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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed by Vicki Bryan

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original
Hibbard, John J. Alton loss l. leg $18.00
Brooks, Edward D. Banks dis. of lungs $12.00 Oct., 1878
Thomas, Asalph W. Banks father $8.00
Franklin, Benj. Blue Earth City amputn. both feet & hand $72.00
Jennings, Fred'k Blue Earth City wd. left leg $4.00 Sept, 1880
Chase, Ichabod E. Blue Earth City inj. to l. leg $4.00
101,971 Miles, Willard Blue Earth City wd. r. hand & wrist $10.00
Warner, James H. Blue Earth City wd. r. thigh $4.00 Oct., 1878
Page, Olive Blue Earth City widow $8.00 June, 1882
Bunworth, Mary Blue Earth City widow $16.00
Wallace, Lydia Blue Earth City mother $8.00
Davy, Peter B. Blue Earth City inj. to l. side & inj. to abdo. $20.00 Mar., 1880
Quayle, Thos. G. Blue Earth City wd. r. leg $15.00
Getter, Samuel Blue Earth City frozen heel l. foot $2.00 May,1882
Parker, Martin B. Blue Earth City chr. diarr., dis. abd. viscera $8.00 Mar., 1882
Saunders, Geo. W. Blue Earth City dis. of lungs $8.00 Jan., 1881
Sailor, Martin Blue Earth City rheumatism $4.00 Sept., 1880
Sailor, Abel Blue Earth City loss sight l. eye $4.00
Webb, Thos. H. Blue Earth City loss two toes $4.00
Carr, Patrick Blue Earth City chr. rheum, & par., paral. r. leg $8.00 June, 1880
Clark, Sam'l. Blue Earth City dis. skin, & result, varix r. leg $8.00 Feb.,1881
O'Hara, Wm. Blue Earth City chr. diarr. & rheum, result. dis. of heart $12.00 Apr., 1881
Robbins, Lorin Y. Blue Earth City chr. derangement of bowels $6.00
Lawrence, Wm. F. Clayton chr. rheumatism $12.00 Oct., 1879
Ortner, Catharine Clayton widow $8.00
Seely, Philander C. Clayton inj. to abdomen & chr. rheum. $17.00 May, 1882
Thorstenson, Lars Clayton wd. left forearm $4.00 Aug., 1879
Dorsey, Norris H. Cornet chr. diarr. result. dis. abd. vis. $8.00 Feb.,1881
Sanders, Wm. Cornet scrofula & result. ulcerations $6.00 June, 1881
159,265 Combs, Nancy C. Delavan Station widow $8.00 Aug., 1872
Spencer, Cynthia Delavan Station widow $8.00
Brown, Edwin Delavan Station inj. r. hand & asthma $12.00 May, 1881
Bell, Margaret E. Delavan Station mother $8.00 May, 1882
Crandall, Marion Delavan Station dis. lungs & back $4.00 Nov., 1880
Herring, Nancy J. Easton widow $8.00
Schermerhorn, Mary Easton mother $8.00 Apr., 1878
Lee, Patty A. Easton widow 1812 $8.00 Aug., 1879
Corey, Samuel Easton wd. both thighs $5.00
Lawrence, Henry Y. Elmore genl. debility & result. scurvy $4.00 Aug., 1882
Bartholomew, Geo. L. Elmore inj. spine resulting dis. kidny $8.00 Feb., 1881
Foster, Chas. Huntley wd. l. arm $6.00 Jan., 1880
Cooper, Sylvester Huntley rheum, resulting in dis. heart $18.00
Olmstead, Samuel W. Wells wd. r. leg $6.00
Copley, Lydia A. Wells widow $8.00
Underwood, Joel Wells father $8.00 Oct., 1879
50,493 Starr, Elbert H. Wells wd. l. arm $6.00 Oct., 1865
Damp, John P. Wells wd. r. hip $12.00 Sept., 1878
Forbes, Benj. F. Winnebago City dis. of heart $8.00 Mar., 1880
Reeves, Joseph H. Winnebago City loss. l. leg $18.00
Goubermont, Chas. Winnebago City loss pt. r. index fing., w. r. hip $4.00 Oct., 1877
32,572 Boyer, Sarah Winnebago City . . . . . . . . . . . . $8.00 July, 1882
Kruson, James P. Winnebago City wd. r. leg $4.00 Aug., 1881
Leise, Benj. F. Winnebago City ch. diarr. $14.00
Numa, Arnold Winnebago City ch. diarr. $4.00 Dec., 1882
Hoover, Joseph L. Winnebago City dis. head resulting loss memory & impaired sight $6.00 Dec., 1882
Huffman, Lucinda Winnebago City widow $8.00
96,492 Truitt, Isaac H. Winnebago City inj. little & ring fing. l. hand $4.00
Baker, Geo. Winnebago City fracture l. leg below knee $8.00
Butterfly, Abraham Winnebago City wd. r. side & result. dis. lungs $6.00 Apr., 1881
Comstock, Keturah Winnebago City mother $8.00
White, Orniacinda E. Winnebago City widow $8.00
Phillips, Charles M. Winnebago City injury to abdomen $12.00
Shufelt, Henry C. Winnebago City dis. abd. vis., & chr. rheum $8.00
Toothaker, James S. Winnebago City wd. l. shldr. involving l. lung $18.00
Sherman, Tabor A. Winnebago City wd. both lungs $18.00
Cowing, Josephus Winnebago City ascites $4.00 June, 1881
White, John A. Winnebago City wd. left shldr. $2.00
Webb, Lafayette Winnebago City chr. diarr

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