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John Ahern is buried in Bellwood Cemetery, his date of death is April 29, 1869. I am interested in info on his death and burial and wanted to know if you have sources for the burial records or perhaps an obituary. He was struck by lightning, so it may have made a local paper. Any direction or help would greatly be appreciated. C.A.


In writing my family history, I'm hoping for more details on Walter C. Cowles. What exactly did he do as an occupation? Many thanks. Jessica C. M.


Looking for anything on the Jacob Donndelinger listed in your obits. Wife? Children? Any info would be so much thanked for. A.A.D.


I am putting together a book of family history and am in search of photos of Wescott station and any information on the Kirchner Log house east of Robert and County Rd 71. Thank you!! G.F.

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