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1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

Changed to Montevideo.

In the northwestern part of Chippewa county, 14 miles southwest of Benson Station.

In the township of Kragero, northwestern part of the county of Chippewa, 19 miles from Montevideo, the county seat, and 133 from St. Paul. Benson, 24 miles distant, is the most convenient railroad point. Exports wheat, oats and corn. Mail once a week. Christopher Sorensen, postmaster.

Anderson F, merchant.

In the township of the same name, in the northeastern part of Chippewa county, 20 miles from Montevideo, the county seat. Kerkhoven, 10 miles off, is the nearest railroad station. Mail once a week each way to Montevideo and Kerkhoven. Henry Armstrong, postmaster.

In Sparta township southwestern part of Chippewa county, of which it is the seat, and 150 from St. Paul by rail. Benson, the nearest railroad town, is 30 miles distant. Also located upon Chippewa river, 1 mile from its mouth, which affords power for a grist mill of 3 run of stones. This is one of the unfortunate districts which suffered from the ravages of grasshoppers, and its exports of late have consisted only of small quantities of flour. The population of the place is numbered at 250. Contains 3 hotels, 3 general and a number of special stores and mechanic shops, 3 churches and a graded school. A newspaper, the Valley Ventilator, is also published here. Settled in 1870. Stage runs to Benson twice and Kirkhoven once per week. Mail from railroad 3 times per week. J. M. Severens, postmaster.

Anderson H & Co, general store.
Ashmore Rev F, (Baptist).
Baker & Miller, Lawyers.
Barnette Rev - - - , (Methodist).
Bartlett R O. propr Montevideo Hotel.
Budd C H, lawyer.
Faus & Heagy, blacksmiths.
Frink A Kitchell, Flouring Mill.
Fuller A L, propr Merchants Hotel.
Halvorson A, blacksmith.
Heins John, hardware.
Heins & Whitmore, general store.
Husby E E, wagon maker.
Iverson Peter, general store.
Jahn Joseph, meat market.
Loe & Iverson, Boots and Shoes.
Mayer L R, lawyer.
Murphy Lea, physician.
Severens J H, Books and Stationery.
Starr Rev O A, (Congregational).
Turner J W, propr Excelsior Hotel.
Wagelsteen C H, harnessmaker.
Wheaton C W, Publisher Valley Ventilator.
Whitman O J, meat market.
Whitmore & Sharlow, insurance agents.
Wilson W B, druggist.

A farming settlement in the northwestern part of Chippewa county, 6 miles from Montevideo, the county seat, and 23 from Benson, the nearest railroad point. Stage to Benson and Montevideo twice a week. F. H. Lund, postmaster.

Solseth Rev O E.

In Big Band township, in the northern part of Chippewa county, near the county line, 13 miles from Montevideo, the county seat, and about 150 from St. Paul by the traveled route, Benson, 17 miles distant, is the nearest railway station. The Chippewa river furnishes power to a mill at this point. Contains a Lutheran church and district school house. Wheat, oats, barley and butter are shipped from here. Semi-weekly mail. Lass H. Aker, postmaster.

Cotshels & Co, millers.

In the southern part of Chippewa county, 7 miles from Montevideo, the county seat, and 9 from Granite Falls on the H. & D. Ry. Contains a Norwegian Lutheran church and district school. Stage to Montevideo and Granite Falls weekly. H. Arndtson, postmaster and hotel propr.

Ericksen Rev. E.
Hagen O N, blacksmith.
Husby K E, carpenter and painter.
Pederson M, constable.
Rollevson Prof O J, teacher.
Soustelie J E, justice of the peace.
Soustelie O E, constable.

In Chippewa county, 5 miles southeast of Reesor, and 8 from Montevideo, the county seat. Benson is the most convenient railroad point.

In the township of Tunsberg, southwestern part of Chippewa county, 8 miles from Montevideo, the county seat, and 160 from St. Paul. Benson, 25 miles distant is the nearest railroad station. Also located on the Minnesota river, which affords water power to a mill in the neighborhood. Exprots, wheat. Stage to Benson and Lac qui Parle. Mail, semi-weekly. James Oleson, postmaster.

Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878. Transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman.

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