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6th Minnesota Regiment Roll

Surname Given Name Rank Native Country When Enlisted 1862 Notes
Bast William Private Luxemburg 15-Aug
Beckendorf Peter H. Private Prussia 14-Aug
Becker Mathias Private Prussia 13-Aug
Bell Justus B. First Sergeant Ohio 4-Aug
Besecke Ferdinand Private Prussia 14-Aug
Blesius John Private Prussia 15-Aug
Blessner Charles Private Luxemburg 15-Aug
Boos Michael Private Bavaria 12-Jun
Bristle Christian Private Baden 4-Aug
Burch John Second Corporal Prussia 13-Aug
Detert Henry Private Prussia 14-Aug
Dreis Nicholas Private Luxemburg 15-Aug
Eberdt Charles Private Mecklenburg 13-Aug In military service before
Eheim Joseph Private Austria 14-Aug
Exel Christian First Lieutenant Hesse Darmstadt 6-Aug
Fandel Henry Private Luxemburg 15-Aug
Ferlein Joseph Private Bavaria 2-Jun In military service before
Fischer Louis Private Switzerland 16-Aug
Gaheen Samuel Private Canada 14-Aug
Gantner Jacob Private Switzerland 10-Jun In military service before
Goldner Joseph Private Prussia 23-Jul
Griebler Joseph Private Prussia 15-Aug
Gropel Henry Private Prussia 14-Aug In military service before
Hahn F. Carl Private Wurtemberg 23-Jul
Harrfeldt August Private Holstein 28-Jul
Hauck Jacob Private Baden 14-Aug
Hellmann Herman Private Prussia 9-Aug In military service before
Henricks Frederick Private Prussia 28-Jul
Henricks Henry Private Prussia 5-Aug
Hill Alfred J Private England 14-Aug
Hill William A. Private Virginia 22-Jul
Hoescheid Nicholas Private Luxemburg 15-Aug
Holl Mathias Second Lieutenant Hesse Darmstadt 23-Jul
Huhn George Second Sergeant Bavaria 7-Aug
Huth Paul P. First Corporal Prussia 13-Jun In military service before
Jakobi Conrad Private Hesse Darmstadt 18-Jul
John Jacob Private Bremen 18-Aug
Juergens Louis Private Waldeck 16-Aug In military service before
Kellermann August Private Prussia 14-Aug In military service before
Kernen Jacob Private Switzerland 14-Aug
Kilian Philip Private Hesse Darmstadt 18-Aug
Klinghammer Louis Private Prussia 9-Jul In military service before
Knobelsdorff Ernst J. Fourth Sergeant Prussia 29-Jul
Kobelitz Frederick Private Bremen 28-Jul In military service before
Koenig Louis Private Baden 12-Aug In military service before
Kraemer Frederick Private Wurtemberg 18-Aug In military service before
Krueger Henry Private Schleswig 15-Aug In military service before
Leitner Peter Fifth Corporal Bavaria 6-Aug
Mahle William   Private Wurtemberg 14-Aug
Mann Jacob Private Wurtemberg 14-Aug
Martin Frederick Private Prussia 16-Aug In military service before
Maurer John J. Private Prussia 13-Aug
Metz Charles Private Hanover 14-Aug
Meyer John H. Private Ohio 18-Aug
Mueckenhausen Joseph Private Prussia 14-Aug
Mueckenhausen Mathias Private Prussia 14-Aug
Mueller John Jacob Private Wurtemberg 14-Aug
Mueller Mathias Third Corporal Prussia 5-Aug In military service before
Mueller Richard Eighth Corporal Prussia 8-Aug
Munson John   Private Sweden 26-Jun
Neierburg Michael Private Luxemburg 15-Aug
Parks Thomas M. Private Pennsylvania 13-Jun
Paulson George Private Prussia 28-Jul This young man's real name was Paul Bierstach, the other having been assumed to enable him to get sworn in without his parents' consent.; In military service before.
Paulson Paul   Private Norway 10-Jun
Peterson Ole Private Norway 28-Jul
Porth William   Private Prussia 7-Aug
Praxl Anthony A. Private Austria 18-Aug
Radke Rudolph Private Prussia 18-Aug
Rehse August Private Prussia 4-Aug
Reimers Joachim Private Holstein 13-Aug In military service before
Reuter Henry Private Hanover 23-Jul In military service before
Rohde William Fourth Corporal Hesse Cassel 2-Aug In military service before
Rossion Jean Private Belgium 31-Jul
Sauer George Seventh Corporal Bavaria 7-Aug
Schafer Henry Private Canada 14-Aug
Schauer August Private Prussia 4-Aug
Scheer Frederick Third Sergeant Prussia 23-Jul In military service before
Scheibel Augustin Private France 15-Aug
Schene William Private Hanover 12-Aug
Schermann George Private Austria 11-Aug
Schoenemann Rudolph Captain Prussia 14-Aug In military service before
Schoenheiter Frederick Private Prussia 16-Aug
Seidel Charles Musician Prussia 9-Jul In military service before
Siebert Elias Fifth Sergeant Hesse Cassel 2-Aug In military service before
Simon John   Private Prussia 14-Aug
Smith Joseph Private France 14-Aug
Smith William A. Private Indiana 19-Aug
Sproesser William D. Private Wurtemberg 23-Jul
Stengelin Gottfried Private Wurtemberg 16-Jul
Stiefel Reinhard Sixth Corporal Prussia 7-Aug
Temme Charles Private Prussia 14-Aug
Wetterau Louis Private Wisconsin 5-Aug
Willialms August Private Sweden 10-Jun
Wolf Anton Private Prussia 2-Jun In military service before

With the exception of less than half a dozen, all of the above were residents of Minnesota, fifty-four being from St. Paul, eight from Winona, and the remainder from other parts of the state. Twenty-four of the members had been soldiers previously, many of them having seen active service - seventeen in European armies, one in the United States regulars, and six in the United States volunteer forces. Wolf - then a boy of sixteen - enlisted in Bulow's Army Corps, fought at Quatre Blas, and was present at the battle of Waterloo.

Source: History of Company E, of the 6th Minnesota Regiment (1899)
transcribed by Heather Turner

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