source: Minneapolis Journal (MN) June 21, 1899] mkk
Mel Johnson was before the United States court commissioner on a charge of introducing liquor on the reservation. Johnson has a drug store at Cass Lake and was charged with selling liquor to white people. He was bound over in the sum of $200.

Marshal Morical
Source: The Duluth Herald (MN), Monday Evening, Oct. 24, 1910, Volume XXVIII - No. 170.
Walker - Marshal Morical has been assigned to night work only, by the council, and the village will be without a policeman during the day hereafter.

Charles E. Scribner
[Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Saturday, March 5, 1904] mkk
Schedules in the voluntary bankruptcy case of Charles E. Scribner, a former saloonkeeper at Backus, Minn., filed yesterday in the United States court, show the assets to be $580, all of which is claimed exempt, and the liabilities $1,331.08 which is made up of unsecured claims.

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