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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Acacia Park Cemetery 445244N 0931017W  
All Saints Cemetery 443825N 0931439W  
Bellwood Cemetery 444023N 0925109W  
Castle Rock Valley Cemetery 443446N 0930550W  
Clague Family Cemetery  Greenvale Township - A family cemetery, abandoned.
Corinthian Cemetery 443853N 0930755W  
Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery44.804639-93.203312Eagan - Diffley Road between Blackhawk and Rahn
East Christiania Cemetery 443341N 0931424W Eureka Township, South of Lakeville
Emmanuel Cemetery 443735N 0930321W  
Farmington Lutheran Cemetery
AKA Saint John's Danish Lutheran
44.59500-93.18670Eureka Township, on 245th between Cedar and Essex
Farmington Middle Creek Historic Cemetery
AKA Farmington Presbyterian Cemetery
44.65446-93.16231Lakeville Township.
German Lutheran Cemetery 445330N 0930307W  
Greenvale Cemetery443236N0930958WGreenvale Township - 280th Street W. & Dunbar, 7 miles east of Interstate 35.
Greenwood Cemetery443725N0931352WSouth of Lakeville on 255th between Hamburg and Highview.
Guardian Angels Catholic Cemetery 444305N 0925104W  
Hampton Cemetery 443725N 0925908W  
Highview Christiana Cemetery 443345N 0931415W South of Lakeville
Highland Cemetery AKA Saint Joseph 444249N 0931032W Corner of Pilot Knob Road and 162nd Street W
Hillcrest Cemetery 443507N 0930007W  
Immanuel Cemetery 445053N 0930353W  
Irish Catholic Cemetery 444251N 0924810W  
Kibbe Cemetery 443050N 0930440W Waterford Township - Small family cemetery on Alta Avenue near Ashby Court, a few miles north of Northfield.
Lakeside Cemetery 443132N 0925959W  
Lakeside Cemetery 444449N 0925209W  
Lakeville Grove Cemetery 443910N 0931414W In Lakeville - on 205th Street West, just east of Holyoke Avenue.
Lebanon Cemetery 444354N 0931034W  
Lyon Cemetery 444210N 0925340W  
Marsh Cemetery 443910N 0924957W  
McNutt Cemetery 443420N 0930250W  
Mount Calvary Baptist Cemetery 444551N 0931932W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 445332N 0930313W  
Oakwood Cemetery 444446N 0925313W  
Pleasant View Memorial Gardens 444655N 0931616W  
Ravenna Cemetery 444107N 0924505W  
Redrose Cemetery 443052N 0930715W Waterford Township - Between Burma & Arkansas Avenues on 300th St W, a few miles north of Northfield.
Resurrection Cemetery 445236N 0930906W  
Rose Hill Cemetery 444502N 0925445W  
Saint Augustine Cemetery 444208N 0930015W  
Saint Boniface Cemetery 444306N 0925108W  
Saint John's Catholic Cemetery 444019N 0925800W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 444459N 0930733W  
Saint John The Baptist Cemetery 44.764317 -93.326484 Burnsville - Located near the area of Highway 13 and County Road 5.
Saint Johns Cemetery 444818N 0931146W Eagan - Located at the Corner of Diffley & Blackhawk.
Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery 444422N 0930319W Rosemount - on County Road 42 between DCTC & Hwy 52.
Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery 443504N 0924900W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 444439N 0930734W  
Saint Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 443612N 0925611W  
Saint Mathias Cemetery 443645N 0930013W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 443853N 0930750W  
Saint Patrick Cemetery 444747N 0930436W  
Salem Cemetery 445210N 0930430W  
Salem Kirche Cemetery 445204N 0930355W  
Solar Lutheran Cemetery 443124N 0931428W Greenvale Township - South of Farmington near 285th St W and Holyoke (Abandoned)
Spring Lake Cemetery 444450N 0925705W  
State Hospital Cemetery 444237N 0924930W  
Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Cemetery 445101N 0930738W  
Union Cemetery 445144N 0930134W  
Veterans Cemetery 444450N 0925214W  
Waterford Cemetery  Waterford Township - Graves moved to Red Rose Cemetery.
Zion Cemetery 443458N 0925605W  

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