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County Information

Founded October 27, 1849
Seat Hastings
Largest city - Eagan

Dakota County is named after the Dakota Sioux tribal bands who settled in the area.
The name is recorded as "Dahkotah" in U.S. Census records until 1851. . . continued
Source: Dakota County Government - Submitted by John Bauer

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - CITIES - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Apple Valley
Hastings (part)

Inver Grove Heights
Mendota Heights
New Trier

Northfield (part)
South St. Paul
Sunfish Lake
West St. Paul

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - CURRENT TOWNSHIPS - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Township Histories Include First Settlers, Office Holders, Etc.

Castle Rock Township
Douglas Township
Empire Township
Eureka Township
Greenvale Township

Hampton Township
Marshan Township
Nininger Township
Randolph Township

Ravenna Township
Sciota Township
Vermillion Township
Waterford Township

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - FORMER TOWNSHIPS - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Once all land of a township is annexed by towns and cities, township government ceases to exist.
Below are Dakota County's former townships linked to their early histories.

Burnsville Township
Eagan Township
Hastings Township

Inver Grove Township
Lakeville Township
Lebanon Township

Mendota Township
Rosemount Township
West St. Paul Township

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Website Updates:

APRIL 2014
BIOS : F. K. Balch, John Battin, Alfred C. Bean, M. Berres, Casper Berres, John Berres, Thomas Berres, Joseph J. Brackett, John Brennan, Nicholas Brost, Patrick Brennan, Eli Ballard, Henry M. Bean, Stephen D. Bell, Dietrich Becker, D. Benson, William R. Mather, Nicholas McGree, John McNamara, Jerome Mahler, Margaret Moran, Ralph E. Morris, Dennis Moylan, John Murphy, James Myers, Frederick C. Maltby, Edward McDermott, John McGroarty, Henry Mettler, Porter Martin, Gilbert McKay, John Moes, Matthew A. Miller, George H. Mowry, E. M. McElrath, Rosetta M. Morrill, Daniel McGinley, Anastasia Mulrooney, James Murphy, William Murphy, R. Madigan, Alex McCulloch Charles Powell Adams, O. J. Austin, J. J. Alexander, Joseph Auge, Mathew Butler, Olof Benson, E. D. Bowe, Alfred E. Bullock, C. B. Bullock, Charles Barrington, Robert Barrington, Sarah Bennett, Joseph Bottomly, F. J. Brennan, Samuel Brown, Charles J. Borke, P. J. Becksted, E. S. Bill, James Boulger, William Brant, Patrick Butler, Julius E. Batta, Ferdinand Burow, Joel E. Turney, James Thompson, Elias Tompkins, Charles Thoele, James Travers, Obadiah B. Velie, John Volkert, Clement Vondell, Thomas Ward, Albert Whittier, Jacob Whittemore, J. H. Whitford, Julius Wille, W. H. Watson, Wells L. Wescott, J. W. Wheeler, Patrick White, S. M. Wright, Louis Warweg, William T. Wiley, Mary J. Woodfill, E. M. Walbridge, Job W. Wallace, R. W. Whitson, John E. Wilson, Thomas Wilson, I. D. Wilson, George W. Wille, Omer E. Woods, Charles Yeager, Frederick Zehnder,
BIOS : Transcribed by Glenda Stevens - Joseph B. Hodgkinson, Peter A. Hoffman
CHURCHES : Presbyterian Pastor Resigns, 1911
MILITARY : Vietnam Casualties transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
MARRIAGE & ANNIVERSARY NEWS : Etheridge-Frost, Reed-Powell, Folsom-Wyckoff, Searles-Tozer, Behmer-Heisler, Pincott-Winterberg, Nelson-Frisbee, Dance-Wickersham, McDonald-Jennison, Tanner-Judge, Lewis-Foster, Lucas-Stone, Lowater-Maine, Wilson-Daniels, Walker-Barker, Goodlove-Pyle, Morey-Wilson, Crosby-Sprague, Williams-Thomas, Righter-McEwen, Roach-Clague, Sayers-Carker, Todd-Lucas, Lewis-Bacon, Jeannir-Barrington, Whiteis-Johnson, Peck-Caskey, White-Royce, Boick-Poor, Wisner-Kohler, Ball-Booth, McKnight-Willoughby, Truax-Rice, Hasler-Pettibone, Bunker-Thompson, Crook-Monnier, Doffing-Stumpf, Frey-Wagner, Johnston-Bullock, Grewe-Suver, Lambert-MacDonald, Butterfield-Gardner, Greil-Schroner, North-Mulford, Stoddard-Bacon, Sterns-Bromley
OBITS : Sarah Ashley, Charles Anthony Bronson, Frank Dowdle, Joseph Fahey, Thomas Hamp, Patrick Harkin, Helicia Heerman, Patrick Hines, Adella Harrison, John Kirchner, Hannah O’Regan, Charles O'Neil, (child of) Patrick Stearnin, Tillie D. Twitchell, Ella M. Winslow, Jane Williams,
TOWNSHIPS : Rosemount and Sciota Township Histories also listing of Early Settlers for each.

MARCH 2014
BIOS : Farmington Bios: J. Ballard; T. P. Berlin; E. L. Brackett; D. Bramstedt; G. S. Cable; S. C. Clemens; M. Cropper; T. C. Davis; G. W. Dilley; C. M. Dittman; L. P. Dodge; W. C. Eustis; Nicholas Everod; H. H. Finch; L. P. Fluke; C. R. Griebie; S. V. R. Hendryx, Sr.; S. V. R. Hendryx, Jr.; George Herber; S. Jenkins; D. J. Johnson; L. W. Johnson; Roswell Judson; W. L. Knowles; W. C. Levitt; T. McHoffie; A. McKenna; M. Meeker; A. L. Needham; E. Z. Needham; Martin Niskern; W. I. Oleson; J. O. Rich; Ben Richardson; James Rodgers; F. G. Stevens; John H. Thurston; Daniel M. Thurston; Daniel Underwood; H. W. Van Valkenburg; H. C. Wing; Fletcher Winters
BIOS : Tomas J. Abbett transcribed by Sheila Gruver
BIOS : George Toombs, transcribed by Vickie Bryan
OBITS : Hiram Smith, S. W. Paul, Frank H. Lewis, Homer Hatch, Abelonia Noble, Henry Kramer, Jr., Mrs. H. L. Sumption, John Hilferty
TOWNS : Rosemount and Vermillion Histories
TOWNSHIPS : Ravenna and Vermillion Township histories, also listing of Early Settlers for each.

BIOS : Eureka Township Bios: Alexander A. Barclay; Emily Bennett; David Burton; Christopher H. Gulbrandson; Cyrus M. Kingsley; Quartus Kingsley; T. N. Lillemo; Phineas Morton; Alexander Pryor; Nels A. Quammen; Peter Thompson; Nels E. Wikie
CHURCHES : Hastings Presbyterian Church – New Minister (1896); Catholic Church Cornerstone
CIVIL COURT : Amable Turpin, Guardian of Mary and Ellen Turpin, Henry Lillie, Guardian of Franklin C. Amidon; George Stanley, Guardian of Caroline, Rinaldo, Juliet and Francis Stanley
TOWNS : Lakeville
TOWNSHIPS : Nininger, Randolph, Lakeville and Marshan Township Histories, also EARLY SETTLER Listing for each

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