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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed by Vicki Bryan

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office address Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
Stussi, Joseph Berne injury to abdomen $8.00 June, 1880
81,175 Houghton, George H. Claremont dis. of lungs $4.00
Sabra, Frances Claremont dep. mother $8.00 Apr., 1881
Engelking, Ernst Claremont rheu., res. dis. of heart $8.00 Jan., 1881
Furber, Mary Claremont widow 1812 $8.00 Sept., 1880
Cadden, Rich'd J. M. Claremont injury to abdomen $4.00 Mar., 1879
Johnson, Nathan Concord g;s.w. r. hip & l. shoulder $12.00
Keith, James K. Concord injury to abdomen $4.00 Aug., 1880
Bartholomew, George S. Concord rheumatism $24.00 May, 1882
Richardson, Margaret Concord dep. mother $8.00
Severns, Elizabeth D. Concord dep. mother $8.00
Bean, Mariar Concord widow 1812 $8.00 Dec., 1880
Calhoun, Perline Concord dep. mother $8.00
Sanderson, Samuel A. Concord dis. of lungs $8.00 Mar., 1880
Wheeler, Jason M. Concord g.s.w. l. arm $8.00
Wells, James Dodge Center dis. of lungs $8.00 May,1882
Case, Hezekiah Dodge Center chr. pleurisy $4.00 Jan, 1880
Scovill, Willard F. Dodge Center g.s.w. l. leg $18.00
Pratt, Orlin Dodge Center g.s.w. forehead & l. thigh $4.00
Underhill, Oscar B. Dodge Center varicose veins l. leg $6.00
Hitchcock, Manna Dodge Center surv. 1812 $8.00
Demick, Caroline Dodge Center widow   $8.00 June, 1882
Phillips, Fidelia Dodge Center widow 1812 $8.00 Nov., 1878
Jones, Catharine Dodge Center widow 1812 $8.00 Feb., 1879
Hunt, Thomas J. Dodge Center wd. r. check & jaw $3.75
Woodworth, Landford L. Dodge Center epilepsy $4.00 June, 1882
Rosseter, Darwin B. Dodge Center chr. diarr. & inj. to abdomen $8.00 Aug., 1880
Kendall, John V. Dodge Center dis. of eyes & spinal irritation res. of rheumatism $4.00 Feb., 1882
Langworthy, John S. Dodge Center rheumatism $6.00 Feb., 1881
Gatzke, John Ellington g.s.w. r. thigh $6.00
66,717 Leach, Andrew J. Kasson g.s.w. l. shoulder & r. side, sunstroke res. dis. of brain $15.00 June, 1866
Fern, John Kasson wd. l. elbow $12.00
Johnson, Nels Kasson inj. r. elbow & chr. diarr. g.s.w. l. thigh $12.00 Mar., 1882
White, Jonathan Kasson g.s.w. l. side, ball pass through bladder $18.00
See, Julia S. Kasson widow $20.00
Miller, Abraham Kasson injury of back $4.00 Dec., 1882
Conklin, Rhoda Kasson widow $8.00
Van Allen, Benjamin Kasson surv. 1812 $8.00
Tucker, Joel Kasson injury to abdomen $8.00 Dec., 1880
Clement, James M. Kasson g.s.w. r. leg $18.00
Spooner, Sylvester Kasson minor child $10.00
Ferrin, Harvey Mantorville wd. l. hip $8.00
Lampson, Zebulon Mantorville chr. diarrhea $2.00 July, 1878
Newman, George H. Mantorville dis. of abd. vis. & dis. kid. $8.00
Ballard, Kelsey Mantorville ch. diar., res. dis. of abd. vis. $4.00 Mar., 1881
Smith, William Mantorville dyspepsia $8.00
Cummings, Edwin C. Mantorville g.s.w. r. thumb $3.75 July, 1882
Dartt, Philomslia L. Mantorville widow $20.00 Sept., 1880
30??14 Egerly, Louisa D Mantorville widow $8.00
Jarrett, Edward Rice Lake dis. of stomach, res. indiges. $8.00 Feb., 1881
Naylor, George Rice Lake chr. diarrhea $12.00 Apr., 1880
Moran, Cornelius Rice Lake chr. rheumatism $24.00
Paul, James Wasioja dep. father $8.00
Mason, Charles F. Wasioja g.s.w. r. thigh $4.00 Jan., 1882
Sylvester, Benjamin Wasioja necrosis of tibia varix of l. leg, res. of typhoid fever $18.00

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