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JUNE 2018
OBIT: Mrs. F. W. Zaffke
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. William Burnham, John Frame, Mrs. B. O. Kirtland, Ralph Bailey
STATE HOSPITAL: News - 1911 Sanatorium is Costly, 1914 Minnesota Sanatorium For Consumptives, 1911 Dr. M. H. Droper
STATE HOSPITAL: Patients - John Kennedy, Hiram Glanders, Oscar Peterson, Mrs. Furst, Fox Boys, Alma Korpi, Elmer Eckman, Delphine Normanden, William Roock, Jr., Mathilde Charlotte Elden

MARCH 2018
OBIT: Mrs. William Chenard-submitted by Robin Line
BIOS : Strawbridge Brothers-submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-VISIT: Vida and Corina Fagerberg, Hazel Beach

COURT/LEGAL: Lloyd and Mignonette Hendrickson
NEWS-BUSINESS: 1907-New Bank
OBIT: Fred Clinch
MARRIAGES : Kinney-Worral
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. M. E. Armstrong
MILITARY : WWI Casualty News - Frank D. McChaud, Eugene Wilson
MILITARY : Soldier - Albert C. Stonefield, Andy Anderson, R. J. Nelson, Edgar Riley
WILLS : Inheritance Tax-Bernard Sprenger

OBIT: Gustaf Quarnstrom submitted by Robin Line
MILITARY : Soldier - Edjar Reiley submitted by Robin Line
OFFICIALS: News-Mary M. Haskell, Augustine E. McDonald, Ole O. Kokin
OFFICIALS: Listing of Fire Wardens
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Directory and Business Listing
BIOS : Clayton D. Bacon
NEWS-VISIT: Margaret Fagerberg

APRIL 2017
MARRIAGES : Jones-Wilson
NEWS-VISIT: Ralph Bailey, Mrs. G. E. Granger
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1912-Backus Goes Wet
PEOPLE : Frank Getchell, J. A. Bailey

OBITS : Sam Graves, Edward Clinch
PEOPLE : C. W. Bundy, A. L. Undine, Ralph Bailey
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1885-Burned Government Buildings - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: Billy Kinney Escapes
NEWS-FIRES: 1918-Fire at Backus, 1914-School Fire
NEWS-VISIT: Doris Bailey, Eva Bailey, Verd Toms

APRIL 2016
OBITS : Charles Vosburg, Manner Brasfield, John F. Smith
MARRIAGES : Rouse-Bell
PEOPLE : E. B. Cantonwine, Mrs. William Chenard, Nathan E. Numbers
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1908-Pioneer Settlers Gather, 1912-State Farm, Mr. Strocker
NEWS-VISIT: W. T. Newman, Lyda Estel, Charles Kirtland, Mrs. Bert Kirtland

CHURCHES: Union Congregational Church, Hackensack
COURT: Marshal Morical, Charles E. Scribner
PEOPLE: Leslie MacDonald, Theodore Laguee
OBIT: Mrs. D. L. Bush
NEWS-BITS: ~30 News Bits from 1910

NEWS-EXECUTIONS: Dora Chounard murdered by her husband William Chounard - articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, appeals and execution.

JULY 2015
BIRTHS: Beard Daughter
COURT: Mel Johnson
WILLS & PROBATE: Josiah E. Hayward
HISTORY: Geographical Naming History
SCHOOL: 1915-Summer School

MARRIAGES: Willcuts-McCormic
NEWS: (community) 1912-State Farm News, 1912-Old Settlers Assoc, 1912-Backup Land Show
NEWS: (visit) Eugene Rouse
NEWS: (people) Mrs. Mary Armstrong
NEWS: (business) Robert Bettner
CHURCHES: 1912-Backus to Host Church Workers

OBIT: William Carl "Bill" Palmer Contributed by Kathryn Todd, transcribed by Wayne Hinton.

OBIT: Sam St. Pierre
OBIT: Neal Trolson submitted by Stephen Hamilton

May 2014: Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Obit: Barton - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Oct. 2013: Obits: Chapin, Colwell, Cota, Fosvig, Hurley, Keefe, Lessard, Martin, McKinnon, McNabb, Webber
Marriages: Beatty - Lunney; Burfield - Olson; Donnery - Pouliote; Eltrich - Lampkin; Fleming - Hanson; Giving - Mohler; Hanson - Schumacher; Hourigan - Witting; Metzler - Senger; Muir - Lauxon; Pochum - Pfremmer; Schonecht - Neils; Thomas - Daniels; Webster - Hartman

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

June 2012: Obit: Lydick

Apr. 2012: Bio: Gilbert

Mar. 2012: 1880 Mortality Index; Obits: Greenough, Hodgson, Nelson; Bio: Harding; Marriage: Meloy-Howard

Feb. 2012: Marriage: Dalager-Hovland; WW2 Army Honor List; Bios: Dare, Davis, Dumas

Jan 2012: Court news

Dec 2011: Obit for Chief Bemidji; Marriage ann. for SCHNMIDT-NEILS; death certificates for NEILS, Katzenmaier

Previous Updates:
Marriage Announcement for COSNED-DUNCAN; Index to 1860 Federal Census; 1865 State Census; Pension of Ed Harris; Cemeteries

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