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MARCH 2018
NEWS-BITS: News from June 1901
Submitted by Robin Line:
BIOS: Robert Archibald
MARRIAGE: Durham-Dowling
OBITS: Valere Magnon, Mildred Tatro

MARRIAGE: Walter-Fox, Shanks-Schmid, Clark-Russell
COURT: John Guyette
PEOPLE: Theodore Laguee-submitted by Robin Line

OFFICIALS: News - John T. Frater, Ole Erickson, B. Frank Hartley
OFFICIALS: Rosters - 1895 Fire Marshalls, 1878 County Officials
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News - Thomas Richard Dykeman, S. H. C. Hanson, Vincent F. Frodl, Louis Peterson
MILITARY: Soldiers - Edward P. McCabe, Willie Laplan/Lappan, Thomas L. Croswell
WILLS: Inheritance Taxes 1909-1913
Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: Mrs. Abe Lemire, Mrs. George Wetherbee
MARRIAGE: Miller-Blinn, Jacobson-Smith
PEOPLE: W. A. Walker and George Cassell
NEWS-CRIME: Leon Rafidal, Frank Randalls
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Geraldine Bame, Mr. Ghujson

APRIL 2017
OBITS: George Reilly, Svanta Ranta submitted by Robin Line
BUSINESSES: Atwater & Whitney, Emily Co-operative Creamery, R. R. Wise, William Mathews, A. P. Reymond
PEOPLE: G. A. and C. W. Oberg, Charles Taylor, Sigina and Nah zhah keg won abe, Way me tig o sheence

OBITS: Hans Hagen, August Holm
MARRIAGES: Rowland F. Walters, Hagberg-Lindberg
NEWS-VISIT & RELOCATE: Mrs. R. G. Vallentyne
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1910-First Cuyuna Village Election
NEWS-CRIME: Helen McArthur killed

NOVEMBER 2016 All submitted by Robin Line
OBITS: Father Tautenberg
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1885-Liquor License Price Doubles, 1885-Million dollar dam
NEWS-CRIME: Steve Kovosovich

OBITS: John Brennan, Mary Etta Connelly, Otto H. Rurup
OBITS: John Adams submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: Mrs. Matt Carpenter, R. H. Paine, George Goodman - submitted by Robin Line
MARRIAGES: Hagberg-Lindberg
HISTORY: Forts Abercrombie and Ripley
NEWS-CRIME: Seadlund AKA Anders Kidnapper
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1938-Kidnapping Souvenir Stolen, 1910-Crosby Forges Ahead, and submitted by Robin Line-1885-Steamboat, 1885-Bridge Across the Mississippi
NEWS-CLUBS & ORG>: Y. M. C. A. improvements, Royal Arcanum, 1901-Macabees Elect Officers
NEWS-FIRE: 1910-Fire

MAY 2016
MARRIAGES: Johnson-Gillson, Ludolph-Gray, La Victor-Marquardt, Holm-Mjone
BIRTHS: Peterson Boy
PEOPLE: Millecent Mahlum, H. E. W. Simon, Constance Le Neve Gilman, Olive M. Knevett, E. H. Simmons
NEWS-BITS: ~ 50 items from 1901, alphabetized by name
SCHOOLS: News Items, 1901-Board Meeting
NEWS-COMMUNITY: Robert Potter, William Gildart, 1901-Bicycle Party, 1910-Brainerd is Giving Liberally to Sufferers
COURT: George Henderson, Jerry La Mere
NEWS-VISIT & RELOCATE: Clarence McArthur, Charlie Towne, F. W. Freeman

PEOPLE: Max Greenberg, Ture Holm
PROBATE: William A. Miller and Sarah J. Miller
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1910-Progress at Cuyuna, 1910-Theater in Cuyuna
NEWS-CRIME: Finn Stabbing Affray
COURT: Mr. Craig

NEWS-EXECUTIONS: Andrew Peterson murdered by John Pryde AKA John E. Miller - articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, appeals and execution.

JULY 2015
FAMILIES: Roberts Reunion
WILLS: George W. Holland
COURT: Jacob Kirsh, David Maxwell, Nellie Frayer

OBITS: John E. Mattson
NEWS: (community) 1911-Ore Strike
CHURCH: 1910-New Methodist Church, New Presbyterian Church
CUYUNA: 1910-Cuyuna votes for incorporation, new Soo station being rushed, license required for malt shops, 1911-New waterworks system, new bank.

OBITS: John Brennan
MARRIAGES: Morgan-Hard
BIRTHS: Meacham Daughter
NEWS: (visiting relatives) Mrs. George Lambert, Mrs. James Stirewalt, Jerry Compton, J. M. Lambert, Pauline Anderson, Mrs. E. A. Andrews, Robert Andrews, Vernon Strewalt, Mrs. Floy Atwater, Printice Atwater, Oyre Hite
NEWS: (illness) Shirley Rhodes, Myrtle Peterson, Mrs. Henry Buchite, Nettie Atwater, Charles Taylor
NEWS: (people) William Mitchell, Dell Bowley
NEWS: (community) Building Growth-1913
CHURCH: 1911-Lutheran Church Dedication

COMMUNITY NEWS: 1922-Sheriff's Office Sought
OBITS: Samuel Campbell, Daniel S. Mooers

Bio: Fleming - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Nov. 2013: Obits: Anderson, Callahan, Glenn, Magee, McCormick, Metcalf, Moody, Phelps, Snell, Sorak, Spalding
Marriages: Aal - Feldman; Ackerson - Everest; Anderson - Britney; Bloom - Thompson; Collins - Keith;
Flener - Treglawney; Gilmer - Britton; Goulson - Clausen; Hinkel - Pettit; Mason - Thompson; Menz - Hammer; Pochum - Pfremmer; Shaw - Henderson; West - Lundgren; Willis - Gardner
Bios: Alderman, Shaver, White

Aug. 2013: Bio: Glass

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Nov. 2012: Obits: Bartling, Beckell, Festermacher, Hartman, Larson, McCarty, Risk, Soper, Turner
Marriages: Albrecht – Schiel; Larson - Lideen; Bloom - Larson; Cottingham - Schultz; Deaton - Anderson; Graff - Dahl; Hamilton - Dugan; Nykoman; Oestreich - Fletcher; Palmgren - Swayles; Paulson - Paulson; Torstenson - Anderson

Oct. 2012: Obits: Lesard, Watt
Marriage: Radford - Humes

Sept. 2012: Obit: Vilnow

Aug. 2012: Obits: Glunt, Stewart

July 2012: Bios: Camp, Carman; Obits: Henry, Hill, Mickelson, Oliverson, Phelps

June 2012: Obits: Barrett, Lagerquist, Patrick, Torgerson, Williams

May 2012: Bio: Angel

Apr. 2012: Bios: Farrar, Ferris, Frater

Mar. 2012: 1860 Mortality Index; Obits: Archibald, Basford, Erwin, Leck, Muirine, Pine, Smiley, Toohey, Torba, Tuomi; Bios: Clark, Cleary, Cohen, Courtney, Crust, Frater, Halsted

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; Obit: HENRY; marriage: Emery-Markwardt, Richter-Kettelson; Bio: Beise

Jan. 2012: NESS obit

Dec. 2011: Death Certificates of Brousseau, Lovald
Previous Updates:
GOETTE, GOERING obit; 1870 Federal Census, Biography of OGDEN MONELL, 1856 Stage Coach Travel Diary of C.C. Andrews

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