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County Information

Founded October 27, 1849
Seat Hastings
Largest city - Eagan

Dakota County is named after the Dakota Sioux tribal bands who settled in the area.
The name is recorded as "Dahkotah" in U.S. Census records until 1851. . . continued
Source: Dakota County Government - Submitted by John Bauer

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - CITIES - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Apple Valley
Hastings (part)

Inver Grove Heights
Mendota Heights
New Trier

Northfield (part)
South St. Paul
Sunfish Lake
West St. Paul

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - CURRENT TOWNSHIPS - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Township Histories Include First Settlers, Office Holders, Etc.

Castle Rock Township
Douglas Township
Empire Township
Eureka Township
Greenvale Township

Hampton Township
Marshan Township
Nininger Township
Randolph Township

Ravenna Township
Sciota Township
Vermillion Township
Waterford Township

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - FORMER TOWNSHIPS - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Once all land of a township is annexed by towns and cities, township government ceases to exist.
Below are Dakota County's former townships linked to their early histories.

Burnsville Township
Eagan Township
Hastings Township

Inver Grove Township
Lakeville Township
Lebanon Township

Mendota Township
Rosemount Township
West St. Paul Township

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Website Updates:

JULY 2014
BIOS : William Harrington, S. C. Headley, George Hoffman, Henry Hoffman, John Hurly, Peter Harvey, John Hyland, Thomas Hyland, A. J. Irving, Michael Johnston, D. C. Johnson, Henry T. Johnson, John F. Knowles, Gregory Koering, Charles Kranz, John Kranz, William Kean, William Korfhage, Daniel Keegan, Timothy Kelly, James Keetley, Paul Kingston, J. Lockwood, Michael Lynch, M. J. Lenihan, John Loftus, John Lester, H. C. Lovejoy, Isaac Lyttle
NEWS FIRES : 1879 Farmington Fire, Butturff & Hammond
PEOPLE : Albert Poor, John Lally, Fred Hener, Mrs. D. B. Truax, 100 Years Old, P. A. Ringstrom, James Hyland, Ellen M. Delano, Mrs. McClure & Child, Patrick Mahoney, P. P. Taylor, Louis Sieben

JUNE 2014
BIOS : C. L. Barnum, Elijah Burch, John Bassett, John Blakeley, William Bracht, H. M. Brownell, J. R. Case, P. F. Countryman, George Clark, George W. Coates, Patrick Casey, Isaac Coburn, Isaac C. Curry, Michael Caneff, James A. Case, Peter M. Caleff, Henry Caleff, Charles E. Clarke, Nathan Emerson, Bridget Eagan, L. L. Ellsworth, P. W. Elliott, Patrick Grace, Rachel Good, Francis Gores, John Gores, William Gibbons, D. Gibbons, John Gibbons
NEWS FIRES : 1879 Farmington Fire, Butturff & Hammond
OBITS : Thomas Armstrong, H. I. Beckwith, Mrs. Patrick Casey, Willis Cook, M. M. DeSilva, Maria L DeSilva, Franz Engel, Locke Etheridge, Dan E. Eyre, Mrs. James Fitzgerald, Stephen Gardner, Henry P. Gardner, Harriet Gardner, Harriet Gardner, Mrs. Chas. Gorman, W. H. Humphrey, James Jolley, Michael Johnston, Annie Mead, Mary Marsh, Martin Meeker, Michael McHugh, Thomas P. Moran, H. A. Monser, Albert T. Norton, Thomas C. Pearce, M. P. Rich, Ellen Rowen, Mrs. H. A. Smith, Hester Ann Speakes, William A. Spaulding, M. H. Sullivan, Fred Trawk, Chauncey N. Tuttle, Willard Skinner Tuttle, Lewis Westerson, Mrs. Henry Williams, Wollmering Son
PEOPLE : Albert Poor, John Lally, Fred Hener, Mrs. D. B. Truax, 100 Years Old, P. A. Ringstrom, James Hyland, Ellen M. Delano, Mrs. McClure & Child, Patrick Mahoney, P. P. Taylor, Louis Sieben
SCHOOLS : 1864 Hastings Public School Teachers, Teacher Exams in 1866, Monthly School Report - Hastings
TOWNS : (1866) Hastings Street Cleaning

MAY 2014
BIOS : G. F. Ackley, Daniel F. Akin, John Ahern, J. L. Armington, James Dawson, Preston Day, John Devitt, Horace Donaldson, P. Donovan, Thomas Dwyer, Casper Dehrer, Phillip Doffing, James Duff, A. A. Day, John Feely, John J. Feely, Thomas Fitzgerald, Asa Fletcher, Wilhelm Franzmeier, John Finnegan, Edward Fitzgerald, Michael Farrell, E. L. Ferry, Michael Ford, Barnabas W. Cole, J. C. Couper, John Callaghan, Thomas Callaghan, William Callaghan, Catharine Callaghan, John Cockbain, Ambrose Campbell, Levi Cobb, Alfred E. Cowell, E. F. Cowell, Thomas T. Cowell, Charles A. Sicarad de Carufel, Michael T. Connally, Michael Cahill, Phillip Caron, Thomas Clark, Michael Cunniff, George Daniels, Margaret Denny, Matthew Doyle, John Duff, Larry Dunley, E. C. Dilley, A. L. Dixson, G. A. Dixson, Henry E. C. Dehrer, Michael Dupuis, John H. Delaney, John Davis, Hugh Derham, Patrick Diffley, Patrick Doyle, Bernard Eishen, William Ennis, John P. Empy, Paul Feist, Peter Fishler, Thomas Fitzgerald, James Freeland, Patrick Foley, John H. Ferris, William Flanagan, John F. Guiney, Patrick F. Glennon, George Grant, H. J. Gasman, John N. Girgen, John Gibbs, George Gray, William Gray, Joseph Geiger, J. C. Geraghty, William Geilland, John Gilman, Drury Hilderd, Dennis Hogan, Mark Holle, Mary A. Hunt, M. M. Huntress, N. S. Heinen, A. B. Hale, E. Hammond, Irvin G. Hodgson, Alonzo Howland, James W. Howland, Angie M. Howland, Parley Hughes, M. Haggerty, Fred Heckel, W. B. Jack, T. W. Johnson, J. L. Johnson, Lewis Judd, A. J. Kibbe, Hiram F. Kleeberger, Michael Kerst, Joseph A. S. Kirk, Gilles Krausen, Theodore Kalkas, Henry Keeffe, Andrew Keegan, Patrick Kelley, Frederick Kloepping, John Lanphear, Octave Le Clair, Constant Le May, Frank Leonard, William Lyon, James Law, John Manners, Henry L. Moses, A. P. Martin, Samuel W. Mattison, I. J. Mattocks, Joseph McCoy, A. M. Nichols, C. P. Nichols, Carl Neubauer, Josiah W. Okins, Thomas H. Olin
CRIME : Nine Tramps In Jail, Charles J. McCarthy, McCue Murder Trial, George Arnold (Victim)
CHURCHES : History of Hastings, Baptist, Episcopal, Roman Catholic and Methodist Churches.
CENSUS : 1882 Township Directory, over 1700 entries.
BUSINESS NEWS : George Bacon, Levi P. Dodge, W. M. Dowlin
OBITS : Mrs. Daniel Bergin, Stephen H. Dicken, William Ennis, Michael Farrell, Patrick Gibbons, Matthew Hayes, Julia Hyland, Rev. Arthur Hurley, Michael Hynes, John Heigh, Thomas Hogan, Joseph Hardy, Thomas King, John Kelly, Mary Kelly, John L. Lewis, Margaret McKenna, T. B. Marrett, Mary O'Keefe, Susan Ritches, Mrs. James Tierney, Thomas Wickla
OBITS : Contributed by Jim Dezotell - Hanibal Miller
TOWNS : History of Hastings
WILLS, PROBATE, SALES : Thomas Armstrong, Stanley (surviving children), John Waddelow Bodger, Albert T. Norton, Aaron A. Brigham, William Velie, Ann Ryding, John B. Scott, Belinda Johnson

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