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Source: GNIS

Cemeteries Latitude Longitude Other Information
Amish Cemetery 433430N 0915811W  
Arendahl Cemetery 434929N 0915234W  
Baker Cemetery 434631N 0921609W  
Bateman Cemetery 434000N 0922008W  
Bell Cemetery 434433N 0915853W  
Bethlehem Cemetery 433149N 0922056W  
Big Spring Cemetery 433358N 0920226W  
Bloomfield Cemetery 433536N 0922432W  
Bloomfield Cemetery 433817N 0922433W  
Bristol Center Cemetery 433240N 0920848W  
Bristol Grove Cemetery 433237N 0921216W  
Calvary Cemetery 433223N 0915550W  
Calvary Cemetery 434957N 0921026W  
Canfield Cemetery 433150N 0921606W  
Carimona Cemetery 433930N 0920917W  
Carrolton Cemetery 434356N 0920411W  
Chatfield Cemetery 434957N 0921018W  
Cherry Grove Cemetery 433515N 0921718W  
Choice Cemetery 433842N 0914720W  
Crown Hill Cemetery 434001N 0920517W  
Duff Cemetery 433748N 0921230W  
East Grace Cemetery 434625N 0914935W  
Elliota Cemetery 433004N 0915629W  
Etna Cemetery 433609N 0922115W  
Fillmore Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 434012N 0921559W  
Forestville Cemetery 433749N 0921533W  
Fountain Cemetery 434406N 0920712W  
Gale Cemetery 434205N 0920631W  
Garness Cemetery 433240N 0914837W  
Greenfield Cemetery 433237N 0920038W  
Greenlawn Cemetery 434113N 0921611W  
Greenleafton Cemetery 433455N 0921306W  
Greenwood Cemetery 433950N 0920429W  
Hamilton Congregational Cemetery 434600N 0922655W  
Henry Cemetery 433524N 0915614W  
Henrytown Lutheran Cemetery 433540N 0915536W  
Highland Cemetery 434015N 0915215W  
Highland Prairie Cemetery 434308N 0914711W  
Holt Cemetery 434144N 0915622W  
Hungerholdt Cemetery 434539N 0915025W  
Hutton Cemetery 433657N 0920223W  
Immanuel Cemetery 434214N 0921527W  
Johnson Cemetery 434827N 0914555W  
Kopperud Cemetery 434414N 0914500W  
Lanesboro Cemetery 434231N 0915818W  
Lenora Cemetery 433433N 0915325W  
Lone Oak Cemetery 433750N 0921907W  
Loughrey Cemetery 434633N 0921430W  
Love Cemetery 433310N 0921531W  
Mabel Cemetery 433145N 0914629W  
Midway Lutheran Cemetery 434052N 0921947W  
Millet Cemetery 434640N 0922356W  
Newburg Cemetery 433407N 0914854W  
North Highland Cemetery 434117N 0915212W  
North Sheie Cemetery 433606N 0914648W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 433014N 0920726W  
O'Dell Cemetery 434632N 0921609W  
Old Big Spring Cemetery 433459N 0920521W  
Old Greenleafton Cemetery 433423N 0921236W  
Ostrander Lutheran Cemetery 433201N 0922511W  
Pilot Mound Cemetery 434956N 0920225W  
Pioneer Cemetery 433910N 0921421W  
Prosper Cemetery 433055N 0915204W  
Rice Cemetery 433243N 0920523W  
Richland Prairie Presbyterian Cemetery 433748N 0920241W  
Root Prairie Lutheran Cemetery 434552N 0920511W  
Saetersdal Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 433153N 0921342W  
Saint Columbanus Cemetery 434050N 0920433W  
Saint Ignatius Cemetery 434029N 0922233W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 434211N 0921613W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 434958N 0914559W  
Saint Kilian's Cemetery 434240N 0921539W  
Saint Liguori Cemetery 433602N 0921157W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 433722N 0914428W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 434937N 0920859W  
Saint Mathews Cemetery 433027N 0920803W  
Saint Patrick's Catholic Cemetery 434234N 0915812W  
Saint Paul Cemetery 435002N 0921033W  
Sherwood Cemetery 434750N 0914449W  
Sodom Cemetery 435000N 0921810W  
South Fork Cemetery 433908N 0914456W  
Spring Valley Cemetery 434056N 0922245W  
State Line Methodist Cemetery 433005N 0920036W  
Sumner Cemetery 434842N 0921949W  
Union Prairie Cemetery 434050N 0920052W  
Washington Cemetery 434644N 0922022W  
Watson Cemetery 434119N 0920846W  
Waukokee Cemetery 433709N 0920610W  
West Grace Cemetery 434707N 0915042W  
Winslow Cemetery 434447N 0921117W  
Wisel Cemetery 433810N 0915041W  

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