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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed by Vicki Bryan

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office address Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
Williams, Edwin M. Brainard chr. rheumatism $6.00 Mar., 1881
Waterman, Charles Brainard frac. of scapula $6.00
Murray, John Brainard injury r. shoulder $4.00 Jan., 1881
Svenningson, Karew Brainard widow $8.00
McLlellan, Acton P. Brainard injury r. ankle & leg $6.00
Hussey, George G. Brainard wd. l. hand $4.00
Shoutell, William Brainard injury to abdomen $8.00
Leesey, Paul Brainard dis. of lungs & rheumatism $6.00 Jan., 1881
Jordan, Willis S. Brainard wd. l. illium $6.00
Breckenridge, Hugh Brainard injury r. shoulder $8.00 July, 1877
94,819 Dismond, Mary Brainard widow $8.00 May,1867
6,029 Pinkham, Samuel W. Brainard chr. diarrhea and asthma $8.00
11,835 Shoutell, Benjamin Brainard injury left knee $6.00
60,464 Jackson, James A. Brainard wd. r. hand $4.00
2,192 Le Hundra, Fred. K. Brainard injury to abdomen $4.00 Jan., 1876
169,720 Davis, Henry C. Brainard injury to abdomen $4.00 June, 1880
94,162 Butler, Daniel Brainard g.s.w. r. wrist $8.00
Kilmartin, Patrick Crow Wing fracture l. leg $8.00
Archibald, David Deer Wood g.s.w. l. thigh $6.00
Mickle, Archibald Fort Ripley chr. diarrhea and rheumatism $8.00 Aug., 1878
Cook, Isaac W. Fort Ripley g.s.w. l. arm $6.00
Kimball, Geo. J. Fort Ripley injury to abdomen $4.00

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