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Cemetery Latitude Longitude Other Information
Ashland-Ripley Cemetery 440120N 0925534W  
Bern Cemetery 441000N 0924647W  
Claremont Street Cemetery 440503N 0925855W  
Concord Cemetery 440858N 0924959W  
Evergreen Cemetery 440343N 0924432W  
Fairview Cemetery 435306N 0925132W  
First Lutheran Cemetery 435122N 0930054W  
Hillside Cemetery 440207N 0930019W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 440117N 0924520W  
Milton Cemetery 440752N 0924448W  
Rice Lake Cemetery 440555N 0930216W  
Riverside Cemetery 440222N 0925136W  
Riverside Cemetery 441123N 0925137W  
Saint Margaret Cemetery 440342N 0924438W  
Saint Vincent de Paul Cemetery 441003N 0925414W  
West Saint Olaf Cemetery 435536N 0924305W  
Westfield Cemetery 435517N 0930017W  
Wildwood Cemetery 440417N 0924852W  

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