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APRIL 2017
NEWS-CRIME : Frank Gilleland - Contributed by Robin Line
CENSUS : 1885 State Census Total - Contributed by Robin Line
OBITS : George E. Chapman, Mary Yanke, Elizabeth Rupp
PEOPLE: August Jahnke

FAMILY : Erwin-Thompson-Glick
MILITARY: WWI Hometown Heros - Herbert Richard Reese, contributed by Juelle Welliver
MILITARY: WWI Soldier Bios - Emil Ellingson, Emil Danielson, Elai M. Egge, L. S. Ellifritz

MAY 2016
MILITARY: WWI Soldier Bios - Walter I. Bargen, George B. Case, William E. Comnick, Harry Harrison Carter, Dave Beier, Erwin L. Carey, Rexford D. Brubacher, Zina B. Chatfield, Roy E. Bowden, Hugh Curley, Byron Berry, Robert Cook, Oscar A. Blom, Paul W. Case, Albin W. Blom, Lowell Walter Crane, Burdett E. Cook, Richard Cook, O. L. Coder, Frank Curley, Francis A. Carroll, George W. Christenson, George D. Cline, E. J. Carbine, Wilan S. Drewery, Walter M. Cowen, Fred A. Dressler, Orvin A. Christenson, Merle L. Dewey, Fred C. Carpenter, Robert F. Cowan, Vernon A. Croft, Einer Damn, Frank E. Devlin, Walter Damn, Abr. B. Dick, Wallace R. Deitchman, Arthur P. Erickson, Henry C. Deitchman

OBITS : Ellsworth M. Peterson, Arlo Johnson
MARRIAGES: Schmidt-Gapp
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. E. A. Fricke, Jacob Jacobson, Herbert Ruppe
PEOPLE: John Backer, Charles Passmore, John Regnell

JULY 2015
FAMILIES: Myhre Reunion
WILLS & PROBATE: Dennis Kelleher
PEOPLE: Frank A. Day

OBITS : Harry Olson, George Springer, H. M. Yarger
MARRIAGES : Neville-Melvina

OBITS : Evangeline Morris
NEWS-COMMUNITY : 1914-Old Settlers Meeting
NEWS-VISIT : Winnie Johnson visiting her sister.

Apr. 2014: Bio: Huntington - transcribed by Nancy Overlander

March 2014: Grand Army of the Republic (history) - transcribed by Sandi King
Bio: Allen - transcribed by Glenda Stevens
Religious Denominations of the County (history) - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Physicians - transcribed by Glenda Stevens
Reminiscences - transcribed by Bobby Dobbins Title
Bench & Bar - transcribed by Cecelia Salcido
Newspapers (history) - transcribed by Leslie Whitehead
Pioneer Settlement - transcribed by Bobby Dobbins Title
Education - transcribed by Sandra Stutzman
Township history for Windon - transcribed by Sandra Stutzman

Nov. 2013: Obit: Zuel
World War I Gold Stars biographies: Aldrich, Anton, Borseth, Brubacher, Burmeister, Christensen, Crawford, Gegner, Grams, Hall, Halleyburton, Halvorson, Hanson (2), Hocke, Jenson, Kassa, Lalone, LaMaack, Lingbeck, Ludvigson, Nelson (2), Nielsen, Odegaard, Powell, Redding, Reese, Teed, Thomas, Unrau, Valentine, Wiens
World War I military bio: Sandelin
World War I Honor Roll biographies: Aarsand, Abrahamson, Akerland, Albertson, Albright, Amundson, Anderson (5), Anonsen (3), Anton, Anxes, Arntson, Aune, Baker, Bakke, Balzer (2), Barlow, Bartsch, Bates (2), Bean, Becker, Behrens, Beise, Bell (3), Berg, Bigbee, Bjerke, Boers, Bolles, Borst (2), Brady (2), Brink, Busswitz

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

May 2013: Obit: Tierney

Dec. 2012: Obit: Gordon

Nov. 2012: Marriages: Goertz - Boldt; Jungblut - Schuett; Reynolds-Paulson
Registered Births Town of Carson (1880 - 1881)
Birth Announcements: Alcertson, Allen, Albertson, Anderson, Archer, Arneson, Austad, Babcock, Balzer, Banks, Bean, Bigelow, Bliss, Brady, Case, Chadderdon, Chandler, Cheney, Clark, Collins, Cone, Cook, Cutler, Davis, Day, Daywit, Densmore, Devlin, DeWolf, Douglass, Dunnicliff, Dyer, Eastgate, Eastwood, Ely, Espey, Evans, Fawcett, Fitch, Fredrickson, Freeman, Frisbie, Gant, Gillam, Gilliam, Goertz, Graling, Grant, Graves, Green, Greene, Greenfield, Gunn, Hall, Hamilton, Hanton, Heading, Hector, Hedman, Heibert, Heirer, Holmes, Hoople, Hough, Howard, Huddleston

Apr. 2012: Bios: Force, Miller

Feb. 2012: 1935-1937 Births; 1908-1910 Death Index; 1870-1880 Marriages; Townships Histories (1916); military matters (1916); WW2 Army Honor List; Cottonwood Co. History, Disaster, Plagues, etc. (1916); Obits: Carr, Christensen, Christianson, Yates

Dec 2011: County Organization and Early History; List of cemeteries

Previous Updates:
1895 Fire Wardens, All Bios from 1916 "Cottonwood & Watonwan Counties"


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