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Friday vs. City of Moorhead (Adam Friday)
[Source: The Minneapolis Journal (MN) November 1, 1901] mkk
Adam Friday, appellant, vs. City of Moorhead, respondent.

First-In an action to recover damages for personal injuries, the evidence is examined, and held to show conclusively plaintiff's contributory negligence.
Order affirmed. - Brown, J.

Sidney and Anna Goodnow
[Source: Minneapolis Journal (Minneapolis, MN) Tuesday, November 17, 1896] mkk

Sued for by the Husband a Divorce Was granted the Wife.
Special to The Journal.
Moorhead, Minn., Nov. 17.-Judge Baxter decided a somewhat sensational divorce case to-day in favor of the wife, although the suit was brought by the husband, who alleged desertion. The parties are Sidney M. Goodnow, who is at present in the employ of the Great Northern railway at Barnesville, and Anna I. The former home of both parties was at Oswego, N. Y., and Mrs. Goodnow came to Moorhead from that city. They were secretly married at Oswego on Oct 22, 1894. The young people, who are aged 25 and 22 years respectively, continued to live separately at the homes of their parents. In the meantime Sidney became jealous of his young wife and accused her of having been the mother of a child of which he was not the father. He also told his story to his own family. Then he came west and took up his residence at Fargo, bringing an action to annul the marriage on the ground that it was not entered into voluntarily on his part, but because the defendants brother and a six-shooter played the wedding march. This case was dismissed when Mrs. Goodnow appeared to contradict the story in court and no more was heard of the brother or the revolver.

Then he came to Clay county, established a residence and sought to secure a divorce on the ground of desertion. Mrs. Goodnow filed a cross bill, also alleging desertion, and praying for an absolute divorce with alimony attachment. Two evenings were passed in taking testimony in chambers and to-day Judge Baxter filed his decision granting Mrs. Goodnow an absolute divorce and alimony.

[Source: Grand Forks Daily Herald (ND) January 14, 1916] mkk

Moorhead, Minn., Jan. 14.-Leo Kossick, Moorhead boxer, was awarded $625 damages in the district court of Cass county for injuries sustained when he was struck by an automobile alleged to have been recklessly driven by H. E. Kallgren of Fargo. The accident occurred on the south bridge. Kossick was riding a motorcycle at the time and was thrown against the car.

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