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1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

A settlement of about 50 inhabitants, and a station on the R. R. & M. R. R., in the southern part of Clay county, 24 miles from Moorhead, the county seat. Located also upon Whiskey creek, where good water pwer is available. Settled in fall of 1877. Wheat soil. Express, American. Mail, twice daily. P. E. Thompson, postmaster.

Barnes G S & Co, general store.
Colby L H, hotel propr.
Grinder & Scott, hotel propr and agricultural machinery.
Scheldknecht H R, agricultural machinery.

A station on the St. VIncent branch of the N. P. R. R., in the northern central part of Clay county.

Located on the Red River of the North, in the northwestern part of Clay county, 17 miles from Moorhead, the county seat, and nearest railroad station. Grain is exported from the section. Telegraph and express, Northwestern. Mail, daily. J. M. Wilson, postmaster.

In the township of the same name near the center of Clay county, 10 miles from Moorhead, the county seat, and 264 by rail from St. Paul. It is also located at the intersection of the N. P. and M. R. railroads. Contains a steam feed mill, 2 hotels, a cheese factory and several stores. Also a Union church and a district school. Wheat, cheese and farm produce are shipped. Express, United States and American. Telegraph, Northwestern. Mail twice daily. G. S. Barnes, postmaster.

Barnes GS & Co., General Store.
Buckingham J D, cheese mnfr.
Campbell James D, propr Campbell House.
Garver George, hardware
Gragg M M, railroad and express agent.
Hix J L, confectioner.
Lewis John R, butcher.
Pilton Rev G S, (Congregational).
Rodgers John W, notary public.
Sweet & McLennan, proprs Glyndon House.

A settlement of 43 persons, founded in 1872, in Hawley township, central eastern part of Clay county, and a station of the N. P. R. R. Also located upon Buffalo river, which runs two flouring mills at this point. A Union church and district school are situated here. Express, American. Mail, twice daily. George Chant, postmaster.

Chant George, General Store.
Costain John, notary public.
Jacobsen Ole, flouring mill.
Kribs Rev Ludwick, (Congregational).
Kroll Berthold, flouring mill.
Nelson Christian, general store.
Nichols C L, express and railroad agent.
Peterson & Oleson, Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
Pryor & Costain, general store.

In the western part of Clay county, on the Red River of the North at the head of steamboat navigation and on the N. P. R. R., stands this important and thriving village with its population of 800. In 1872, two years after the first house was built in Moorhead, Clay county contained only 92 people; now the village alone has nearly 10 times that number, and is steadily increasing. It is the county seat of Clay county, was settled in 1870, incorporated in 1875, and is one of the most substantialy built places on the N. P. R. R. in Minnesota. The leading manufacturing establishment is Bruns & Finkle's steam flouring mill. This firm is now (July, 1878), erecting the largest grain elevator on the line of railroad. A first class hotel - the Bramble House, is a prominent feature of the village and is well worthy of patronage. One weekly newspaper is issued, the Clay County Advocate (Republican). It is the only paper issued in Clay county and its circulation has nearly doubled during the past year. Haynes' Fine Art Gallery and Photographic Studio is one of the many attractions both to strangers and to residents. The educational advantages are 1 High School, graded, and the churches are Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Catholic, each having a church edifice. The exports are flour, wheat and beer. Mail, stage communication daily with Glyndon, 10 miles east, and Pembina 158 miles north and tri-weekly with Breckenridge 50 miles south. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, United States. James Douglas, postmaster.

Allen W W, boat builder.
Anderson Charles, blacksmith.
Battles Felix (col'd), barber.
Blanchard J B, constable.
Bramble House, C P Sloggy, Propr.
Briggs & Elder, lawyers and abstracts of titles.
Bruns & Finkle, general store and grain elevator.
Burnham Frank J, County Attorney, Real Estate, and Insurance Agent.
Insurance Agent.
Burnham & Partridge, Publrs Clay County Advocate.
Carr Robert H, deputy sheriff and marshal.
Clapp George H, liquor dealer, ale bottler and livery.
Clarke Mrs N A, millinery.
Clarke & McClure, lumber.
Clay County Advocate, Burnham & Partridge, Publrs.
Comstock Solomon G, lawyer.
Cooper George, harnessmkr.
Davis J E F, physician.
De Camp Horace, register of deeds.
Douglas W S, hardware and groceries.
Erickson John, general store, hotel and brewery.
Fletcher Andrew, wagonmkr.
Greve Charles, meat market.
Hanscom & Middleton, blacksmiths.
Haynes F Jay, Photographer.
Henderson A E, Hardware.
Hendricks Gustavus A, clerk district court.
Hennebohle Fred, general store.
Jacobson Ole, judge of probate.
Kengel A Truitt, Brick Mnfrs.
Kiefer Jacob, saloon.
Kurtz John, physician and coroner.
Kurtz & Mackall, Druggists.
Lamb Bros, livery stable and brickmnfrs.
Madland J G, Agrl Implements.
Mason John, saloon.
Mather Walter E, supt county schools.
Mecalson & Tunis, carpenters.
Meixner John, shoemkr.
Moorhead Mnfg Co, flouring mill.
Newell Bros, painters and carpenters.
Nichols Charles A, sheriff.
Olson K, Furniture.
Olson —, carpenter.
Partridge Samuel, Court Commissioner and Justice of the Peace.
Pierce Ira, justice of the peace.
Rasmusson Halvor, saloon.
Sharp James H & Co, Dry Goods.
Sloggy C Peter, Propr Bramble House.
Syron Michael, restaurant
Thomas Jacob, hotel propr.
Thorsgaard John, county treasurer.
Truax Walter E, agt U S Express and N P R R.
Weisbecker Miss Libbie, bakery and restaurant.
Whitmarsh George W, hotel propr.
Wilson Peter, county auditor.

[Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878.] mkk

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