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Source: GNIS

May not be a complete list

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Additional
Amo Cemetery 435823N 0951911W  
Bethany Cemetery 440208N 0951804W  
Carson Cemetery 435842N 0950206W  
Christian Reformed Cemetery 440307N 0945737W  
Congregational Cemetery 440512N 0945242W  
Delft Cemetery 435852N 0950523W  
Delton Cemetery 440314N 0950116W  
Emanuel Cemetery 435747N 0952431W  
Epp Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Highwater Cemetery 440749N 0951617W  
Jeffers Cemetery 440300N 0951110W  
Lakeview Cemetery 435146N 0950611W  
Mennonite Cemetery 435746N 0945622W  
Old Westbrook Cemetery 440708N 0952104W  
Red Rock Cemetery 440631N 0950941W  
Resthaven Memory Gardens 435427N 0950708W  
Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery 435120N 0950607W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 440720N 0951152W  
Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery 435655N 0945609W  
Saint Olaf Cemetery 440853N 0952634W  
Saint Raphael's Catholic Church Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Springfield Cemetery 435141N 0951539W  
Storden Cemetery 440329N 0952030W  
United Amo Cemetery 435842N 0951654W  
Voth Cemetery 435750N 0950416W  

Platted Cemeteries
Source: History of Cottonwood and Watonwan Counties Minnesota; Volume I, Illustrated; by John A. Brown, B. F. Bowen & Co. (1916) transcribed by Susan Geist

Besides several private or family burying grounds in this county, there are the following public cemeteries:

Amo cemetery, platted March 2, 1899, in the northeast corner of section 21, township 106, range 37, west. This was platted by the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal church of the township.

Delton cemetery, in the north half of the southeast quarter of section 22, township 107, range 35, west; filed on November 11, 1886.

Windom cemetery, platted by the Windom Cemetery Association, by W. B. Cook, president, E. L. Leonard, treasurer, July 20, 1890. This is situated on a part of the south half of the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section 25, township 105, range 26, west.

St. Francis cemetery, platted, February 4, 1901, in the southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section 36, township 105, range 36.

Carson church and cemetery grounds, platted on December 8, 1900, by the trustees of the Mennonite church, in section 15, township 106, range 35, west.

Mountain Lake cemetery was platted by the Mountain Lake Cemetery Association, David Ewert, president; John Janzen, secretary, and Henry P. Goertz, treasurer, March 18, 1893, in section 33, township 106, range 34, west.

Westbrook cemetery was platted in the northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section 29, township 107, range 38, west, by the village authorities of Westbrook, February 19, 1913.

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