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Glenville School Report
Freeborn County Standard, Albert Lea, Minn. (June 8, 1882) Submitted by a friend of free genealogy NS

The following is a report of the Glenville school for the month ending May 27, 1882:
Total number enrolled, 71; upper department, 25, lower, 46.
Average daily attendance -- upper department, 20 1/5, lower 34 1/3.
Those in the upper department who have been 100 in deportment are as follows, the star indicating those who have also been 100 in attendance:
Nettie Gilbert*
May Greengo
Clara Gilbert*
Eva Bartlett
Della Bennett*
Anna State*
Annette Hyatt
Emma Miller*
Clara Heath*
Rosie Baty*
Emma Gilbert*
Hattie Gilrup
Tompsy Gillard
Nettie Cottrell
Emma Campbell*
The measles have been going the rounds of the district so that the attendance is not what it otherwise would have been.
We would be pleased to have parents and all others interested in school work visit the school.
D. S. Palmer, Principal
Miss Carrie Hamblen, Assistant

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