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Chisago County, Minnesota


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APRIL 2017
OBITS : Wm. H. Kosterman, Hamberg Children
COURT: Pat Martin
NEWS-VISITS: Mrs. D. Griffin, M. C. Tumbler
PEOPLE : Edward Overman, Charles Arthur Anderson

OBITS : Mrs. Ingeborg Christoferson
NEWS-CRIME: 1910-Wyoming Safe Blown
PEOPLE : E. R. McClintick, Johnny Meyers
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1896-Burglary Attempt

APRIL 2016
OBITS : Annie W. Sewell, George Simmons, Arthur Radtke, Martin Matheson, Charles C. Tombler
MARRIAGES: Tombler-Houston
PEOPLE : E. H. Hogue, R. H. McGee, William Petrie, C. Tombler
NEWS-VISITS: Clep C. Pickering, Ethel Nelson, L. Oliver Tombler
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1908-Girl in Boy's Apparel Community, 1919-War Orphans, 1913-Hot Pastry Sent by Post

OBITS : Mike Rumple
FAMILIES: Five Stromberg Brothers
NEWS-VISITS: Mrs. C. J. Kugler, Mrs. J. B. Flack, Chris Heim
NEWS-CRIME: 1920-Murdered Former Wyoming Resident, 1920-Gave Husband Chance to Avoid Poison Dose.

NEWS-EXECUTIONS: Jacob Hayes, murdered by George Kelly - articles of the crime, trial, sentence, the convict's history and execution.

JULY 2015
COURT: Eli Pearce
SCHOOL: 1908-New North Branch School
FAMILIES: Isaac Markley's Family
PEOPLE: Henry Frye, S. A. Carlisle
WILLS & PROBATE: Belinda Starkweather
CHURCHES: 1875-New Lutheran Churches
HISTORY: Geographic Names

OBITS : Ida Erickson, Elizabeth Benton
NEWS : (visit) L. H. Lange
NEWS : (crime) 1881-John Paul and Jacob Hayes Murdered, 1907-Wyoming Post office Dynamited

OBITS : Charles J. Monson
NEWS-VISIT: L. H. Lange, H. J. Lange

May 2014: Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Bio: Johnson - transcribed by Mary Saggio

Apr. 2014: Bio: Horton - transcribed by Nancy Overlander

Oct. 2013: Obits: Burgam, Dresser
World War I Memorial Bios: Anderson, Belden, Bengston (2), Christenson, Clover, Dahlquist, Daly, Ekstrom, Erlandson, Ekstrom, Gustafson (2), Hawkinson, Holmgren, Hultman, Johnson, Larson, Leaf, Linnell, Lyon, Masson, Mattson, Medin, Melin, Nelson, Palmer, Peterson (4), Robinson, Sederberg, Simpson, Stromgren, Swenson, Wilcox, Williams

July 2013: Obit: Cole; 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Oct. 2012: Obits: Hultquist, Johnson, Modan, Nelson, Norlen, Ruppe, Stannard, Stark
Marriages: Anderson - Bloom; Anderson - Peterson; Hanson - Mortenson; Malmquist - Peterson; Moberg - Williams; Nelson - Johnson

May 2012: Akerson

Apr. 2012: Bio: Elmquist

Mar. 2012: 1880 Mortality Index; Obit: Weiss

Feb 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; Newspaper account of Hanging of George Kelley; Bios: Berg, Christensen, Shaleen

Dec 2011: Gossip news for NELSON; community news for WILCOX; Obit for CROUGHAN; Crime news for HALLBURG

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News Article - Forest Fires in 1894; List of Cemeteries

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