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Dakota County Fair

- - 1863 - - THE COUNTY FAIR
- - - At the late meeting of the Agricultural Society it was voted to hold the annual fair at Hampton, on Thursday, Oct. 8th. A committee, consisting of Wm. Jones, James Archer, and Judge S. G. Renick, was appointed to make all necessary arrangements. Due notice will be given to the public as to particulars.
[Source: The Hastings Conserver (MN) September 8, 1863]

- - - At a late meeting of the agricultural society, at Hampton, a committee, consisting of Messrs. Damphier, Geor. Hampton, and Gilbert McKay, was appointed to prepare grounds for the approaching air, and Chas. Lewis was chosen as marshal for the occasion. Judges were also selected, but we have not been furnished with the list, as should have been done by the secretary. The fair comes off two weeks from next Thursday, Oct. 8th, and we hope the farmers and others will take interest enough to make it the best ever held in the county. Bring on your large vegetables, produce, manufactures, etc., and let us have a fair what is a fair.
[Source: The Hastings Conserver (MN) September 22, 1863; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

- - - THE FAIR

- The Annual Fair of the Dakota County Agricultural Society will be held at Hampton on Thursday, Oct. 8th. We hope that all who can, will attend, not only themselves, but bring abundantly of their productions, and make it what it should be, the best ever held in the county.
[Source: The Hastings Conserver (MN) October 6, 1863; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

- - - The county fair held in Hampton last Thursday, 8th inst., though rather scanty in entries and far short of what might be expected of Dakota County, passed off very pleasantly, and may safely be set down as a success. In spite of the disagreeable nature of the day, it being quite cold and unfavorable, the attendance was large.

For years the county fair has been an occasion of festivity and a universal holiday. From the farm, the workshop, the store, and the crowded mart, the people congregate to view the fruits of theirs or neighbors' toils.

The display of horses was fine, in fact, the redeeming quality of the fair, and could not be excelled by any county in our young state or in some much older. Premiums were awarded by the several committees as follows:

Best stallion, 4 years old and upwards, Isaac Heslet.
2d do, Munger & Wade
Best 3 years old gelding, H. H. Heslet.
2d do, J. A. Mann.
Best 2 year old fil'y, H. H. Heslet.
2d do, Eugene Dean
Best yearling mare colt, Chas. Youhill.
Besst yearling horse colt, J. S. Hazelton.
Best suckling colt, Geo. Woodward.
Best horse in single harness, H. S. Jennings.
2d do, Wm. Cain.
Best two year old match colts, Geo. Woodward.
Best pair brood mares, J. M. Siples.
Committee.-John McKay, W. S. Hardick; and W. C. Herndon.

Best milch cow, Geo. Bohrer.
Best 1 year old bull, W. B. Morris.
Committee.-J. S. Hazelton, Albert Poor, and Anthony Read.

Best buck, D. Harris.
Best 3 Spanish bucks, John Atkinson.
Best 3 Spanish Merino lambs, John Atkinson.
Best 5 Merino bucks, W. H. Johnson.
Committee.-Geo. Fisk, D. Belch, H. D. Countryman.

Best fanning mill, A. B. Tyrrell.
2d do, Montgomery & Thompson.
Best Header, Chas Etheridge.
Committee.-W. B. Read, W. H. Rogers, F. Stevens and L. Ferry.

Best set of horse shoes, W. McCormick.
Best Grave stone, C. J. Aldrich.
Best machine made door, Conklin & Hanbury.

Best sample wheat, N. N. Thompson.
2d do, W. B. Read.
Best cabbages, Reuben Cecil.
Best turnips, Reuben Cecil.
Best squashes, J. S. Hazelton.
Committee.-Martin Poor, E. P. Whitier, and John Bell.

Best Isabella grapes, E. P. Higgins.
Best Oporto grapes, T. M. Smith.
Best Concord grapes, Lima (Wis) Nurseries.
Best Farnum apples, H. G. O. Morrison.
Best 4 varieties apples, F. G. Stevens.
Best 3 do, Eli Robinson.
Best 15 do, Lima Nurseries.
Best 5 do pears, Lima Nurseries.
Committee.-Dr. Cummings, D. B. Truax, and H. S. Jennings.

Best plumb jelly, Mrs. H. S. Jennings.
Best tomatoe jelly, Mrs. J. S. Hazelton.
Best tomatoe preserves, Mrs. J. S. Hazelton.
Best bottle grape wine, E. W. Sylvester.
Best Sorghum Syrup, John M. Bell.
Best Pie, Mary C. Dawson.
Best loaf of bread, Mrs. Martin.
Best table linen, Mrs. Susan Taft.
2d do, Mrs. Cain.
Best sample wooden yarn, Mrs. S. Taft.
Best do linen thread, Mrs. S. Taft.
Committee.-C. Stubbins, F. J. Mead, Irving Todd, Mrs. O. S. Taylor, Mrs. James Archer, Mrs. Edwin Poor, Mrs. John Bell.

The loaf of bread deserves especial mention. It was made by Mrs. Martin, an old lady of seventy, and in a style which would make many a young housekeeper blush. It attracted much attention.

The display in this department was deplorably meagre. Mrs. H. S. Jennings exhibited a beautiful wreath of - - - flowers, one of the best we ever saw, and of course it took the first premium. Also a fancy pair of infant shoes, which were generously offered to us if we had any need for them; but, as we could not wear them ourself, we modestly denied. Mrs. W. B. Read, two sample water color painting, 1st premium.
[Source: The Hastings Conserver (MN) October 13, 1863]

The Dakota county fair closed on Friday, and a little racing was done yesterday. Gen. [W. A.] Gorman delivered the annual address on Friday, at 11 A. M., and in the afternoon Gorman, Donnelly, and others talked on the tariff. The people of Dakota county don't turn out to make a fair, they go to adore Donnelly.
[Source: Star Tribune (Mpls, MN) Oct. 2, 1870]

The tenth annual fair of the Dakota County Agricultural Society will be held in the village of Farmington, on the line of the Milwaukee road, twenty miles from this city, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week.

Dakota is one of the wealthiest counties in the State, and if her farmers do their whole duty the Farmington exhibition will be one of the most creditable county fairs in the State the present season.

The address will be delivered by Col. Folwell, President of the University of Minnesota, on Thursday the 21st inst., at 2 o'clock P. M.

The Association have a good half-mile track, and promise some first class sport in the trotting line. The distance is not great, and our citizens will find it a pleasant recreation to visit this exhibition.
[Source: Star Tribune (Mpls, MN) Sept. 19, 1871]

- - 1880 - - The Hastings Fair

Hastings, Minn., Oct. 6.- The Hastings Minnesota Industrial association's exhibition opened to-day with all departments full, and one of the largest and best displays held by any county in this State this year. The grounds and buildings are complete, and on a scale that is hard to be equaled by any association.

The horse department is large, there being some one hundred entries, consisting of all the different strains and breeds. The studs of Follett, Johnson, Deakin and others are represented, but it would be impossible to give you even a general idea. In the cattle department we find the herds of C. I. Haines Stephen Gardner, Col. Melery, C. LeVescante and others, comprising short horns, Jerseys, Herefords. Of swine the exhibit is principally Berkshire. Sheep are not all in yet, but what there are are good. Floral hall is complete, and not half large enough to hold what is entered, although the building erected for that purpose is a mammoth one. In vegetables, old Dakota goes to the front. In short, the directors and the citizens of Hastings are to be congratulated on their grand success.

The first race this afternoon was the free-for-all, for county horses. C. T. Lange entered Duke; A. Noble, Dick Whistler; Port Martin, Col. Van Auken; J. A. Smith, Prince; and the result was -

Duke . . . . 1 - 1 - 1
Prince . . . . 2 - 2 - 2
Col. Van Auken . . . . dist.
Dick Whistler . . . . dist.
Time, 2,42.5, 2, 43.25, 2.42.5
Judges-Capt. Atkins, D. Ayre, and R. C. Judson, Timer-E. A. Parker.
Second race, a running race: D. Barnum's Winnie . . . . 3 - 2
J. L. Thorn's Flora . . . . 2 - 3
F. Freeman's Judy . . . . 4 - 4
Time 59s, 59s.

We look for a big day in track sports tomorrow.
[Source: Daily Globe (St. Paul, MN) October 7, 1880]

Transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman unless otherwise indicated.

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