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Feature Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
American Lutheran Church Cemetery 433209N 0934215W  
Bass Lake Cemetery 434918N 0940404W  
Bethany Cemetery 433234N 0935416W  
Bricelyn Cemetery 433326N 0934946W  
Brush Creek Cemetery 433843N 0934939W  
Calvary Cemetery 434445N 0940253W  
Clayton Cemetery 433450N 0935019W  
Dell Cemetery 433731N 0935454W  
Dobson Cemetery 433237N 0940624W  
East Lutheran Cemetery 434932N 0940059W  
Ellingson Family Cemetery 433905N 0935806W  
Emerald Cemetery 433522N 0935552W  
Fairview Cemetery 433330N 0934232W  
Hesse Burying Grounds (historical) 433332N 0940031W  
Immanuel Cemetery 433956N 0940027W  
Immanuel United Methodist Cemetery 433840N 0940026W  
King Cemetery 433932N 0940002W  
Lura Cemetery 434726N 0935653W  
North Blue Earth Lutheran Cemetery 433749N 0935057W  
North Cemetery 434721N 0941007W  
Pilot Grove Cemetery 433416N 0940853W  
Pleasant Prairie Basey Cemetery 434955N 0941449W  
Rice Lake Cemetery 433744N 0934341W  
Rice Lake Cemetery 434627N 0940331W  
Riverside Cemetery 433753N 0940516W  
Riverside Cemetery 434524N 0941130W  
Riverview Cemetery 433029N 0940642W  
Rose Hill Cemetery 434450N 0934422W  
Rose Hill Cemetery 434539N 0941108W  
Saint Casimer Cemetery 434444N 0934419W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 433224N 0940139W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 433626N 0934136W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 434308N 0935527W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 434532N 0941132W  
Saint Paul's Cemetery 434907N 0934638W  
Saint Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 434615N 0935426W  
Schermerhorn Cemetery 434640N 0935131W  
South Blue Earth Lutheran Cemetery 433330N 0935254W  
United Lutheran Cemetery 433625N 0934041W  
Van Buren Cemetery (historical) 433140N 0940131W  
Verona Cemetery 434116N 0941224W  
Walnut Lake Cemetery 434145N 0934945W  
Walnut Lake Methodist Cemetery 434325N 0934937W  
West Lutheran Cemetery 435027N 0940237W  
West Verona Cemetery 434353N 0941234W  
Wiltsey Cemetery 434745N 0941151W  
Zions Cemetery 434948N 0934605W  

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