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Fillmore County, Minnesota


Church News and History

Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Wednesday, August 17, 1892; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

In a Little Round Window of a Catholic Church Minnesota.

Preston, Minn., Aug. 16.-The people of Canton, this county, are in a fever of excitement over a picture which has suddenly appeared in the little round window high up in the steeple of the Roman Catholic church at that place. The picture is that of a grotto in which is the form of a woman, with her infant lying on her left arm, while just in front and slightly above the woman is another face looking down at the pair. The woman is dressed in a loose white robe, has long black hair and a lovely face. The child is not so plainly visible, while the third face is that of a bearded man. This is just as the picture looked last Thursday morning. The picture was first discovered by a little girl a week ago last Sunday and has since been visited by hundreds of curious people, while some who have looked for it have been unable to see it. The glass has been carefully washed inside and out by doubters, and as the picture is still there its existence cannot be denied. It has been asserted by some that Father Jones, pastor of the parish and who built the church, had the picture blown in the glass, but this the priest emphatically denies and thinks the charge can be easily proved or disproved by inquiring of the firm from which the glass was purchased. Everyone who has seen the phenomenon, Roman Catholics as well as skeptics, is anxiously awaiting further developments.

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