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Dell Bowley
Source: Morning Star (Rockford, IL) Saturday, November 24, 1906

Word was received here today of the loss by fire by Mr. and Mrs. Dell Bowley of their home at Emily, Minn. The fire caught apparently from a defective flue, and as there was no one in the house the building burned with all its contents, including the grain on the place and their furniture. Mr. and Mrs. Bowley are Belvidere young people who were married last spring and went to Minnesota to live on a farm presented by the groom's father, a Belvidere jeweler. All of their wedding presents were burned. There was no insurance. Snow lies a foot deep at Emily and they will be unable to rebuild until spring. They probably will be compelled to sell their stock and come back to Belvidere for the winter.

Mrs. Matt Carpenter
[Source: Little Falls Transcript (MN) April 10, 1885, page 3; submitted by Robin Line]
Mrs. Matt Carpenter and her daughter are among the numbers at Fortress Monroe, spending a few weeks there on their way up from Florida. Miss Carpenter was converted to Catholicism by Mgr. Capel, and has lately joined that church.

Constance Le Neve Gilman
Source: The Brainerd Daily Dispatch (MN) June 4, 1901

Miss Constance Le Neve Gilmann will return next week from Chicago, where she has been studying music with Mme. Hess-Burr for the past year. Miss Gilman received many complimentary notices from the Chicago press for her rendition of the mezzo soprano role in the oratorio, "Holy City," recently sung at St - - way hall, Chicago. - St. Paul Daily News.

George Goodman
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Dec. 1, 1932, page 3; submitted by Robin Line.
When the car he was driving collided with one driven by Geo. Goodman of Pequot, Sidney Bruce of Elysain was killed. Bruce and his wife were on their way to Lakeville. Their car skidded into the path of the Goodman car. Mrs. Bruce suffered a fractured arm and severe lacerations.

Max Greenberg
Source: The Brainerd Daily Dispatch (MN) August 19, 1910

CUYUNA. Max Greenberg is erecting a store building one story in height and measuring about 26 by 70.

Lot 11, block 3, of Cuyuna, has been purchased by Max Greenberg and B. Soleski & Co., which will be used as a store building. To them was also transferred the merchandise, stock, fixtures light plant, each located in the confectionery store.

Ture Holm
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Monday, September 11, 1911

Cuyuna, Minn., Sept. 9.-Ture Holm, a miner met with an accident at the Kennedy mine today while working underground. His right leg was broken below the knee and he was otherwise injured. He was taken to a hospital at Brainerd. The extent of his injuries is not yet known.

Olive M. Knevett
Source: The Brainerd Daily Dispatch (MN) June 3, 1901

LOCAL NEWS NOTES. Commencement exercises at the St. Cloud Normal will be held June 7 to 12 inclusive. There is a large graduating class this year and Brainerd shares in the honors being represented in the class by Miss Olive M. Knevett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Knevett. She graduates from the Elementary Course. Her many friends in this city extend hearty congratulations.

Theodore Laguee
Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN), January 30, 1904, page 4; submitted by Robin Line
Youthful Rambler.
Last June a lad named Theodore Laguee, living at Detroit left home and wandered on foot out to Montana. Recently he returned and made his way to the logging camp of the Brainerd Lumber company at Kabekona bay, where he remained for several days doing odd jobs. A few days ago Foreman Frank Bush received a letter from the boy's mother, who is now residing in Cass Lake and who had heard of her son's arrival in the camp, asking that he be sent home. The boy was not at all anxious to go, but Mr. Bush insisted and gave him a note to his wife in Walker to procure him a ticket for Cass Lake, and he left for home on Tuesday evening's train.

Millecent Mahlmum
Source: The Brainerd Daily Dispatch (MN) June 3, 1901

County Auditor A. Mahlum went to St. Paul this noon to attend the graduating exercises at Macalester college, his daughter, Miss Millecent being one of the graduates. He will return home Thursday.

William Mitchell
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Saturday, June 24, 1916

EMILY, MINN. William Mitchell is now at work erecting his new house.

G. A. and C. W. Oberg
Source: The Duluth Herald (MN), Wednesday Evening, Oct. 26, 1910.

Shot Prairie Chickens from their Motor Car
Brainerd, Minn., Oct. 26 - (Special to The Herald) - G. A. Oberg and C. W. Oberg, while motoring from their home in Deerwood to Brainerd, saw a covey of prairie chickens. The sight of the big automobile appeared to paralyze the birds. They flew from the roadway and settled in a nearby tree, and a couple of shots from the auto brought down three. Two other trips were made to Brainerd and on each occasion the automobile hunters bagged chickens. This certain beats shooting ducks from the wet seat of a leaky duck boat.

R. H. Paine
[Source: Little Falls Transcript (MN) April 10, 1885, page 1; submitted by Robin Line]
From the Brainerd Journal.
R.H. Paine is putting up a good sized and commodious building on Main street, near the office of the Water company, north of the railroad, and as soon as it is completed he will open a first class meat market there.

Sigina and Nah zhah keg won abe
Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) February 15, 1915

Sigina and Nah zhah keg won abe are contemplating doing some logging.

E. H. Simmons
Source: The Brainerd Daily Dispatch (MN) June 3, 1901

LOCAL NEWS NOTES. E. H. Simmons has returned from the southern part of the state where he has been organizing Modern Samaritan lodges. His daughter Irma, who has been attending the deaf and dumb school at Faribault, returned with him.

H. E. W. Simon
Source: The Brainerd Daily Dispatch (MN) June 3, 1901

H. E. W. Simon, who has been local manager for the International Correspondence schools for some time has resigned and has accepted the position of assistant secretary of the Y. M. C. A. Mr. Simon is a hustler and is capable and as a team Secretary Wilhelm and Assistant Secretary Simon will be hard to beat.

Charles Taylor
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) May 9, 1916

(News Tribune Special.)
EMILY, Minn., May 8. - Residents of Emily and vicinity are excited over the discovery of copper by Charles Taylor about one mile north of this village. Already the residents are searching outcropping of rock and any formation that in their minds might bear the precious ore.

The circumstances surrounding the find were unusual. Taylor was walking along when he noticed a boulder about half covered up. He kicked it with his foot and to his surprise a gleaming line appeared on the face of the substance. He dug out the piece of metal.

First rumor was to the effect that gold had been found, and excitement was aroused. Examination showed that the "nugget" weighed slightly more than 45 pounds and was almost pure copper.

J. J. Robinson of Duluth arrived the following day to investigate the story. He stated he did not believe that copper would be found in any large quantities and that in his opinion the copper had been lost there by some Indian.

W. A. Walker and George Cassell
Source: Source: The Northern Pacific Farmer (Wadena, MN) July 17, 1879, page 1; submitted by Robin Line
W. A. Walker and Geo. Cassell have purchased 80 acres on sec. 31, of F. Thompson of Brainard. They intend to break up some of it this season. Wm. S. Hurst is also breaking about 50 acres on the same section. Mr. Stowe is breaking on sec. 6, in north east corner of the town.

Way me tig o sheence
Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) February 15, 1915

The Cross Lake correspondent wishes to take this opportunity to congratulate Way me tig o sheence, who made a fifty mile drive round trip to one day after his sone and another boy who ran away from school.

The other boy enticed his son away; and they were trying to reach Neptune where the boy's mother's home is. They had gotten beyond Iron Horn's place when this man overtook them. It speaks well for a parent when he is so anxious to return his child to school, and his conduct is fully appreciated.

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