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1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

An active and growing city of 2,300 inhabitants, situated at the intersection of the S. M. and the M. & St. L. railroads, in Albert Lea township, 2 miles southwest of the center of Freeborn county (of which county it is the seat), and 116 miles from St. Paul. Also located upon Albert Lea and Fountain lakes, from which power is obtained for driving a flouring mill. A flouring mill, planing mill, foundry and 3 elevators are operated by steam. Contains a church each for Presbyterian, Lutheran, Congregational, Universalist and Catholic, and 2 for Baptist denominations, and a graded school with four teachers; also 2 banks, 5 hotels, opera house and 2 newspapers. It is in a well settled and fine agricultural district, exporting considerable of wheat, cattle and hogs. First settled in 1858. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American. Stages to Owatonna, Minn., and Forest City, Ia., semi-weekly. Mail 6 times a day. G. Johnsrud, postmaster.

Abraham A, clothier.
Andersen Christian, furniture.
Andersen John A, general store.
Anderson John, court commissioner and lawyer.
Anderson Thomas H, Banker.
Babbitt & Noble, drayage.
Balch Andrew J, wagonmaker.
Ballard C W, stock breeder.
Barck G W, physician.
Barton Gilbert, veterinary surgeon.
Bauman Mrs D M, dressmaker.
Bergerson Wm O, Photographer.
Bickenbach Charles, harnessmaker.
Bissinger Morris, Marble Worker and Dealer, cor Clark and Washington.
Blackmer Frank A, physician.
Blackmer Heman, lawyer and justice of the peace.
Brager Halsten O, jeweler.
Brown H D & Co, bankers.
Brundin John G, meat market.
Bunker Henry, propr Winslow House.
Butler Wm H (col'd), barber.
Cady Seward H, books and stationery.
Cargill & Van, grain elevator.
Colby J P & Co, restaurant.
Colman C L, lumber.
Crandall De M, Dentist, cor Clark and Broadway.
Dale Ole G, shoemaker.
Davis C F (col'd), barber.
Dodge Maurice M, physician.
Doud I A, butter dealer.
Dromerhausen George, wagonmaker and blacksmith.
Dwyer D E, dry goods and clothing.
Edwards Samuel, photographer.
Elliman Wm, harnessmaker.
Fenhult Wm, hotel propr.
Frandsen & Bro, furniture.
Fuller Joseph A, photographer.
Gardner George T, druggist.
Gardner House, C P Hunter, Propr. (See adv.)
Garness Ole, cooper.
Gates Daniel N, agent Am and U S Express Cos.
Gilbertson Bros, general store.
Green A R, carpenter.
Greene Leroy O, livery stable.
Gulbrandson Gilbert, collection agent.
Gulbrandson Bros, hardware.
Gustaveson Carl, saloon and blacksmith.
Hall Frank, hotel, foundry and flour mill.
Halvorson M, publr Albert Lea Enterprise.
Hansen & Piersen, saloon.
Hanson H A, Merchant Tailor (See adv.)
Harper George C, agent M & St L and B, C R & N R Rs.
Hauge Gulic A, blacksmith.
Haukness Hans O, agricultural impts.
Hazelton Wm, general store.
Hazzard A Emmett, agent Southern Minn R R.
Hedenstad C P, jeweler.
Heising Daniel, hotel propr.
Hewitt C M, general store.
Himbaugh Albert C, blacksmith.
Hoffman & Mitchell, general store.
House Benjamin J, restaurant.
Hunter C P, Propr Gardner House, cor College and Washington. (See adv.)
Jerlow & Narvson, general store.
Johnson A E, general store.
Johnson Charles P, blacksmith.
Johnson W W, clothing.
Kellar Wm G, county surveyor.
Kimmerer & Lamb, grain dealers.
Kittelson Charles, county treasurer.
Knatvold Bros, hardware.
Knudson Ole jr, saloon.
Lincoln Wm C, county auditor.
Lovely John A, county attorney.
McCord Eugene W, druggist and physician.
McMillen A H, meat market.
McNeill & Parsons, planing mill.
Mallery Bros, drayage.
Mills Dick, harnessmaker.
Mills & Lee, confectioners.
Morin Wm, real estate.
Mossness O, lawyer Wedge's block.
Naeve & Soth, store and harness shop.
Narveson C & L (Misses), dressmakers.
Nelson Hans, Agricultural Impts.
Nelson Ole F, shoemaker.
Nelson, Carlson & Peterson, carpenters.
O'Houlihan John, hotel propr.
Oleson Martin, blacksmith.
Oman Mrs Ann, milliner.
Parker James H, Lawyer and Judge of Probate.
Parkinson Charles B, grocer.
Patrick & Van Vechten, hardware.
Partridge S, lightning rods.
Paul John, lumber.
Peterson & Kellar, Abstracts of Title, Real Estate and Loan Agents Wedge's Block.
Pfeffer Joseph, wagonmaker.
Plummer J M, painter.
Powell G E, agricultural impts.
Preus Isaac L, lawyer.
Ransom Robert G, restaurant.
Raymond Bros & Prentice, grocers.
Rolfson Andrew, hotel propr.
Rowell Henry, grain elevator.
Ruble & Green, agricultural impts.
Rusfeldt M T, brick mnfr, 1 mile north.
Rushfeldt Martin, brick mnfr.
Sargent & Skinner, grain elevator.
Schaefer John, flour and feed.
Schleuder H & Bro, jewelers.
Scotland Peter T, agricultural impts.
Sergeant Wm P, lumber.
Sheehan Timothy J, sheriff.
Sherwin Sylvester N, agricultural impts.
Simms James E, musical merchandise.
Simonson Ole O, register of deeds.
Skaug Bottolf H, merchant tailor.
Smith George A, jeweler.
Smith John W, general store.
Smith Wm H, Physician, Opera House.
Spilan John, hotel propr.
Squier A H, dray age.
Stacy Edwin C, Lawyer and Real Estate Agent.
Stage James W, hardware.
Stage Mrs John, milliner.
Street Avelin H, Dentist, Loan and Real Estate Agent.
Sundby G O, general store.
Thompson Abraham T, saloon.
Thompson & Tilton, shoemakers.
Thurston Henry, county supt
Town Ira A, lawyer.
Tunnell Wm H, meat market.
Tusen J C, soda water mnfr.
Tyrer Ashley M, lawyer.
Tyrer Theodore, insurance agent.
Wanek Thomas J, cigarmaker.
Wannamaker K, well borer, one mile south.
Warren Mrs Carrie S, millinery.
Wedge Albert C, physician.
Wedge Clarence, stock breeder.
Wedge & Spicer, druggists.
West Franklin L, boots and shoes.
White Asa W, clerk District court.
Wiele R & Co, brewery and saloon.
Williams & Robinson, Publrs Freeborn County Standard.
Wilson M D, omnibus line.
Woodruff Brock, blacksmith.
Woodward George, livery stable.
Wulfsberg Olaf R, druggist.

A growing settlement of 300 souls, situate in the township of the same name, in the central western part of Freeborn county, distant 2 miles from the county seat and 95 miles in a direct line from St. Paul. It is a station on the S. M. R. R. There is a Seventh Day Baptist and a Christian church in the place; also a hotel, a grain elevator, a steam grist mill, and other useful branches of industry are represented, Wheat, pork and cattle are supplied for shipment here. First settled in 1870. The American express company has an agency at this point, and it is in telegraphic communication with the rest of mankind. Stage daily to Freeborn and weekly to Mansfield. Mails thrice daily. L. T. Walker, postmaster.

Armstrong A F, general store.
Bonner, Wheeler & Hyde, grain dealers.
Booth M, druggist.
Cargill & Van, grain elevator.
Collins H B, lawyer.
Colman C L, lumber.
Cromett & Yates, blacksmiths.
Davis C A & Son, general store.
Foot A S, restaurant.
Hall A G, general store.
Hazle J A, hotel propr.
Jacobsen N, wagon and plow maker.
Jenks E L, restaurant.
Jost W L, blacksmith.
McJunkins Z, wagonmaker.
Paul John, lumber.
Paulson Jacob, agricultural impts.
Powers F F, railroad and express agent.
Rymerson A O, boot and shoemaker.
Sweet Charles, furniture and machinery.
Trigg A M, grocer.
Walker L T & Co, general store.
Weid P C, boot and shoemaker.
Wheelock L L, hardware.
Williams H, grain dealer.
Wilson Wm, flour mill.

A station on the S. M. R. R., in the western part of Freeborn county, 5 miles from Albert Lea, the county seat, and 100 miles from St. Paul. Exports wheat. Daily mail. R. E. Gonard, postmaster.

Armstrong T H, grain dealer.
Bontecon P D, railroad agent.
Cachy R C, boot and shoe maker.
Coleman C L, Lumber Dealer.
Goward J & Son, General Store.
Holt H S, Wagonmaker.
Howe A C, justice of the peace.
Marlet L, carpenter.

Near the center of Freeborn county, 3 miles northwest of Albert Lea, the county seat and nearest railroad station. Mail semi-weekly. Joshua Dunbar, postmaster.

A rural postoffice in Freeborn county, its definite location not ascertained.

Central part of Freeborn county, 7 miles west of Albert Lea.

In the northern central part of Freeborn county, ten miles north of Albert Lea, the county seat, and nearest railroad station.

A village of about 75 souls in the northwestern part of Freeborn county, 15 miles from Albert Lea, the county seat. Has a Methodist and a Congregational church and a graded school of 2 departments. Exports wheat, butter and eggs. Goods to and from the north go to Hartland. Alden, on the S. M. Ry., lies about 5 miles south. Stage to Alden daily. T. A. Southwick, postmaster

Fisk Rev Wilbur, (Congregationalist).
Goward J, Hotel Propr.
McQuivey Nathan, general store.
Pierce Lewis, broommaker.
Pratt Lewis, blacksmith.
Scott L T, broommaker.
Smith Rev S B, (Methodist.)
Southwick T A, general store.

In Geneva township, northeastern part of Freeborn county, 15 miles from Albert Lea, the county seat, and about 100 from St. Paul by the traveled route. Blooming Prairie, 12 miles distant, is the nearest railroad point. Wheat is exported. Settled in 1857. Stages to Owatonna and Albert Lea twice, and to Blooming Prairie once per week. Maria I. Osborn, postmistress.

Depue David, wagonmkr.
Gay George, carpenter.
Huggins E, carpenter.
Jones James F, hotel propr and general store.
Morgan James, mason.

In Shell Rock township, southeastern part of Freeborn county, 12 miles from Albert Lea, the county seat and 100 miles from St. Paul. Woodside, the nearest railroad station, is 5 1/2 miles distant. Also, located on Shell Rock river, where water power might be used. It is the location of a Methodist church and district school. Settled in 1855. Mail, tri-weekly. W. H. H. Gordon, postmaster.

Freeborn county. (See Oakland.)

An incorporated village of about 300 inhabitants, in the township of the same name, in the northwestern part of Freeborn county, 14 miles from Albert Lea, the county seat, and about 95 from St Paul. Hartland is a station on the M. & St. L. R. R. First settled in 1854; incorporated in 1877. Contains two hotels, six or eight stores, several grain warehouses, and a good number of mechanics. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American. Mails, twice daily. John C. Hofl, postmaster.

Brandt A, boots and shoes.
Cargill & White, Grain Dealers.
Christiansen Peter, mason.
Christiansen S & Bro, blacksmiths.
Colstad C, saloon.
Crandall H, hotel propr.
Dunn E S, Druggist.
Erickson E, wood dealer.
Fitzgerald R, grain dealer.
Fossom O P, hardware.
Gilmore O S, general store.
Grinager & Howland, general store.
Hoff & Sein, General Store.
Jones C L, express and railroad agent
Lally & Rood, saloon and billiard room.
Madson M, hotel.
Nelson A, physician.
Nolan W B, saloon.
Olson G B, grain dealer.
Scarseth & Lee, General Store.
Sergant W B, lumber dealer.
Seter M, saloon.
Whilton C D, grain dealer.
Wood L D, carpenter.

A postoffice and station on the S. M. Ry, 5 miles east of Albert Lea, the seat and center of Freeborn county.

Campbell Robert jr, general store.

Near the center of Freeborn county. Albert Lea, the county seat and nearest railroad town, lies 3 miles south.

In the southeastern part of Freeborn county, 19 miles from Albert Lea, the county seat. Austin is the most convenient railroad point. Exports, wheat, oats, hogs and cattle. Weekly mail. Henry Lang, postmaster.

In the southwestern part of Freeborn county, 15 miles from Albert Lea, the county seat, and 8 from Alden station on the S. M. Ry. Exports, wheat, oats, barley, corn, etc. Mail stage to Alden weekly. Henry Smith, jr., postmaster.

In Moscow township, eastern part of Freeborn county, 17 miles from Albert Lea, the county seat, 4 miles from Oakland station, and 85 due south of St. Paul. Water power from Turtle river might be utilized here. Contains a Methodist Episcopal church and district school house. Exports, wheat, cattle, butter, etc. Mail, semi-weekly. Evan Morgan, postmaster.

Pace Philo E, general store.
Smith J R, physician.
Sowry Rev S G.
Todd Rev - - - .

In the township of Nunda, southwestern part of Freeborn county, eight miles from Albert Lea, the county seat and nearest railroad station, and 140 from St. Paul. Also located upon the outlet of Twin lakes, where superior water power privileges are available, but utilized as yet by one flouring mill only. Settled in 1856. Population now about 100. Exports wheat, flour, butter, pork and cattle. Has a Baptist and a United Brethren church and district schools. Stage line to Lake Mills, Iowa, and Albert Lea. Mails four times per week. Frederick McCall, postmaster.

Boetner H, boot and shoemaker.
Clow Rev - - - , (United Brethren).
Donohue J, blacksmith.
Donohue P, general store.
Eaton H, general store.
Gates D N, Express Agent.
Ruland D C, physician.
Graham J, flouring mill.
Hamlin Rev - - - , (United Brethren).
McCall Frederick, General Store.
Morrisson P, carpenter.
Nelson O, hotel propr.
Wilson Wm, flouring mill.

In Oakland township, in the central eastern part of Freeborn county, fifteen miles from Albert Lea, the county seat, and one hundred from St. Paul. Also a station on the S. M. Ry. Has a population of seventy-five, mostly employed in wheat farming. Mail twice daily. A. F. Denby, postmaster.

Denby A F, general store.

A station on the M. & St. L. R. R., in the township of the same name, southeastern part of Freeborn county, 8 miles from Albert Lea, the county seat, and 125 miles from St. Paul. Population 350. It contains 1 Methodist, 1 Baptist, 1 Universalist, and 1 United Brethren Church and graded school. Express, American. Telegraph, Western Union. Mail twice daily. V. Gillrup, postmaster.

Alford A, boot and shoemaker.
Beattie William, hotel propr.
Brown P F & Son, hardware.
Clow Rev E, (United Brethren.)
Craig J H, physician and druggist.
Gillrup V, general store.
Heam A W, grocery and restaurant.
Hough John, saddlery and harness.
Kerr Rev W P, (Methodist)
Koontz HG, general store.

In Nunda township, southwestern corner of Freeborn county, 14 miles from Albert Lea, the county seat and most convenient railroad point, and 100 miles in a direct line from St. Paul. Common schools and two Lutheran churches are in the village. Mail, four times weekly. H. G. Emmons, postmaster.

Ostby Rev - - - , (clergyman).

In the central eastern part of Freeborn county, about 5 miles northwest of Oakland, the nearest railroad point, and 10 miles from Albert Lea, the county seat.

A postoffice in the northwestern corner of Freeborn county, about 7 miles southwest of New Richmond Station on the M. & St. L. R. R.

Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878. Transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman.

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