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OBITS: John D. Smith, Arthur Hurley, John Hogan, Minnie Hyland
NEWS-CRIME: Lynching, Edward Anderson, Fred Leucher, August Pruess
MARRIAGES: News - McCormick-Brown, Mier-Riter, Halverston-Truman
PEOPLE: Hugh G. Calbrath, Charles P. Flanagan, George Frederickson, L. S. Follett

OBITS: Beryl L. Christiansen contributed by Lisa Christiansen
FAMILIES: Sanderson-McKay contributed by Leann Haack
BIOS: J.G. Whittemore contributed by Cheri Sletten
MARRIAGES: County Marriage Records - 1925
KAPOSIA: 1850 Treaty, 1850-Church, 1851-Kaposia Camp, 1851-Kaposia Area Climate, 1851-Kaposia Bank, 1851-Population, 1851 Kaposia Mission
OBITS: James W. Churchill, Mrs. Michael Cahill, Harvy Colgrave, Ellen Casey, James Munroe Culp, William D. Chamberlain, Francis Marion Crosby

JULY 2018
OBITS: James Akers, Eli H. Auge
KAPOSIA: 1849-Raw Fish Dance, 1849-School
PEOPLE: Peter Nelson
CHURCHES: 1866-New O. S. Church
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1870 Siberian Crab Apple
OFFICIALS: News-J. C. Edwards
NEWS-BUSINESSES: Greenburg & Fitch, D. E. Syme
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Mr. Newman, Mr. J. M. Stoddard
BIOS: A. D. Countryman, L. A. Countryman, A. Schoepp, G. B. Schoepp, H. J. Schoepp
FAMILIES: Day Generations
SCHOOLS: Students-John F. McGroarty
OBITS: Nellie Ames submitted by Robin Line

JUNE 2018
KAPOSIA: News-1850-Kaposia Wood
TOWNS: Eureka Post Office
OFFICIALS: Rosters-1868 County Officials
OBITS: Miss Corbelle, Job Ninayppte
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1877-Hastings Sporting Club
MILITARY: Soldiers-Adjt. John Peller, Keith Christophersen, Henry Hastings Sibley
FAMILIES: Matt Klein

MAY 2018
OBITS: Thomas Ryan, Norman C. Johnston, F. Raymond Ives, Hannah Hennessey
MARRIAGES: King-Eilen, Peton-Barton, Hill-Millett
MILITARY: Soldiers-August H. Hinrichs, Col. Donaldson, O. T. Hayes
PEOPLE: George Olcott, A. Olson, William O'Connell, J. F. Norrish

APRIL 2018
OBITS: Contributed by Robin Line-Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gollon
OBITS: Bridget Hogan
COURT: Charles Hilbert
PEOPLE: Joseph Schields
DIRECTORIES: 1869 Hastings Business Directory

OBITS: Edward H. Cassey, Mr. and Mrs. William Mowry, Michael Sweeney
MILITARY: Soldiers-George J. Lucking
NEWS-COURT: J. H. Thurston vs. Hastings and Dakota Railway
NEWS-FIRE: James Keatley

OBITS: Frank E. Gores, Frank Yanz, Dan T. Chamberlain, Michael J. Daly
NEWS-VISITS: Lillian Green, Mrs. D. McEwen, Mrs. M. Ringrose
PEOPLE: James Brown, Snana or Maggie Brass, Frank Brown, William Boyd, Pearl Boyd

OBITS: Henry Albert Norton
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1893-New Athletic Club, 1892-Drawbridge Closed for the Season, 1893-High Priced Real Estate, 1878-Hastings, 1895-Ball Game, 1894-A Bridge for Hastings
MILITARY: News - 1863-War Meeting, 1863-Military Election
COUNTY FAIR: 1871-Dakota County Fair, 1870-Dakota County Fair
PEOPLE: Maggie Thompson

FAMILIES: Sally Sinclair Barrows
KAPOSIA: 1850-Life in the Kaposia Camp
OBITS: Iraneis Gammel, Annie Gorman, John Gillis, Mrs. Selah Gossard, Gilby Son
OFFICIALS: C. B. Lowell, H. A. Monser, R. W. Montgomery, P. Hartshorn, Henry Sprague, Josiah Burwell, L. M. Ray, H. J. Taylor, N. N. Thompson, P. Van Auken, D. B. Traux, T. R. Bertin
PEOPLE: W. B. Le Duc, Jennie Labey, W. G. Leduc
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1863-Fire Engine Fund Raiser, Nov. 1863 Council Meeting, Baby left at William Hinkle's, 1887-Injunction, 1863-Dog Licenses

KAPOSIAS: 1859-The Battle of Kaposia, 1842-Kaposia Sioux Attacked
SCHOOLS: General News - 1863-School Statistics, 1895-New School in Eagantown, 1866-Female Seminary. Hastings Schools - 1899-New High School
Contributed by Robin Line:
OBITS: Otte Child, Harriet Gardner
MARRIAGES: Seifert-Damply
SCHOOLS: Teachers and Students - Laura Livingston

OBITS: Sumner C. Thurston, Mrs. George A. Thorne, Theodore Thomas
MARRIAGES: Bushman-Smith, Davlon-Shaughnessy, Fries-Horn
PEOPLE: Frank E. Newell, Annis Neilsen and Sarina Neilsen Larson
OBITS: Peter Thompson, William Ryan - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: Charles Quinn

OBITS: John O'Connel, Mamie O. Maddocks, John McQuillan, James Mathews
MILITARY: Soldier News - Francis B. Etherridge
CRIME: Emanuel Stapf, Victim, Sam Short, Michael Cunningham
COURT: A. M. Hayes, John Duke, John Clotter
NEWS-VISIT: Julia Cordozo, Mamie Gibbons, Jessie Vine
KAPOSIA: People - Big Chief Samuel Lowenstein, Maggie Brass

JULY 2017
OBITS: Ada Jones, Albert Jacobson, Tony Johnson
CHURCHES: 1863 W. H. Humphrey, 1863-Baptist Meeting
KAPOSIA: Recollections of Augustin Ravoux

JUNE 2017
ANNIVERSARIES: Mr. and Mrs. William Harrington
BIOS: Philip H. Clague
BUSINESSES: Minnesota Sugar Company, J. P. Brandenbourger's, Exchange Bank
COUNTY FAIR: 1863 County Fair, planning articles, awards, etc.
COURT: Hosmer vs. Kelley
DEATHS-RECENT: Additional ~ 450 death notices
MARRIAGES: Moes-Eyth, Birmingham-Sweeney, Sharp-Jane, Hatch-Brott, Davidson-Warner, Schroeder-Doeberiner, White-Foster
OBITS: Mrs. J. M. Silver, Mrs. Casper Schilling, Mrs. Peter Schneider, Mrs. Peter Smith, James A. Smith, Sidlinski Boy
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1904-Egantown Smallpox Outbreak, 1882-Dynamite Explosion, 1913-Sibley House, Postal Stats
NEWS-FIRES & CALAMITIES: 1938-School Bus Accident
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: C. J. Brockner, James S. Malloy, Prudent Fournier
POOR FARM-NEWS: Herman Fossback, Paul Bruno, 1880 New Poor Farm, 1884 Row
POOR FARM-OBITS: Obits - Ferdinand Foss, George Ryno, William Hinkel
NEWS-CRIME: A. Murrell - submitted by Robin Line
OBITS: Adam Laschlinger submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-FIRES & CALAMITIES: 1914-Train Wreck submitted by Robin Line

MAY 2017
OBITS: Ackley Son, Alexander McKay
MARRIAGES: Blake-Wolf, Duttle-Barkulon, Allen-Tripp, Cahoes-Truax, Newton-Lancaster
MILITARY: Soldier News - Freeland G. Stevens, Col. Adams, E. D. Barker
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1862-Suit against Dakota County, 1863-Dakota County Fair, 1863-State Fair Winners, Bixler, Heslet, Archer, 1895-Bridge Opens
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: C. M. Uline, John Morey, Harry Tucker, Albert Tripp
NEWS-BUSINESS: Pringle, E. W. Grosvenor, Mary Torrance

APRIL 2017
OBITS: Thomas Eagan, John D. Eller
PEOPLE: Frank Kohler, Julius Kennitz
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1896-A Peculiar Bridge, 1867-Horses Burned, 1896-Annual Concert
MARRIAGES: Noble-Williams
NEWS-VISIT: C. E. Freeman, Mrs. McHugh, Maggie McHugh, Mrs. Countryman

MARCH 2017
BIOS: R. Whitman, Timothy Wilcoxson, Cornelius Willman
OBITS: Patrick Lynch, Joseph Lyons, Luther Lewis
PEOPLE: George Dalrymple
NEWS-CRIME: Patrick Gibbons killed E. J. Walsh and Mrs. Gibbons, Edward Anderson
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1863-County Convention Delegates, County Convention, Vote the Union Ticket
NEWS-VISIT: W. S. and Grant Shaft, Grant Shaft, Hugh Connelly, E. B. Cowles, Mrs. C. T. Morse

CEMETERIES: Lakeville Grove Cemetery, ~ 950 burials.
MILITARY: Civil War Soldier News - Charles P. Adams, B. C. Howes, O. T. Hayes, Thomas M. Smith

INSTITUTIONS: State Hospital Deaths - Charles Thoma, James Hyland, Louis Boyson
INSTITUTIONS: State Hospital Patients - Mr. Cahill, August Bloom, Verner Carlson, Gilbert Olson, David Bousliman, Vernon Carlson, John Slakka, both legs amputated, Danny Needham
INSTITUTIONS: State Hospital Escapes - Nicholas Koch, Mr. Sprink
INSTITUTIONS: State Hospital Administrative News - 1914-Problems, 1901-Superintendent Carmichael Methods, 1904-New Well

CEMETERIES: Highland (St. Joseph) Cemetery Burial Listing ~230 burials.
HISTORIC PLACES: Old Courthouse, Christiania Lutheran Church, Waterford Bridge, Waterford School
INSTITUTIONS: State Hospital Employees - Frank C. DeKay, Chas. H. Haase, C. E. Wood

OBITS: Mathias Klein, Tom Davis
DEATHS: 250 Deaths added
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1863-County Convention, 1863-The County Ticket, 1863-The Copperhead Ticket, 1894-Rosemount Village Election, 1890-Rosemount Village Election, 1879-Jasper Searle, 1896-To Office At Hastings
NEWS-BUSINESS: Charles Richter, Rehse & Lange, Draper & Ballard, D. E. Eyre
NEWS-CRIME: Ernest Hoffman, Gebbhard Otto

PEOPLE: Martha L. Rich
PEOPLE: Mrs. Radtke submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS: Mrs. Ed Noll - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: Frank Amidon - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-TRAIN WRECKS: Sleeping Car Derails at Mendota
INSTITUTIONS: State Hospital Patients - Peter Kuhn, Peter Kolles
INSTITUTIONS: State Hospital Escapes - George Selmers, August Bloom, John Dubois
INSTITUTIONS: State Hospital Deaths - A. W. Fredericksen, John Gafferty, Leopold Hetrel,Edward H. Cassey, James Rice
INSTITUTIONS: State Hospital Administrative News -1895-Asylum proposed, 1897-Finance committee, 1900-Delay, Transfer 100 patients, 1901-Hop at Asylum, Superintendent declared insane, 1903-Patients transferred, 1904-more patients transferred, 1917-Lack of medical attention
INSTITUTIONS: State Hospital Employees - Will Hatch, Superintendent Carmichael

CEMETERIES: Greenwood Cemetery, ~330 burials.

PEOPLE: Antoinette Wakeman
KAPOSIA: The life of Nancy McClure Faribault.
NEWS-FIRE: 1899-Three Blocks Burned in Hastings, R. C. Libby's Mill

JULY 2016
CEMETERIES: East Christiania Cemetery, ~ 440 burials.

JUNE 2016
OBITS: Mary Kellelea, Patrick Keegan, Mary Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, P. J. Karney, Anna Knox, Mrs. Johanna Kloepping
MARRIAGES: Bonham-Houts, Fuller-Stan, Fitch-Dezell, Owen-See
PEOPLE: J. A. Ennis, C. C. Eversole, Eva Evans, A. G. Spalding, E. J. Shrkee, George P. Smith, W. L. Sibley, Nellie Stone, William Sondermann, Mrs. R. H. Schatz
NEWS-BUSINESS: Mark Willson, New Lagland House, Chas Damerel, William Cadzow, John Gilman, O'Brien & Brice
NEWS-FIRE: 1887-Derailment, 1880-Hastings Fire, individual losses
COURT: 1885-Taxation, Frank E. Newell, John Ford, Christopher Sheopf, Victor and Oliver Paul, Nicholas Werner & Phillip Phillipp
KAPOSIA: Tales and Recollections

MAY 2016
CEMETERIES: Highview Christiania Lutheran Cemetery, 650 burials.

APRIL 2016
OBITS: Christie Warden, Mrs. Stephen Winter, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Whitford
NEWS-BUSINESS: Newspaper Business for J. L. Thorne, Eli Robinson, C. W. Nash, H. S. Jennings, T. R. Huddleston, A. M. and O. T. Hayes, S. Smith, R. W. Montgomery, P. Hartshorn, Jno. R. Clagett, F. M. Crosby, Otto Stannis, H. O. Mowers, J. E. Finch, C. C. Righter, Irving Todd, Charles B. Lowell, Mary Torrance, C. Halden, John Street, J. B. Vanderwerker, William Atherton, Charles Schroth, Z. B. Nichols
COURT: Victoria Tripp vs. Amanzel D. Tripp
PEOPLE: Mrs. Charles Calahan, Emma Cjollon, Marion A. Hopkins, Helicia Heerman, Charles W. Holman, Joseph Havens
MILITARY: Civil War Soldier News - Col. Adams, J. C. Pride, Joseph Pitcher
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1880-The Hastings Fair

MARCH 2016
OBITS: Nellie Louise Draper, Patrick Devaney, Joseph M. Dugan, Mrs. M. M. DeSilva, Marie Dietzen
KAPOSIA: Chippewa vs. Sioux Feuds
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1886-Sewer to the river, 1884- Cheerful at Rosemount
NEWS-WEATHER: 1896-Storm
NEWS-FIRE: 1887-Fire at Rosemount

OBITS: Sidney W. Snyder, J. A. Sorg, William C. Sanford, Sjerdal Daughter Murdered, Ed Schneider, Mrs. George Schreiner, Nicholas Simmer
MARRIAGES: Hall-Bringham, Clark-Devaney, Sullivan-Schilling, Windle-Follette, Record-Newell, Atherton-Willey, Stoddard-Willey, Robson-Eyre, Taft-Bow, Owen-Stevens, Stone-Butturff
PEOPLE: James Callan, Patrick Cassely, A. C. Chamberlain, Patrick Daly, Louise Dameral, Charles Dameral, James Duffy, Hugh Derham, August Dohling, James E. Dodge
EAGAN TOWNSHIP: Establishment of Township.
MILITARY: News-Individual - A. J. Patch
MILITARY: News-General -1863-Independent Company Organized, 1863-News from Capt. Kennedy

KAPOSIA: People - Louis Prescott, John Holton, Ta Te, Chas Ka
KAPOSIA: History & News - 1897-Encamped at Kaposia, 1879-Securing Indian Lands
CHURCHES: Highview Christiania-Rev. N. A. Quammen
DEATHS: 300 Recent Deaths

OBITS: Lois Mathews Mertz, Horace Mills, Bernard McDunn, John F. Norrish, Henry Plummer, Thomas S. Pennington, Anton G. Person, Etta Peterman, Harold Palmstrom, Peter Peterson
NEWS-BUSINESS: George Kennedy, 1887-C. Tower sells railway to H. H. Porter, C. M. Price, Philip Frank, John Peller
PEOPLE: Gustav Zeiss, Mark Willson, C. A. Westerson, Michael Whalen
CRIME: Mathias Klein Murdered by Gebhard Otto; Edward Anderson, J. H. Stopf, Albert Jacobson's Murderer Almost Lynched, Ivan Tried for Murder, Ivan Must Hang, Ivan Sentence Commuted, Lewis Sommers shot Mary Deltzen, Imprisonment for life
KAPOSIA: 1850-Scaffold Tombs, 1852-Little Crow Speech, 1853-Kaposia Visit
NEWS-CRIME: John D. Smith Murder
MARRIAGES: Linkert-Schindeldecker

OBITS: Mrs. Nicholas H. Van Slyke
WILLS & PROBATE: C. P. Adams, George Auge
NEWS-BUSINESS: William Smith, Julius Houriet, Mary E. Tapley, South Saint Paul Stockyards, Valentine Boor
NEWS-COURT: A. M. Baldwin, David Mills, Michael Horan, 1896-Court at Hastings
NEWS-CRIME: 1894-Frank Keegan, John McDonald, G F O'Brien, 1894-Operator Held Up, Horald Hammer, H. L. Oliver, 1903-Constable Joseph Chadima
NEWS-VISIT: Wood Hoffman, Judge Renick, Maggie McCune

MARRIAGES: Jennison-Ballard, Moses-Balch, Holden-McKay, VanWermer-Twitchell, Lothrop-Gardner, Dingle-Nelson
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. Schilling, Mrs. S. N. Greiner, Mrs. H. L. Cecil, P. M. Ringrose, Lizzie Ringrose, Mrs. McHugh, J. C. Fitch, Mrs. William Brotherton, Nick Simmer
NEWS-PEOPLE: A. H. Truax, Bud Tibbetts, Lute Taylor
MILITARY-NEWS: 30 year Reunion of Co. A

OBITS: Charles Benke, Rev. J. P. Barker, Joseph Berres, Mrs. I. N. Barber, Augustus Beatty, Old Betz, A. R. Byers, Gus Brant, Mrs. J. J. Barrett, Vincent John Barrett, Jane E. Bean, Mrs. Rudolph Bohn, Robert Brown
CHURCHES: Miscellaneous - A. E. Shoberg
MARRIAGES: Clure-Fowler, Prescott-Crosby, Pressnell-Parker, Feiprel-Arndt, Simmons-Hildred
NEWS-FIRES: 1895-Opera House, 1891-Fire at Weighing House, 1932-School Fire
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1875-Good Wheat Crop, 1920-Man's Skeleton Discovered
NEWS-VISITS: Annie Schilling, Mrs. Jessie D. Tucker, May McLaughlin, Mrs. T. A. Sullivan, Dr. Cavanaugh

OBITS: Marcellus Anderson, George Scott, Sarah B. Allen, Andrew J. Anderson, Jacob Freilinger, C. H. French, Theodore Franzmier, James H. Fitzgerald, George W. Gilkey, R. B. Gorman, Daniel O'Leary, J. B. O'Leary, William O'Shaughnessy, Jacob Ott , Mrs. Andrew Noble
MARRIAGES: Whipple-Foster, Fifield-Walker, Torstenson-Andreasen, Slocum-Corson, McIlrath-Spaulding, Dreis-Eschweiler, Dickman-Stine, Colby-Tompkins, Dunn-McDermott, Abbett-Green
HISTORY: Newspapers
CEMETERIES: Farmington Presbyterian Cemetery
BIOS: Isaac Van Doren, John Van Hoesen, Lorenzo Van Slyck, Frederick Voigt
QUERIES: Kirchner, Ahern, Donndelinger, Cowles
NEWS-WEATHER: 1862-December Rains, 1869 Ice Melt
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1935-The House of Six States, 1887-Eagan Grain Elevator, 1870-Bridge Across the Mississippi, 1947-Rosemount Rescues, 1900-Medawakanton Are Busy
NEWS-VISITS: M. McHugh, August Lundberg, G. Miller, George E. Pringle, Dode DeSilva, Charles Hastings, C. B. Rust, Mrs. J. P. Clagett, Mrs. M. M. DeSilva, Geo. H. DeSilva

JULY 2015
CHURCHES: 1873-Baptist Church, 1881-Presbyterian Synod Pledge to Macalester College, 1866-New M. E. Pastor, 1866-New Catholic Church
NEWS-VISITS: Mrs. J. Beissel, Mrs. G. Beissel, Edith Kimball, W. R. Hubbs, Mrs. M. Ringrose, H. E. Lester, A. Lanoue, M. D., J. F. DeYarmond
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1874-Wheat Market Excitement, 1870-New Truss Bridge
OBITS: William Wayneau, Anna Wenglas, William Rowan
PEOPLE: George M. Allen, A. C. Bruce, Archie Cadzow
BIOS: Z. W. Taplin, A. J. W. Thompson, William Thorne, John L. Thorne, C. E. Thurston, Irving Todd, L. B. Tozer, Daniel W. Truax, D. B. Truax, M. O. W. Truax, Sidney J. Truax, J. H. Twichell

JUNE 2015
DIVORCES: Alice and Van Getchell, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Kimball
MARRIAGE NEWS: Pool-Brettan, Garber-John, Stout-Godfrey, Stone-Cobb, Cropper-Blasdell
BIOS: Joseph Freas, Stephen Newell, John F. Newton, George W. Noesen, Samuel Norrish
NEWS-CALAMITIES: 1871-Hastings Fire, 1891-Train Wreck
NEWS-WEATHER: 1875-Tornado
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1887 Natural Gas, 1870-Hastings Jail
NEWS-CRIME: 1904-Smith Alleged Murderer, 1904-Mrs. Holmes, Alleged Murderer a Wreck, Gebhard Otto
PEOPLE: Marshall K. Felton, Stephen Gardner, John W. Ray, Ignatias Donnelly, Norman Frank
OBITS: Thomas Kelly, Michael Kerst, Arthur L. Leslie, Andrew Langley, Martin Meeker, Calvin Matterson
CEMETERIES: Waterford Cemetery was moved to Red Rose Cemetery
BIRTHS: Gilby Boy

MAY 2015
CEMETERIES: Farmington Lutheran Transcribed ~265 Burials Listed
NEWS-FLOODS: 1888-Railways abandoned to the flood, 1881-Train Wreck, 1882-Dynamite Explosion
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1882-Hastings Gazette Apprentice, 1878-President Visits Hastings
PEOPLE: Mrs. S. A. Pringle, Charley Proctor
MARRIAGE NEWS: Hanson-Follett (2), Mills-Baird, Gardner-Brewster
BIOS: Henry E. Otte
OBITS: Halstead Meeks, T. Morris, Henry Mingers, John Norquist
NEWS-CRIME: John Davis, Mary Nilan Misville Murder Trial, 1876-Free Lovers Under Arrest, 1896-Sam Sharp
NEWS-BUSINESS: Hastings Gazette

APRIL 2015
CEMETERIES: St. John's in Rosemount
NEWS-WEATHER: 1869-Ice Gorge, 1868-Forty Below
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1867-Mississippi Ice Safe, 1869-Railroad Progress, 1896-Counterfeiters
PEOPLE: O. B. Tyrrell, Charles Bigelow, Lewis Smith, E. B. Cowles
MARRIAGE NEWS: Cowles-Cowles, Crosby-Sprague, McAfee-Conner, Strawsele-Baldwin
BIOS: Charles Livingston, J. B. Lambert, C. H. L. Lange, William Lee, Charles B. Lowell
OBITS: Willie Allison

MARCH 2015
BIOS: Daniel O'Brien, C. Otte, E. G. Otte, L. D. Robarge, F. A. Richards, Adam Sacks, Gottfried Schmidt, J. Schmidt, Rudolph Sever, Joseph Silk, Mrs. E. Sweeney, James Sweeney, John Rhodes, Albert Schaller, Peter Schmith, Frederick Schurch, Alex A. Scott, Peter Smith, Robert J. Smith, William P. Stanley, Joseph Stegner
CEMETERIES: Red Rose Cemetery

BIOS: A. E. Messenger, Henry Minea, Theobald Motz, J. N. Martin, S. Meeker, Jacob Mares, Charles Mather, John McDonald, Thomas McDonald, Michael McHugh, John McNiff, John C. Meloy, F. W. Meyer, James S. Mills, Barthel Miller, William Moorhouse, Paul Perrault, Benjamin Pringle, Henry H. Pringle
OBITS: Thomas Callaghan, George Washington Daniels, George Egbert, Frank Freeman, John Johnson, Anna Kramer, Frank H. Lewis, William B. Reed, John Williams, Bertha Jahnke, John Kleis, William Gates Le Duc, Leslie Lovejoy, Walter Raleigh, J. J. Reding, C. A. Thorne, Charles West, Mabel Wetterlin
CEMETERIES: Solar Cemetery

CEMETERIES: St. John The Baptist Cemetery, over 1400 burials.

BIOS: Theodor Hartnagel, Yost Heinback, John Heisinger, John Hurley, Joseph Hurley, W. A. Ham, David A. Harris, J. E. Heichert, B. S. Hoff, J. W. Hopkins, James B. Halton, George Hampton, Jerome Hanna, G. H. Hawes, O. T. Hayes, John H. Heath, Michael Heinen, P. A. Heitz, Henry Hetherington, William Hodgson, Michael Hoffman, David Hone, N. C. Johnson, W. H. Johnson, P. J. Kamery, P. T. Judge, Edmond Kane, Charles King, Charles Knocke, N. F. W. Kranz
CEMETERIES: Greenvale Cemetery - Contact Host for Photos (as of 2014)
MILITARY: Coxey's Army Rests at Inver Grove

BIOS: W. Grewe, E. Grove, Stephen Gardner, J. H. Gieske, Harvey Gillitt, William Gillitt, A. H. Gilkey, S. U. Greiner
NEWS: Community News-Lynched for stealing beef from a store
CEMETERIES: Clague Family Cemetery
NEWS FIRES: News Fire at Jacob Minker's House
OBITS: Henry Hastings Sibley, Indian John (Mah-pe-ah-wa-ko-sia), Sarah Jane Munger, Richard McAndrew, Patrick McCune, George Pringle, Mary T. Penney, Mrs. Benjamin Pringle, Jesse Landon, Joseph H. Vaughan
NEWS: Patent News-Chas Bigelow
WILLS, PROBATE, SALES: Edward Kearney, Frank P. Hamilton, (minor survivor), Henry Berger, Stephen B. Porter, Gilbert B. Hartson, Aslak Knutson, Homer Hatch, Aaron A. Brigham

BIOS: Temple C. Childs, H. J. Curtiss, B. D. Cadwell, M. A. Canning, Lawrence J. Casserly, A. J. Catton, D. T. Chamberlain, A. B. Chapin, J. R. Clagett, John Seymour Clark, D. C. Conklin, H. J. Crist, Charles W. Crosby, Francis Marion Crosby, Eugene Dean, W. H. De Kay, John B. Donaldson, Jacob Donndelinger, John Dudley, John Duffy, H. L. Durr, Andrew Denzer, William K. Dixon, Ditus Day, Henry Ehlers, Joseph A. Ennis, John Estergreen, E. M. Everson, D. E. Eyre, James T. Fahy, C. H. Ferry, William Felton, Peter Ficker, Jeremiah E. Finch, Denis Follett, C. E. Freeman, E. Herbert Freeman, Doctor R. Freeman, J. P. Frye, Philip Funk, Joseph Fowler
CEMETERIES: St. John's Cemetery - Eagan, Complete Listing. Contact County Host for Photos (As of 2014)
OBITS: Frank Hare

BIOS: W. H. Adams, William Ainsworth, Sherman Nathaniel Aspinwall, John H. Blas�, George Barbaras, A. B. Bell, James Bell, C. F. Beltz, H. J. Beokmeier, Henry Butturff, John Byers, Henry Page, L. A. Page, Thaddeus H. Partch, M. H. Patten, N. S. Persons, M. K. Pike, Edward Perron, H. Pryor, J. C. Rea, Charles Rowell, H. E. Sanders, I. R. Sanderson, B. C. Slocum, Emanuel Stapf, B. Stevens, Charles A. Simpson, William L. Stephens, J. R. Sumner, G. R. Terry, M. Tramm, John Teachout, E. D. Thompson, E. W. Tripp, William Waters, George O. Way, Roland Weeks, W. J. Wheeler, P. P. Whittier, George W. Woodworth
CEMETERIES: Kibbe Family Cemetery - Contact Host for Photos (as of 2014)
OBITS: Samuel Holmes

BIOS: John Nininger, Timothy O�Leary, Bridget O�Connell, William Otte, Michael O'Rourke, James O'Brien, Charles E. Oman, Henry Pfeiffer, Irenus Perkins, S. A. Perkins, Tracy H. Poor, Silas Poor, William W. Poor, B. H. Pettingill, Jr., R. Peters, Michael Quinn, Thomas Quinn, Anthony Reed, John Russell, A. W. Riddell, Jacob Randler, Alexander Records, Thomas J. Redican, William Ryan, Michael Rowan, Daniel Ryan, E. A. Rice, Nathan Seeley, John A. Schaffer, William Schweitzer, Charles E. Sherd, William Smith, Mary Shaughnessey, Nicholas Simons, E. C. Smith, Daniel Sullivan, E. D. Stone, J. J. Sill, Hugh Sherry, Owen Sherry, Corbin Speakes, Gottlieb Schmid, Frederick Sprute, Walter Strathern, William Strathern, W. M. Sommerfield, Ebenezer Slocum, Frederick Schickling, Mathias Siebenaler
MILITARY: Soldier News for Albert Truax, W. G. Le Duc, Edward Parliman, Isaac Van Doren, John Peller, F. J. Mead, John Kennedy, L. W. Collins
MARRIAGE & ANNIVERSARY NEWS : Pitcher-Nason, Marshall-Brigham, Truax-Whitford, Barnum-Wallace, Spindler-Gross, Hone-Scofield, Van Inwegen-Aldrach, Sanderson-McKay
OBITS: C. Powell Adams, J. L. Busch, Charles Curran, Francis R. Cornwell, John Donnauhoe, Cordelia Frank, Mary S. Frost, William Gibbons, J. M. Griggs, O. F. Hayes, Frank Hare, Samuel Holmes

JULY 2014
BIOS: William Harrington, S. C. Headley, George Hoffman, Henry Hoffman, John Hurly, Peter Harvey, John Hyland, Thomas Hyland, A. J. Irving, Michael Johnston, D. C. Johnson, Henry T. Johnson, John F. Knowles, Gregory Koering, Charles Kranz, John Kranz, William Kean, William Korfhage, Daniel Keegan, Timothy Kelly, James Keetley, Paul Kingston, J. Lockwood, Michael Lynch, M. J. Lenihan, John Loftus, John Lester, H. C. Lovejoy, Isaac Lyttle
NEWS FIRES: 1879 Farmington Fire, Butturff & Hammond
PEOPLE: Albert Poor, John Lally, Fred Hener, Mrs. D. B. Truax, 100 Years Old, P. A. Ringstrom, James Hyland, Ellen M. Delano, Mrs. McClure & Child, Patrick Mahoney, P. P. Taylor, Louis Sieben

JUNE 2014
BIOS: C. L. Barnum, Elijah Burch, John Bassett, John Blakeley, William Bracht, H. M. Brownell, J. R. Case, P. F. Countryman, George Clark, George W. Coates, Patrick Casey, Isaac Coburn, Isaac C. Curry, Michael Caneff, James A. Case, Peter M. Caleff, Henry Caleff, Charles E. Clarke, Nathan Emerson, Bridget Eagan, L. L. Ellsworth, P. W. Elliott, Patrick Grace, Rachel Good, Francis Gores, John Gores, William Gibbons, D. Gibbons, John Gibbons
NEWS FIRES: 1879 Farmington Fire, Butturff & Hammond
OBITS: Thomas Armstrong, H. I. Beckwith, Mrs. Patrick Casey, Willis Cook, M. M. DeSilva, Maria L DeSilva, Franz Engel, Locke Etheridge, Dan E. Eyre, Mrs. James Fitzgerald, Stephen Gardner, Henry P. Gardner, Harriet Gardner, Harriet Gardner, Mrs. Chas. Gorman, W. H. Humphrey, James Jolley, Michael Johnston, Annie Mead, Mary Marsh, Martin Meeker, Michael McHugh, Thomas P. Moran, H. A. Monser, Albert T. Norton, Thomas C. Pearce, M. P. Rich, Ellen Rowen, Mrs. H. A. Smith, Hester Ann Speakes, William A. Spaulding, M. H. Sullivan, Fred Trawk, Chauncey N. Tuttle, Willard Skinner Tuttle, Lewis Westerson, Mrs. Henry Williams, Wollmering Son
PEOPLE: Albert Poor, John Lally, Fred Hener, Mrs. D. B. Truax, 100 Years Old, P. A. Ringstrom, James Hyland, Ellen M. Delano, Mrs. McClure & Child, Patrick Mahoney, P. P. Taylor, Louis Sieben
SCHOOLS: 1864 Hastings Public School Teachers, Teacher Exams in 1866, Monthly School Report - Hastings
TOWNS: (1866) Hastings Street Cleaning

MAY 2014
BIOS: G. F. Ackley, Daniel F. Akin, John Ahern, J. L. Armington, James Dawson, Preston Day, John Devitt, Horace Donaldson, P. Donovan, Thomas Dwyer, Casper Dehrer, Phillip Doffing, James Duff, A. A. Day, John Feely, John J. Feely, Thomas Fitzgerald, Asa Fletcher, Wilhelm Franzmeier, John Finnegan, Edward Fitzgerald, Michael Farrell, E. L. Ferry, Michael Ford, Barnabas W. Cole, J. C. Couper, John Callaghan, Thomas Callaghan, William Callaghan, Catharine Callaghan, John Cockbain, Ambrose Campbell, Levi Cobb, Alfred E. Cowell, E. F. Cowell, Thomas T. Cowell, Charles A. Sicarad de Carufel, Michael T. Connally, Michael Cahill, Phillip Caron, Thomas Clark, Michael Cunniff, George Daniels, Margaret Denny, Matthew Doyle, John Duff, Larry Dunley, E. C. Dilley, A. L. Dixson, G. A. Dixson, Henry E. C. Dehrer, Michael Dupuis, John H. Delaney, John Davis, Hugh Derham, Patrick Diffley, Patrick Doyle, Bernard Eishen, William Ennis, John P. Empy, Paul Feist, Peter Fishler, Thomas Fitzgerald, James Freeland, Patrick Foley, John H. Ferris, William Flanagan, John F. Guiney, Patrick F. Glennon, George Grant, H. J. Gasman, John N. Girgen, John Gibbs, George Gray, William Gray, Joseph Geiger, J. C. Geraghty, William Geilland, John Gilman, Drury Hilderd, Dennis Hogan, Mark Holle, Mary A. Hunt, M. M. Huntress, N. S. Heinen, A. B. Hale, E. Hammond, Irvin G. Hodgson, Alonzo Howland, James W. Howland, Angie M. Howland, Parley Hughes, M. Haggerty, Fred Heckel, W. B. Jack, T. W. Johnson, J. L. Johnson, Lewis Judd, A. J. Kibbe, Hiram F. Kleeberger, Michael Kerst, Joseph A. S. Kirk, Gilles Krausen, Theodore Kalkas, Henry Keeffe, Andrew Keegan, Patrick Kelley, Frederick Kloepping, John Lanphear, Octave Le Clair, Constant Le May, Frank Leonard, William Lyon, James Law, John Manners, Henry L. Moses, A. P. Martin, Samuel W. Mattison, I. J. Mattocks, Joseph McCoy, A. M. Nichols, C. P. Nichols, Carl Neubauer, Josiah W. Okins, Thomas H. Olin
CRIME: Nine Tramps In Jail, Charles J. McCarthy, McCue Murder Trial, George Arnold (Victim)
CHURCHES: History of Hastings, Baptist, Episcopal, Roman Catholic and Methodist Churches.
CENSUS: 1882 Township Directory, over 1700 entries.
BUSINESS NEWS: George Bacon, Levi P. Dodge, W. M. Dowlin
OBITS: Mrs. Daniel Bergin, Stephen H. Dicken, William Ennis, Michael Farrell, Patrick Gibbons, Matthew Hayes, Julia Hyland, Rev. Arthur Hurley, Michael Hynes, John Heigh, Thomas Hogan, Joseph Hardy, Thomas King, John Kelly, Mary Kelly, John L. Lewis, Margaret McKenna, T. B. Marrett, Mary O'Keefe, Susan Ritches, Mrs. James Tierney, Thomas Wickla
OBITS: Contributed by Jim Dezotell - Hanibal Miller
TOWNS: History of Hastings
WILLS, PROBATE, SALES : Thomas Armstrong, Stanley (surviving children), John Waddelow Bodger, Albert T. Norton, Aaron A. Brigham, William Velie, Ann Ryding, John B. Scott, Belinda Johnson

APRIL 2014
BIOS : F. K. Balch, John Battin, Alfred C. Bean, M. Berres, Casper Berres, John Berres, Thomas Berres, Joseph J. Brackett, John Brennan, Nicholas Brost, Patrick Brennan, Eli Ballard, Henry M. Bean, Stephen D. Bell, Dietrich Becker, D. Benson, William R. Mather, Nicholas McGree, John McNamara, Jerome Mahler, Margaret Moran, Ralph E. Morris, Dennis Moylan, John Murphy, James Myers, Frederick C. Maltby, Edward McDermott, John McGroarty, Henry Mettler, Porter Martin, Gilbert McKay, John Moes, Matthew A. Miller, George H. Mowry, E. M. McElrath, Rosetta M. Morrill, Daniel McGinley, Anastasia Mulrooney, James Murphy, William Murphy, R. Madigan, Alex McCulloch Charles Powell Adams, O. J. Austin, J. J. Alexander, Joseph Auge, Mathew Butler, Olof Benson, E. D. Bowe, Alfred E. Bullock, C. B. Bullock, Charles Barrington, Robert Barrington, Sarah Bennett, Joseph Bottomly, F. J. Brennan, Samuel Brown, Charles J. Borke, P. J. Becksted, E. S. Bill, James Boulger, William Brant, Patrick Butler, Julius E. Batta, Ferdinand Burow, Joel E. Turney, James Thompson, Elias Tompkins, Charles Thoele, James Travers, Obadiah B. Velie, John Volkert, Clement Vondell, Thomas Ward, Albert Whittier, Jacob Whittemore, J. H. Whitford, Julius Wille, W. H. Watson, Wells L. Wescott, J. W. Wheeler, Patrick White, S. M. Wright, Louis Warweg, William T. Wiley, Mary J. Woodfill, E. M. Walbridge, Job W. Wallace, R. W. Whitson, John E. Wilson, Thomas Wilson, I. D. Wilson, George W. Wille, Omer E. Woods, Charles Yeager, Frederick Zehnder,
BIOS : Transcribed by Glenda Stevens - Joseph B. Hodgkinson, Peter A. Hoffman
CHURCHES : Presbyterian Pastor Resigns, 1911
MILITARY : Vietnam Casualties transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
MARRIAGE & ANNIVERSARY NEWS : Etheridge-Frost, Reed-Powell, Folsom-Wyckoff, Searles-Tozer, Behmer-Heisler, Pincott-Winterberg, Nelson-Frisbee, Dance-Wickersham, McDonald-Jennison, Tanner-Judge, Lewis-Foster, Lucas-Stone, Lowater-Maine, Wilson-Daniels, Walker-Barker, Goodlove-Pyle, Morey-Wilson, Crosby-Sprague, Williams-Thomas, Righter-McEwen, Roach-Clague, Sayers-Carker, Todd-Lucas, Lewis-Bacon, Jeannir-Barrington, Whiteis-Johnson, Peck-Caskey, White-Royce, Boick-Poor, Wisner-Kohler, Ball-Booth, McKnight-Willoughby, Truax-Rice, Hasler-Pettibone, Bunker-Thompson, Crook-Monnier, Doffing-Stumpf, Frey-Wagner, Johnston-Bullock, Grewe-Suver, Lambert-MacDonald, Butterfield-Gardner, Greil-Schroner, North-Mulford, Stoddard-Bacon, Sterns-Bromley
OBITS : Sarah Ashley, Charles Anthony Bronson, Frank Dowdle, Joseph Fahey, Thomas Hamp, Patrick Harkin, Helicia Heerman, Patrick Hines, Adella Harrison, John Kirchner, Hannah O�Regan, Charles O'Neil, (child of) Patrick Stearnin, Tillie D. Twitchell, Ella M. Winslow, Jane Williams,
TOWNSHIPS : Rosemount and Sciota Township Histories also listing of Early Settlers for each.

MARCH 2014
BIOS : Farmington Bios: J. Ballard; T. P. Berlin; E. L. Brackett; D. Bramstedt; G. S. Cable; S. C. Clemens; M. Cropper; T. C. Davis; G. W. Dilley; C. M. Dittman; L. P. Dodge; W. C. Eustis; Nicholas Everod; H. H. Finch; L. P. Fluke; C. R. Griebie; S. V. R. Hendryx, Sr.; S. V. R. Hendryx, Jr.; George Herber; S. Jenkins; D. J. Johnson; L. W. Johnson; Roswell Judson; W. L. Knowles; W. C. Levitt; T. McHoffie; A. McKenna; M. Meeker; A. L. Needham; E. Z. Needham; Martin Niskern; W. I. Oleson; J. O. Rich; Ben Richardson; James Rodgers; F. G. Stevens; John H. Thurston; Daniel M. Thurston; Daniel Underwood; H. W. Van Valkenburg; H. C. Wing; Fletcher Winters
BIOS : Tomas J. Abbett transcribed by Sheila Gruver
BIOS : George Toombs, transcribed by Vickie Bryan
OBITS : Hiram Smith, S. W. Paul, Frank H. Lewis, Homer Hatch, Abelonia Noble, Henry Kramer, Jr., Mrs. H. L. Sumption, John Hilferty
TOWNS : Rosemount and Vermillion Histories
TOWNSHIPS : Ravenna and Vermillion Township histories, also listing of Early Settlers for each.

BIOS : Eureka Township Bios: Alexander A. Barclay; Emily Bennett; David Burton; Christopher H. Gulbrandson; Cyrus M. Kingsley; Quartus Kingsley; T. N. Lillemo; Phineas Morton; Alexander Pryor; Nels A. Quammen; Peter Thompson; Nels E. Wikie
CHURCHES : Hastings Presbyterian Church � New Minister (1896); Catholic Church Cornerstone
CIVIL COURT : Amable Turpin, Guardian of Mary and Ellen Turpin, Henry Lillie, Guardian of Franklin C. Amidon; George Stanley, Guardian of Caroline, Rinaldo, Juliet and Francis Stanley
TOWNS : Lakeville
TOWNSHIPS : Nininger, Randolph, Lakeville and Marshan Township Histories, also EARLY SETTLER Listing for each

BIOS: Eagan Township Bios for E. Barry, Hugh Burns, James Callan, Patrick Coghlin, Franklin Hannessy, Joseph Hoysler, Alexander Huard, August Lau, Julius Lau, Francis Le Clair, Eugene Lemay, Thomas Manning, James McDonough, John O�Leary, Robert O�Neill, John Shields, Michael B. Shields, John Silk, James Slater, Maurice Walsh, James Wescott
BIOS: Johann Kirchner - Contributed by Gretchen Fleener
TOWNSHIPS: Hampton and Inver Grove Township History, also EARLY SETTLER listing for each.

BIOS: Douglas Township Bios for John Anton, Alonzo Dockstader, Peter Dofling, John Holmes, Jacob Isla Jr., Bridget Kane, Michael Klasen, Catherine McLaughlin, Patrick Quinn, N. W. Taplin
CRIME: John Halden, Victim; John Ivan indicted for the murder of Albert Jacobson; Mary Nelson shot John O�Shaughnessy in church.
TOWNS: Farmington and New Trier Early History
TOWNSHIPS: Douglas, Empire and Eureka Histories and a listing of EARLY SETTLER names.
WILLS: Thomas Armstrong; Alexander Conlee; Edward Kearney; Gotlieb Korfhage; Michael Schaller

BIOS: Greenvale Township Bios for T. Aslaksen, Jackson Baird, J. P. Campbell, Franklin Church, William Carroll, John Clague, James Cox, Michael Cratty, Thomas Fox, Thomas Finn, John Fishback, William Fletcher, Patrick Gilligan, John E. Hendricks, Michael Hendricks, Patrick Hendricks, Thomas Hodgson, Joseph P. Holt, Charles H. Holt, William F. How, Francis Howard, S. C. Howell, William F. Ingham, Patrick Jeffers, William Kegg, Patrick Kennedy, Uriah Manhart, Richard P. McAndrews, Robert Moore, David Muckey, Michael O�Donnell, Andro Pederson, Thomas Phare, A. G. Ruby, Thomas Rush, W. G. Sawyer, Thomas Scollard, F. J. Stewart, Samuel Taft, Harry Thomas, J. E. Van Slyke, A. A. Westcott, R. W. Woodville

BIOS: Elias Aas, Karl Abbetmeyer, Howard Abbott, Charles Adams all submitted by Marla Zwackman.
DIVORCE: John and Ada L. Riplinger, Amos and Amanda Woolen, Bernard and Mary L. Felton, John and Josephine M. Duke, Mrs. Josephine Schwelch, Theodore C. and Fannie Weins
SCHOOLS: New Hastings High School (1899)
TOWNSHIPS: Greenvale History with settler names & events.
WILLS: Joseph Jackson

MARRIAGE & ANNIVERSARY NEWS: Contributed by Marla Zwackman: Dunnegan-Doss; Irrthum-Ludwig; White-Thomas
OBITS: Mrs. Henry Codha, Frank V. Freeman, Mrs. James M. Gere, Mary Harrington, Mary McGovern, Susan Panse, Mrs. Luther Rice, Mary Stumpf, Mrs. Irving Todd, Albert Whittier, Mrs. Edward Clark; Paul Lathrop; Catherine Moran; Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy; Herbert Greenslade; Jacob Donndelinger; Elizabeth Swetlen; C. J. Carlson
OBITS: Contributed by Marla Zwackman: James Hyland, William H. Shepard

Aug. 2013:
Obit: Boor, Dreis, Schoepf
Marriages: Follett - Schuller; Kenney - Stuart; Lieb - Ward; McWilliams - Stevens; Wescott - MacKenzie
Wedding Anniversary: Schmits
Bios: Lyon, Sebry

July 2013:
1883 Pensioners on the Roll; Obit: Abell

Apr. 2013:
Births for Gregory & Wilson

- - 2012 - - Nov. 2012: Obits: Atherton, Blackberg, Cole, Kennedy, McDermott, Rother, Todd
Marriages: Anthony - Thompson; Barns - Herbst; Carlson - Gaeng; Fsby - Wiusen; Hubley - Horsch; Martin - Martin; Otts - Heichert; Riches - Weber; Schmit - Schweich; Smith - Jankey; Staff - Ehlers
Bios: Faribault, Heerman, Olmstead; Truax, Twichell
Sept. 2012: Bio: Norrish
August 2012: Obit: Carlson
July 2012: Bios: Butler, Caldwell; Obit: Densmore
June 2012: Obit: Conison; Bios: Lovell, Nelson, Twichell
May 2012: Bios: Abbott, Babcock
Apr. 2012: Bios: Butler, Carpenter, Countryman, Donnelly, Empey, Follett, Gergen, McArthur, Parker, Sibley, Smith, Todd

Mar. 2012: Obits: Gotelaere, Lockhart, Mears, Schwantes, Wagner; Bios: Chaffee, Chamberlain, Clark, Cobb, Countryman, Crosby, Crowley, Harrington; Marriage: Ward-Lyons

Feb. 2012: Bios: DeKay, Sheppard

Jan 2012: History of the county, including the First Settlers

- - 2011 AND PRIOR - - Dec 2011: Death certificates for BECK, SCHWANTES; list of Cemeteries

Previous Updates:
BERRY suicide death notice; County History; Township/City History; Civil War Enlistees, 1868 Hastings Business directory; WW II Casualties; Bio for CROWLEY

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