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OBITS : Mr. and Mrs. Otto Sall
MILITARY: WWI Casualties - collected and organized by Susan Duff-Erkel
NEWS-FIRES: 1895-Prairie Fires
NEWS-VISIT: George Oldenburg submitted by Robin Line
PUBLIC OFFICIALS : Rosters - 1884 Notaries Public

MARCH 2018
MILITARY : WWI Casualty News-Peter Johnson, buried wrong body
OBITS : Ingeborg Andrea Larson
NEWS-WEATHER: 1911-Hot Temperatures

MILITARY : Soldiers-Evald Olson, Bennie Norman
MILITARY : WWI Casualty News-Thomas R. Thompson, Emil K. Johnson, Walter H. Henning, Arch C. Wright, Ernest Fosner, Esther Amundson
PUBLIC OFFICIALS : News-A. E. Aarnes, Sheriff Hartley, Ella M. Kempe
PUBLIC OFFICIALS : Rosters-1895 Fire Wardens
WILLS/PROBATE: Inheritance Taxes
OBITS: Eddy Blom - submitted by Robin Line

PEOPLE : Larry B. Jahn
NEWS-CRIME: Elsie Salisbury
MARRIAGES: Nickolson-Derry
NEWS-VISIT: Mildred Bentley

JUNE 2017
MILITARY : Vietnam War Casualties
PUBLIC OFFICIALS : 1878 Public Officials
DIRECTORIES : Towns and Business Directories
FAMILIES : Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pierce and Flora
PEOPLE : John McDuffey
NEWS-CRIME: Albert Ward
OBITS : Mrs. O. A. Anderson and Two Sons - submitted by Joy Sundrum
OBITS : John L. Orme submitted by Robin Line

APRIL 2017
OBITS : Thomas Clark submitted by Robin Line
OBITS : Lloyd Bentson
NEWS-FIRE: 1893-Montevideo Fire
CHURCH NEWS: Abel Anderson
COURT: Mrs. Elizabeth Mullin

OBITS : Mrs. Hanson - submitted by Robin Line
OBITS : John Baren, John L. Murphy
PEOPLE : J. F. Arnold, H. E. Hoard
NEWS-BUSINESS: Ashley Ellickson, The Commercial
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1888-Prarie Chickens, 1893-Skeletons Unearthed
NEWS-INJURY: Bert Anderson - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-WEATHER: 1888-So Cold the Mercury Froze

NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1932-Northern States Power Managers submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-WEATHER: 1886-Funnel Cloud
COURT: Edward W. Knott, Archibald M. Ellithorp

APRIL 2016
OBITS : John Borene, Mrs. C. F. Ginder
MARRIAGES: Claggett-Hilden
HISTORY: Early History
CHURCHES : Early History
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1886-Political Pot is Simmering, 1886-Politics at Montevideo, 1886-Two More For Ames, 1886-Chippewa County Democrats, 1886-Republican Ratification, 1886-Clapp's Style of Campaigning, 1886-Results
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. Dr. Moyer, R. L. Bowes
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1893-Fur coats stolen, 1893-Tow Mill in Operation, 1893-Employees Will Not Take Checks
TOWNS: Town of Montevideo

OBITS : Ed and Willard Kitchell
MARRIAGES: Hill-Carlyle
SCHOOLS: New School in Maynard
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. C. F. Ginder
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1894-Camp Release Monument, 1894-Camp Release Commemoration, Community, 1893-Bad for Farmers, 1893-Tramps are the Thieves, 1894-Russel Sage Ejecting Farmers, 1894-Montevideo Granite

JULY 2015
BIRTHS: Burton Daughter
FAMILIES: Nygaard Reunion
SCHOOLS: 1896-District 25 Fire
WILLS & PROBATE: Mrs. Achsa Fream's Mother
HISTORY: Geographical Naming
COURT: Rose Judson, Ozra Judson
DEATHS: Berven, Biegert, Birhanzl, Goar, Johnsrud, Marholz, Mendenhall. Petersen, Reeverts, Schultz
CHURCHES: Harmony in a divided Baptist church

MARCH 2015
OBITS : Dr. Knut Gjerset, submitted by Mary Nelson
NEWS: (community) 1893-Prohibit Cards and Billiards
NEWS: (weather) 1890-Hailstorm

OBITS : Six Lucas Children
NEWS: (people) Florence McCarthy, Elizabeth J. Mullin, Mrs. Kemp is new postmaster.
NEWS: (fire) 1887 Montevideo Fire, 1881 Montevideo Fire
NEWS: (weather) 1889-Hail in Drifts

NEWS-VISIT : Robert P. Herrick
NEWS-SICK: George Whetmore

March 2014: Korean War Casualties - transcribed by Sandy Davis

Feb. 2014: Obits: Larson, Marso
All of the Chippewa County bios from "History of Chippewa and Lac Qui Parle Counties Minnesota" (1916)
Crime news: Woman on Trial Today for Killing Minnesotan - transcribed by Frances Cooley
Miscellaneous News: Bergerson Family - transcribed by Christine Walters misc. & court news (includes county division case) - transcribed by Frances Cooley

Oct. 2013: Obits: Klooslad, Lee, Miller, Steiner
Marriages: Anderson - Nelson; Booth - Anderson; Goulson - Clausen; Kimber - Goar; Peterson - Zoe; Solberg - Berg; Wheeler - Whitmore
Bios: Aker, Anderson

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Oct. 2012: Bio: Bjomstad

July 2012: Bio: Budd

June 2012: Obit: Mammar; Bios: Halaas, Jahren

May 2012: Marriage: Johnson-Hupp

Apr. 2012: Bios: Crane, Fosnes, Hendrickson

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Enlistment Index; WW2 Army Honor List; Bios: Anderson, Fosnes, Hanson, Kittelson; Crime
News: Haubris & Rolmer

Jan 2012: ANDERSON bio

Dec 2011: Gossip news for FALKENHAGEN, FREAM; sick list item for FALKENHAGEN; weather news story, miscellaneous news story for ELIASON; crime news re: OLSON

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