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JUNE 2018
OBITS: William Ploof, Benjamin Franklin Laidlaw
BIOS: Theodor Batrud-submitted by Robin Line
MARRIAGES: Cleckner-Foot, Smith-Crosby
NEWS-BITS: Various 1890 Bits
OFFICIALS : News-Emma Allen

MARCH 2018
OBITS: Dr. Burke, Lyman Healy, Alta Kellogg
COURT: 1895-Counterfeiters Betlock and Rodd

MARRIAGES: Hughes-Mason
OBITS: Cora Scrabeck
WILLS: Inheritance Taxes Paid 1909-1913

MILITARY: Soldiers - William Kiehne, Walter V. Joseph, James E. Ford
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News - Ole S. Crabeck, Frank C. Viall
OFFICIALS : K. W. Buell, J. C. Miller, James Galligan, W. W. Barnum A. D. Gray, S. A. Langum, J. F. Jones
The Following submitted by Robin Line:
BIRTHS : Anderson Girl
CHURCHES : Rev. J. Hitch
NEWS-FIRE/ACCIDENTS: 1901-Railroad Accidents
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Iverson Opdahl, Emil Anderson Moen, Guttormsen Girl
OBITS: Reuben Wells, Iver Iverson Updahl, Mrs. Rudolf Miller
PEOPLE: George Farrell, W. E. Schoenbaum, Henry Hanning
SCHOOLS: Teachers - Lena Rose

APRIL 2017
OBITS : Anna Iverson, Mell T. Jones, Croin Boy, John Buck, Mike Nestor - submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: L. G. Kilborn
MARRIAGES: Kollman-Bock, Farmer-Egleston, Schroder-Anderson

MARCH 2017
OBITS : Caroline Bastian
OFFICIALS : 1878 County Officers
DIRECTORIES: 1880 Whalan Business Directory, submitted by Karen Seeman
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. J. T. Dunn

OBITS: Harry C. Wahl, J. Frederick Wendorf
BIOS: G. S. Reishus
NEWS-VISIT: James Peterson, George Harstad, Charles Schunk

OBITS: Frederick Hemmingsen submitted by Kim Torp
OBITS: John Jay Hare, Orville Hanson
PEOPLE: Fred Neuman, Tonness P. Lien submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. Daniel Grabau

MAY 2016
OBITS: Alvina Caroline Louise Bastian nee Dumond, May M. Bastian, Nancy Banks, Mrs. F. H. Bartlett
MARRIAGES: Crowley, Overman-Ploof
PEOPLE: Fred. Welshman, James McConville
NEWS-WEATHER: Killed E. B. Pickerel, Otto Norton, Levi Bently
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. H. Spies, Mrs. William Kingston, Mrs. W. O. Irvin, Mrs. John Pennie, Fred Helweg, A. L. Schell, Lou Grabau, Venita Henderschott
NEWS-FIRE: 1895-Wykoff Fire

OBITS: William Hatton, Wm. J. Perrington
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. W. Egan, Mrs. John Carnagie
NEWS-WEATHER: 1894-Rain, Hail & Wind
MARRIAGES: Egan-Sifert, McCulloch-Hance
PEOPLE: H. R. Jones
FAMILIES: Drury Family Reunion

JULY 2015
BIRTHS: Lewis B. Newman, Charles H. Hull
COURT: 1904-Moore vs. Schmidt, Rollin Russell, Charles Power
CHURCHES: 1892-Mysterious Pictures
WILLS & PROBATE: William A. Miller and Sarah J. Miller

NEWS: (sick) Roy Gossman
NEWS: (fire) 1895-Wykoff Goes Up In Smoke, 1899-Gas Explosion, 1901-Water Works Saves Village
NEWS: (people) Margaret Dumphy, George Kuster

NEWS: (visit) W. T. G. Affeldt, Edward Pulford, Mrs. Thomas Pulford
OBITS: L. O. Huntley

May 2014: Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Bio: Iverson - transcribed by Mary Saggio

Apr. 2014: Educational History - transcribed by Sandra Stutzman

March 2014: Early Days and Early Settlement (histories) - transcribed by Susan Geist
Incidents and Events - transcribed by Sandra Stutzman
Military history - transcribed by Mary Saggio

Feb. 2014: Obit: Stark - transcribed by Jim Dezotell
Bios: Booth, Gossman, Gray, Kaercher, Langum - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Nov. 2013: Obits: Allen, Austin, Brass, Crain, Donahue, Gardner, Graling, Higley, Holmes, Houske, May, Moore, Orton, Taylor
Marriages: Doss - Davis; Gray - Washburne; Mansfield - Keenan; Morris - Olson; Page - Nye; Parker - Hendershot; Rix - Atwood; Turner - Rossiter
Bios: Aanenson, Akers, Allen, Skogmo
News (Accident): Morrill

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

June 2013: Obit: Spande

Jan. 2013: Obit: Haslerud; Marriage: Sprague - Farrington; Bios: Barnett, Schow

Nov. 2012: Obits: Beardsley, Corell, Humble, Ingalls, Layton, Link, McKenney, Prigge, VanLeuven
Marriages: Conley - Lawrence; Groth - Weybrauch; Scarlett - Ginter Bio: Walker

Sept. 2012: Bio: Kaercher

July 2012: Bio: Carpenter

June 2012: Bios: Bjomstad, Bue, Clementson, Gunhus, Havrevold, Homnes, Jahren, Kringler, Smith, Thompson

May 2012: Bio: Fuller

Apr. 2012: Bios: Carpenter, Duxbury, Ellertson, Farmer, Featherston, Fitzpatrick, Gould, Kingsbury, Love, Thompson

Mar. 2012: Bios: Choate, Colburn, Coleman, Conley, Cooper, Farmer, Hackney, Hanson; Marriages: Lueck-Wintz, Page-Brauer

Feb. 2012: bios from History of Fillmore County (1912) also Bergsland, Kingsley, Langum & Thompson; Skretting anniversary; Sick List: Conkey & Wells

Dec 2011: Early County Organization; County Government History; List of Cemeteries; Death Certificate for MUNCY

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