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Margaret Dumphy
Source: Mower County Transcript (Lansing, MN) September 4, 1907; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Our village school teachers arrived here Saturday. Miss Wegner of Plato, Minn., and Miss Dumphy of Preston. School began Tuesday morning.

Source: Mower County Transcript (Lansing, MN) June 3, 1908; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Our village school closed Friday with a picnic. Miss Emma Wegner leaving Monday for her home in Plato, Minn., and Miss Margaret Dumphy went to Oakland to visit her sister, who is teaching there.

George Farrell
Source: Preston Times (MN), Nov. 13, 1901, page 5; submitted by Robin Line
George Farrell, son of D. D. Farrell of Fountain and a chip of the old block, was down Saturday looking for a place to live.He has concluded to make Preston his future home and says there is no reason now with our broad gauge, why this isn't as good a point for buying stock as any in the county. George is a good fellow and the TIMES joins with the people of Preston in extending hims a hearty welcome.

Henry Hanning
Source: Preston Times (MN), Nov. 13, 1901, page 5; submitted by Robin Line
Farm For Sale.
140 acres 1 1/2 miles south-west of Preston. Orchard of 500 young bearing trees; also good buildings. Price $35.00 per acre if sold at once.
HENRY HANNING, Preston, Minn.

H. R. Jones
Source: The Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL) March 14, 1878; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

St. Paul, Minn., March 13.-Thieves entered the house of H. R. Jones, of Wykoff, Minn., last night, took the keys from a pocket in his clothes in a bed room, opened a trunk, and took therefrom $100 in money, and from $10,000 to $20,000 in bonds, notes and mortgages. No arrests.

L. G. Kilborn
Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) August 21, 1887; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Special to the Globe.
SPRING VALLEY, Minn., Aug. 20.-L. G. Kilborn, banker and postmaster at Wykoff, Minn., has disposed of his banking business and resigned his office as postmaster. Fred Wendorf has been appointed postmaster.

George Kuster
Source: Aberdeen Daily News (Aberdeen, SD) Monday, May 14, 1906; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Four-Year-Old Travels Eight Miles on Crossbar.

Wykoff, Minn., May 14.-Four-year-old George Kuster has enjoyed one of the most amazing rides in railroad history. For eight miles, traveling at forty miles an hour and over one of the roughest bits of roadbed in Minnesota, the child was carried, absolutely unhurt, clinging to a crossrod between two box cars and under the coupling, his feet resting on the brakebeam. When rescued the boy was laughing.

George's extraordinary ride began here, where he escaped from his father, Professor George Kuster, and crawled beneath a freight train. A few minutes later the train pulled out. When the train disappeared it was found the child had also vanished.

Between Wykoff and Fountain the next station, eight miles away, there is a steep down grade and a rough roadbed. Over these eight miles the child was whirled, resting between the cars, where he had ensconced himself in the Wykoff depot, and saved by some extraordinary chance from falling to his death on the ties beneath.

At the Fountain siding the train came to a standstill and George, in the best of humor with the world, was found by Conductor William Plummer. The child was not even scratched and his white dress scarcely soiled.

Tonness P. Lien
[Source: New Ulm Review (MN) Nov. 24, 1909, page 1; submitted by Robin Line]
Laporte, Ind.-Tonness P. Lien, Rushford, Minn., today retained counsel to bring action against the estate of Mrs. Belle Gunness, multi-murderess, for $1,000, the amount given the woman by Samuel Lien, who is believed to have been one of her victims.

James McConville
Source: The Galveston Daily News (TX) February 4, 1911; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Austin, Tex., Feb. 3.-The adjutant general's department is in receipt of a letter from James McConville of Wykoff, Minn., in which inquiry is made concerning his brother, who was formerly a member of the Texas rangers, and when last heard of his address was Midland. The department will search their records and see if any trace of McConville can be found.

Fred Neuman
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Nov. 10, 1932, page 4; submitted by Robin Line.

Preston-Fred Neuman thinks that thieves who drained the oil from his crank case might have at least left him a note of warning. Neuman didn't notice that the oil had been removed until his motor was virtually ruined.

W. E. Schoenbaum
Source: Preston Times (MN), Nov. 13, 1901, page 5; submitted by Robin Line
W. E. Schoenbaum is a son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Schoenbaum of this place but he has not been in Preston for years, in fact a whole generation has grown up since he left here. Los Angeles has been his home, but under date of Nov. 3 he writes us on stationery belonging to the Cooper Queen Consolidated Mining Co, Bisbee Arizona, as follows:
As I have accepted a position with the above named I would like to have you direct my paper to Bisbee A. T. I am up here in the mountain 58 miles from nowhere but have got the chance of my life and if the climate agrees with me I am going to stay. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace are here. Mrs. Wallace used to be Amelia Thieme of Preston: I suppose you remember them. I left all Preston people in Los Angeles well and I am very sorry I did not see Mr. Fife as he had not arrive at the time of my leaving.

Fred Welshman
[Source: Mower County Transcript (Austin, MN) October 28, 1869; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

Fred. Welshman, of Granger, Fillmore county, was arrested on Monday last by Deputy United States Marshall Cleveland, and while on his way to St. Paul, he asked permission to pass out the car; the train being under full headway the request was granted; he jumped from the car, turning a complete summersault and rolling over several times on the ground as he lit, gaining his feet he made for the woods and hid himself in a hole in the ground made by the falling of a tree. The train was stopped as soon as possible, and Mr. Cleveland, assisted by several farmers in the vicinity, secured his man again and conveyed him safely to St. Paul, where he is now committed to jail under bonds, for his appearance before the United States Circuit Court, which convenes in St. Paul next January.

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