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MARCH 2018
NEWS-BITS : ~ 100 news bits from 1915

SCHOOLS: Teachers-Adaline Berglund
SCHOOLS: News-1915-School Gardens
PEOPLE : Samuel Zimmerman

MARRIAGES : Arnquist-Ellingsen
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News - Benjamin Bockenhauer
MILITARY: Soldiers - Albert Winger, Sigfred Olson, John L. Koss & Simon Erickson, Benjamin Bockenhauer
NEWS-BIRTHDAYS : Mrs. J. J. Hussey
NEWS-BUSINESS : Sam Bally, O. L. Johnson, Victor Johnson
NEWS-COMMUNITY : Telephone to Lookout Tower
NEWS-CRIME: Fred Jackson Acquitted, Peter Johnson charged with battery against John
NEWS-ILLNESS/u>: Albert Westerlund
OBITS: Angus McCullum, Mrs. Hans Engelsen
OFFICIALS: Rosters-1915 Officials
OFFICIALS: News-John Millar

APRIL 2017
OBITS: Mabel Beargrease, Mrs. Hans Gilbertsen
BIRTHS: Leng Daughter
MARRIAGES : Johnson-Benson
NEWS-BUSINESS : Victor Johnson
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Lysle Woodard, Celley Lindsay

OBITS: Harold R. Bakken
NEWS-COMMUNITY : 1910 Land Office Hearings
SCHOOLS: 1915-Graduating Exercises
PEOPLE : Ed. Nunstedt
BIRTHS: Engelson Daughter

MAY 2016
OBITS: Ingvald Eide
MARRIAGES : Nagahnub-Flatt
BIRTHS: Earl Boy
SCHOOLS: 1915-High School Commencement
WILLS & PROBATE: John Lundin
GRAND PORTAGE RESERVATION: Birchwood School, 1889-They All Signed

OBITS: Hjalmer Eliasen
WILLS & PROBATE: Hjalmar E. Eliasen
PEOPLE : W. A. Milner, Malcolm Linnell, P. M. Linnell, John Fischer and Ben Bockenhauer
NEWS-COMMUNITY : 1783 Trail Still in Use, 200th Anniversary, 1936-Loggers Tackle Virgin Timber
NEWS-VISIT: Theresa Morrison, Mrs. Josett Maymaushkowaush, Elossie Jacobson

MARRIAGES: Olson-Scott
WILLS & PROBATE: Eugene Clark, Nels Oleson
NEWS : (visit & relocate) Mrs. F. Jacobson, John Winger
NEWS : (people) Mr. and Mrs. Nejhodain Longbody, L. E. Morris, George Brisson, Carl Thoreson, Fred Bramer, Peter Olson
NEWS : (court & legal) Isak Hagen, Nels Olson, Lawrence Gauthier, Keith & Daisy Davidson
NEWS : (community) 1915-Overland Mail Service Suspended
NEWS : (birthdays and celebrations) Matilda Drouillard
NEWS : (business) Hanson's Millinery, North Shore Cooperage Co., Toftey & Company, Sam Zimmerman, Jr., Winger Robertson, A. V. Johnson

JULY 2015
BIOS: Stephen C. Murphy
WILLS & PROBATE: John R. Gustafson
CHURCHES: 1907-Tofte Church Doings

OBITS : Charles Peterson
NEWS : (visit & relocate) Mrs. T. G. Sandeno, L. E. and W. A. Morris, John Zimmerman, Jane Zimmerman, Hazel Morterude
NEWS : (people) Frank LeGarde

NEWS-PEOPLE : Mike Flatt, P. L. Morterude, James Morrison
NEWS-SICK: Peter Backlund

Feb. 2014: WWII Army Enlistment Records index - transcribed by Don Tharp
1880 Federal Census for Grand Marais (Indian) - transcribed by TK
Obits: Carter, Ferguson, Gray, Lantz, Mayhew, Swanson, Temple, Vespasian, Wakelin
Marriage: Tischer - Proudlock - transcribed by TK
Social Security Death Indexes for years 1964 - 1989 - transcribed by TK
Probate Records: estates of Beargrease, Crandall, Hill, Howe & Schmidt - transcribed by cd
Disaster news: Cook County Pioneer Loses Home by Fire - transcribed by Frances Cooley
Court News: District Court Grand & Petit Jurors for 1921 - transcribed by cd
Land Records: McGath, Rupley - transcribed by cd
Political News: village & town election results (1916) - transcribed by cd
Schools: School Board Proceedings (17 Nov. 1920 and 17 Aug. 1922) for districts 1, 3 & 5; and Notice of District 3 School Election on 28 July 1920 - transcribed by cd
County Records: Fire Warden Correspondence for 1896 and 1898 - transcribed by cd
Community News: Tofte (16 Mar. 1916) & County news items for 16 Mar. 1916 - transcribed by cd
Crime News: Cook County Treasurer, Accused of Stealing Money - transcribed by Frances Cooley
History: County Name information; Forests, Indian reservations & glacial lakes; Mountains & Hills; Townships & Villages, from MN Geographic Names - transcribed by cd

Oct. 2013: 1880 Federal Census; 1890 Veteran Schedule for Grand Marais & Rademeyer
Obits: Carhart, Small

Oct. 2012: Obits: Barker, Carter, Dahlstrom, Lundin, Miller, Robertson
Birth Announcements: Johnson, Murphy

August 2012: Obit: Anderson

Mar. 2012: 1880 Mortality Index; Obit: Korntved

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; Death Index 1908-1930

Dec 2011: Death certificates for KORNTVED, WONSER; list of cemeteries

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