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County Information

Created May 23, 1857
It was named after the Cottonwood River which runs through the northeast corner of Germantown Township. The river received its name from the abundance of cottonwood trees on its banks.

County Seat



Amboy Township
Amo Township
Ann Township
Carson Township
Dale Township
Delton Township
Germantown Township
Great Bend Township
Highwater Township

Lakeside Township
Midway Township
Mountain Lake Township
Rose Hill Township
Selma Township
Southbrook Township
Springfield Township
Storden Township
Westbrook Township

Bingham Lake
Comfrey (part)
Mountain Lake

Online Data


Family Bibles

Miscellaneous Data

Newspaper Data

Wills/Probate Records

Website Updates:
Nov. 2013: Obit: Zuel
World War I Gold Stars biographies: Aldrich, Anton, Borseth, Brubacher, Burmeister, Christensen, Crawford, Gegner, Grams, Hall, Halleyburton, Halvorson, Hanson (2), Hocke, Jenson, Kassa, Lalone, LaMaack, Lingbeck, Ludvigson, Nelson (2), Nielsen, Odegaard, Powell, Redding, Reese, Teed, Thomas, Unrau, Valentine, Wiens
World War I military bio: Sandelin
World War I Honor Roll biographies: Aarsand, Abrahamson, Akerland, Albertson, Albright, Amundson, Anderson (5), Anonsen (3), Anton, Anxes, Arntson, Aune, Baker, Bakke, Balzer (2), Barlow, Bartsch, Bates (2), Bean, Becker, Behrens, Beise, Bell (3), Berg, Bigbee, Bjerke, Boers, Bolles, Borst (2), Brady (2), Brink, Busswitz

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

May 2013: Obit: Tierney

Dec. 2012: Obit: Gordon
Nov. 2012: Marriages: Goertz - Boldt; Jungblut - Schuett; Reynolds-Paulson
Registered Births Town of Carson (1880 - 1881)
Birth Announcements: Alcertson, Allen, Albertson, Anderson, Archer, Arneson, Austad, Babcock, Balzer, Banks, Bean, Bigelow, Bliss, Brady, Case, Chadderdon, Chandler, Cheney, Clark, Collins, Cone, Cook, Cutler, Davis, Day, Daywit, Densmore, Devlin, DeWolf, Douglass, Dunnicliff, Dyer, Eastgate, Eastwood, Ely, Espey, Evans, Fawcett, Fitch, Fredrickson, Freeman, Frisbie, Gant, Gillam, Gilliam, Goertz, Graling, Grant, Graves, Green, Greene, Greenfield, Gunn, Hall, Hamilton, Hanton, Heading, Hector, Hedman, Heibert, Heirer, Holmes, Hoople, Hough, Howard, Huddleston

Apr. 2012: Bios: Force, Miller

Feb. 2012: 1935-1937 Births; 1908-1910 Death Index; 1870-1880 Marriages; Townships Histories (1916); military matters (1916); WW2 Army Honor List; Cottonwood Co. History, Disaster, Plagues, etc. (1916); Obits: Carr, Christensen, Christianson, Yates

Dec 2011: County Organization and Early History; List of cemeteries

Previous Updates:
1895 Fire Wardens, All Bios from 1916 "Cottonwood & Watonwan Counties"


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