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Cold War Deaths

Submitted by Curt Wiebusch

DOD - Date of Death for Admin purposes - does not mean we are not still looking for them
Status MM = Unaccounted for

Last Name First Name MI Branch Number Svc Rank Incident Date of Type Plane Status DOD City
BERG EDDIE R USAF AF17281746 SSGT 06/13/1952 RB29 MM 11/14/1955 BLACKDUCK
Air Force RB-29 crew of 12 shot down by Soviet MiG-15 fighters over Sea of Japan. Entire crew remains unaccounted for.
SANDERSON WARREN J USAF AO2066184 CAPT 07/29/1953 RB50 MM 11/14/1955 PARK RAPIDS
Air Force RB-50 crew of 17 shot down by Soviet MiG-17 fighters over Sea of Japan. One crewmember found alive. 2 sets of remains found. Rest of crew unaccounted for

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