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Douglas County, MN


Local People

Prof. William Angus
- - - Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) June 15, 1899

- Prof. Angus left for his home at Garfield, Minn., on Saturday. He will return to take part in the summer school at Argyle, he being one of the instructors.

- - - Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) September 7, 1899
- Prof. Wm. Angus arrived from his home at Garfield, Minn., this morning, and will busy himself the remainder of the week to get everything in readiness for the opening of school next Monday.

- - - Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) December 28, 1899
- Prof. Wm. Angus left Friday evening to visit his old home at Garfield, Minn. He will also attend the meeting of the State Educational Association at St. Paul this week. He is the treasurer of the association and one of its prominent members.

- - - Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) June 7, 1900
- Prof. Angus left Tuesday evening for Alexandria to see his sister graduate from the high School there. He will visit his home at Garfield, Minn., then go to Minneapolis to do some work at the State university for a few weeks and then return to this county to be one of the instructors in the teachers' training school.

- - - Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) July 19, 1906; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
- Prof. Wm. Angus, wife and daughter left for Garfield, Minn., last week to spend part of the summer vacation.

Nels M. Evenson
Source: The Plaindealer (Roseburg, OR) June 25, 1903; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Nels M. Evenson, of Osakis, county of Douglas, state of Minnesota has this day filed in this office his sworn statement No. 4736 for the purchase of the S1/2 NE 1/4 N 1/2 SE 1/4, of Sec. 34, township 29 S. R. west and will offer proof to show that the land sought is more valuable for its timber or stone than for agricultural purposes, and to establish his claim before the Register and Receiver of this office of Roseburg, Oregon.

On Monday, the 27th day of July, 1903 he names as witnesses: Peter Duren, and A. J. Duren, of Roseburg, Oregon, Isaac Winningham and Douglas Winningham of Olalla, Ore.

Any and all persons claiming adversely the above described lands are requested to file their claims in this office on or before said 27th day of July 1903. J. T. BRIDIES, Register

F. G. Harris
Source: Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) Jan. 29, 1909; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
WANTED - TO learn the whereabouts of Alman Harris, formerly of Wisconsin, later in Woodburn, Or., Son desirous of any information; reward for valuable news. Address either son, F. G. Harris, Osakis, Minn., or Wm. Griffith, Oregon City.

Peter Olson
Source: Bismarck Daily Tribune (ND) March 13, 1910; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Mr. Peter J. Olson, of Grafton, who will graduate from the Agricultural Course in June, ahs just accepted a position as Director of Agriculture in the Alexandria, Minn., high school for the coming year. Mr. Olson will take up his work with an exceptionally bright outlook, both in point of salary and professional opportunity. His predecessor, Mr. Wm. Lanxon, resigned the position to take charge of the Hettinger substation.

W. F. Peddicord
Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) March 5, 1905; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Want Ad.
EXPERT ENGINEER AND SEPARATOR man wants position with thrasher company, in shop or on road. W. F. Peddicord, Forada, Minn.

Mrs. Eva Emerson Wold
Source: The Day Book (Chicago, IL) July 17, 1916; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

She never cast a vote in her life, she lives in a non-suffrage state, yet Mrs. Wold of Alexandria, Minn., will be an accredited delegate at the national Prohibition convention in St. Paul, July 19-21, and help nominate the Prohibition presidential candidate.

Mrs. Wold is the only woman ever elected to a national political convention at a regular primary in a non-suffrage state. Other women delegates in the conventions will represent suffrage states.

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