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Feature Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Bohemian Cemetery 454536N 0952635W  
Brandon Cemetery 455813N 0953647W  
Calvary Cemetery 455204N 0951052W  
Carlos Cemetery 455822N 0951938W  
Chippewa Cemetery 455653N 0953537W  
Christian Union Cemetery 454857N 0953037W  
Christina Lake Cemetery 460350N 0954223W  
East Moe Cemetery 455545N 0953148W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 460140N 0952632W  
Emmanuel Cemetery 455837N 0951750W  
English Grove Cemetery 454623N 0951107W  
Erdahi Cemetery 460022N 0954934W  
Evergreen Cemetery 455141N 0952543W  
Evergreen Cemetery 455153N 0950957W  
Fahlun Cemetery 455418N 0951518W  
Finnish Cemetery 455141N 0953615W  
Free Church Cemetery 460254N 0951348W  
Frykesende Cemetery 455424N 0954306W  
Geneva Cemetery 455457N 0951937W  
Hudson Cemetery 454926N 0952010W  
Kensington Cemetery 454630N 0954128W  
Kinkaid Cemetery 455358N 0952320W  
Lake Charley Cemetery 455640N 0952443W  
Lake Ida Cemetery 455655N 0952633W  
Lake Mary Cemetery 454813N 0952507W  
Millerville Cemetery 460413N 0953340W  
Moe Heights Cemetery 455229N 0953536W  
Mound Grove Memorial Park 460007N 0954117W  
Mount Calvary Cemetery 460303N 0951846W  
Mount Carmel Cemetery 460020N 0952154W  
Nelson Cemetery 455240N 0951513W  
Oscar Lake Cemetery 454812N 0953532W  
Rose Hill Cemetery 455027N 0953211W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 455628N 0952858W  
Saint Lukes Cemetery 455820N 0952851W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 455257N 0952427W  
Saint Paul's Cemetery 455140N 0953514W  
Saint Paul's Cemetery 460522N 0952116W  
Saint Petri Cemetery 455533N 0953841W  
Scribbner Cemetery 460409N 0951433W  
Solem Cemetery 454840N 0954144W  
Spruce Hill Cemetery 460120N 0951219W  
Trinity Cemetery 460534N 0953645W  
Trysil Cemetery 454721N 0953402W  
Van Loon Cemetery 454732N 0953200W  
Wennesborg Cemetery 454810N 0954408W  
West Moe Cemetery 455420N 0953650W  
White Garden Cemetery 455143N 0953026W  
Zionsborg Cemetery 455602N 0954523W  

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