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Minnesota became a state in 1858, with the very first United States Census taking place for them in 1850. At this time there were 6,077 people living here! Even though Minnesota was not a state, they were a territory of the United States and a census was taken.

By 1860, the census showed 173,855 total population and by 1870, the population had grown to 439,706.

. In 1870, the governor's salary was $3,000

2. Minnesota is the 12th largest state at 84,068 square miles

3. Minnesota was named after the Dakota Indian word "minisota" meaning sky tinted waters

4. On March 3, 1849, Minnesota was designated a U.S. Territory

5. We have more than 10,000 lakes! There are 15,291 lakes that are over 10 acres in size

6. State Gemstone is the Agate

7. The highest point in the state is Eagle Mountain, at 2,301 feet

8. Minnesota is 357 miles wide [east to west] and 411 miles long [north to south]

9. An earthquake struck Minnesota on July 9, 1975, registering 5.0 on the Richter Scale. It was located in Stevens County in western MN, and was felt as far away as IA, ND, and SD.

10. There are over 350 shipwrecks on the bottom of Lake Superior.

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