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Mr. Craig (Craig)
Source: The Duluth Herald (MN), Wednesday Evening, Oct. 26, 1910.

Trapper Convicted
Fined $10 for Using His Traps Out of Season

Brainerd, Minn., Oct. 26 - (Special to The Herald) - A trapper by the name of Craig living near Backus has been arrested by Game Warden Onstine, taken before a justice of the peace and fined $10 for trapping out of season. The furs embraced 123 rat skins, one coon and one mink skin. They were sent to the state game and fish commission.

- - 1897 - - COURT AT BRAINERD. (Grand Jury)
Source: Little Falls Weekly Transcript (MN) September 17, 1897; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Brainerd, Minn., Sept. 9.-The work of the grand jury was finished this evening. Additional indictments returned were against Jacob Kirsh, grand larceny in second degree; David Maxwell, murder in the first degree. The latter case grows out of the killing of Willie Maxwell in February last and for which Mrs. Nellie Frayer is serving a life sentence at Stillwater. She is in Brainerd to give testimony against the father of the murdered boy, whose body was burned up in the barn after he was killed.

John Guyette in Contempt
Source: The Brainerd Daily Dispatch (MN) June 4, 1901

Obdurate Husband Sent to Jail Because He Did Not Obey the Order of the Court.

John Guyette languishes in the county jail, having been arrested by Sheriff Erickson this morning. It will be remembered that John was made the defendant in a divorce suit instituted some time ago by Mary Guyette his wife. The case has never been settled but Judge McLenehan issued an order granting the plaintiff temporary alimony and attorney's fees. The alimony was fixed at $5 per month and counsel fees at $25.00. The defendant paid no attention to the order, at least he did not respond with the coin of the realm and hence the arrest charging him with contempt.

He will be confined until some arrangement is made for the payment of the alimony.

George Henderson (Henderson)
Source: The Brainerd Daily Dispatch (MN) June 3, 1901; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Geo. Henderson also appeared before his honor charged with assault in the third degree. Joseph Harmon, a harmless old man, made the complaint. As this was not Henderson's firsts offence Judge Mantor imposed a fine of $10 and costs, which were paid.

Jerry La Mere (La Mere)
Source: The Brainerd Daily Dispatch (MN) June 3, 1901; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Jerry La Mere was brought before his honor Judge Mantor in the municipal court Saturday to answer to the charge of fraudulently disposing of mortgaged property.

J. J. Howe is the complainant. It seems that a certain horse owned by La Mere was mortgaged, Geo. H. Stratton being the original mortgagee. Stratton later assigned the mortgage to Bonness & Howe. A short time ago La Mere sold the horse without the consent of Bonness & Howe, hence the arrest. The hearing was continued to Thursday, June 6th.

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