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APRIL 2018
WILLS: Inheritance Taxes - Chas Brendeumhl, Francis Dibley, Knute Halvorson, Hans Hartee, Even Johnson, Wolf Krabbenhoft, John Lamb, Paul Van Vlissinger.

MARCH 2018 Submitted by Robin Line
BIOS: Solomon P. Anderson, Thomas G. Anderson, Quincey E. Andrews, Malcolm C. Barry, Thomas Barry
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1922-Robbery

MILITARY: WWI Casualties - Krueger, Johnson, Benthagen, Anderson
COURT: Sidney and Anna Goodnow
NEWS-VISIT: Jennie Cornish
NEWS-VISIT: A. M. Brown - submitted by Robin Line
COURT: John Davis, W. T. Lackey - submitted by Robin Line

SCHOOLS-MOORHEAD: 1939 College Graduates, and Student Lists
SCHOOLS-STUDENTS/TEACHERS: Hilda Samuelson, Leonard Erickson, Anna Ahlberg, Maurine Frank, Hannah Smith, Nell Shannon, Ina Powell, Adeline Lindstrand, Pauline Enyart, Margaret Anderson, Dovey and Faith Plumer, Ethel Gretchel, Ollie Porten, Agnes Sands, Otto Bergh, Viola Olson, L. C. Lord, Maggie Loughridge, G. W. Reed
MILITARY: World War I Honor Roll - Stahl, Johnson, Kragerud, Rikhus, Tanner, Hardiman, Solie, Hermann
SCHOOLS-NEWS: Moorhead Graduates
OFFICIALS-NEWS: George N. Lamphere, O. D. McCubrey, C. D. Fox, W. B. Douglas, L. O. Storia
OFFICIALS-ROSTERS: 1878 County Officials, 1895 Fire Wardens

NEWS-ILLNESS: George Inwood
OBIT: Robert Brownlee
MILITARY: Soldiers, C. A. Nye - Submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1895-Parading With Musical Instruments Prohibited - Submitted by Robin Line

APRIL 2017
OBIT: Peter Bilden
PEOPLE: O. S. Kenfield
NEWS-CRIME: Carl Eklund submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS: Mrs. John Wiesner submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. F. J. Cook, Johanna Popp

MARRIAGES: Granell - Sherman - submitted by Kim Torp
MARRIAGES: Wiedeman-Stewart
OBIT: Clifford Lomsdahl, Elsie Moe, Martha Almy
PEOPLE: S. S. Dalen, L. L. Tuft
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1889-Diphtheria Outbreak
NEWS-VISIT: Ole C. Brenna, Mrs. S. O. Syverson, Laura Nykrum

BIRTHS: Birth Records from 1870's and 1880's transcribed by Vicki Bryan

MAY 2016
OBIT: Lars Myhre, Clark Boy
PEOPLE: George F. Regeir, B. P. Bold, Aaron Brown
NEWS-CRIME: Benjamin Tinjun, Anna Skeim-Victim, O. C. Melbye
NEWS-VISIT: Harry Hutchingson, L. M. Mithun, Horace Hawley, George Reger, Gill Nelson
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1897-Leprosy in Clay County, 1896 New Opera House, 1906-Ulen's Skating Rink

CHURCHES: 1910-Church Bazaar
PEOPLE: Margaret Lofgren
COURT: Adam Friday
VISIT: Dr. Bothne
OBIT: E. L. Rude

NEWS-EXECUTIONS: Thomas Brown murdered police officer Peter Poull, articles of the crime, trial, sentence, the convict's history and execution.

BIOS: Solomon Comstock, James Sharp, John M. Bayer, Randolph Probstfield, Edon A. Amundson, John Eid, James M. Witherow, Edward Murphy, Alonzo Wilson, Gunder B. Gunderson, John M. Dahlby, Bendek Gunderson

JULY 2015
COURT: Leo Kossick
CHURCHES: 1922-Outdoor Church Services
WILLS & PROBATE: Almeda Southworth
FAMILIES: James Sharp Family
BIRTHS: Kirsten Wells Barefield
HISTORY: Geography

OBITS : Julia Coombs,
NEWS : (community) 1912-The Immigrants are Coming.
NEWS : (people and families) Lars J. Winjun, Palmer Larson
NEWS : (visit relatives) J. B. Cushman, Hannah Mobeck, Hilda Mellas

BIOS: James B. Blanchard transcribed by Larry Lakey

Prior Updates


Summer 2014: Obit: Kurtz - contributed by Sharon Lemke Buether

May 2014: Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Obits: Grant, Johnson - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Apr. 2014: Bio: Hertsbaard, Hetland, Hillyer - transcribed by Glenda Stevens
Bios: Humphrey, Huntoon - transcribed by Nancy Overlander

Dec. 2013: obit for Blanchard

Oct. 2013: Obits: Bell, Berseth, Blanchard, Burnham, Ford, Johnson, Kile, Lewis, Pomeroy, Ryan, Stanley, Titus
Marriages: Anderson - Vinje; Bergstrom - Guyzer; Brophy - La Valley; Davison - Evans; Grafsland - Kile; Griffith - Thorson; Krabbenhoft - Johnk; Leverson - Dahl; Mahoney - Colliton; Strahan - Barnard; Tims - Herrick; Wolner - Rath
Bios: Greene, Lovell, Nye, Roberts
School Records for 1909 and 1913

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

May 2013: Obit: Mottet

Oct. 2012: Obits: Askegaard, Douglas, Fraser, Jones, North, Nye, Seidel, Sutton, Syverson, Woodner

July 2012: Bio: Busby

June 2012: Obit: Fay; Bios: Hanson, Hicks, McLaren, Sorkness, Thimens, White

May 2012: Bios: Anderson, Andrews, Ballard

Apr. 2012: Bios: Douglas, Egge, Eriksson, Frazee, Nye

Mar. 2012: Obits: Nitztorski, Norby, Poliski, Smveer; Bios: Clarke, Comstock, Hanson; Marriages: Chapman-McKay, Holte-Sand, Miler-Stenson

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; bios: Bogstad, Dahlby, Darrow, Dosland; Marriage: Triplet-Robinson

Previous Updates:
Marriage Announcements for CLOSE/WALKER; LIVDAHL/NOKKEN
Index to 1860 and 1870 Federal Census; 1865 State Census
Obits for DALEN, DIBLEY; various newspaper stories

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